And you can never be sure that your contract will get renewed. As I write this they work in more than 150 languages, with the starting pay said to be an average of $14 an hour, according to I haven’t used Google Player and I don’t have a smartphone. If you work for Leapforce or Lionbridge, you can pretty much control you schedule and work when you have time. So you should still try applying. I’m not sure if those companies require smartphones or not, but if they do, most likely they don’t for all of their positions. It does vary. That's because that's probably the most relevant result out there. Even if you don’t live in the states, they have opportunities for our friends overseas as well. In the application it asked if I used Google Reader, Google Player and did I have a smartphone. In others what’s the catch? If not, there are thousands of other jobs you can take a stab at. I applied for Leapforce today. I am from India. You don’t have to use the plans data, just use your wi-fi from home. Or are these mostly temporary jobs than have an end date? When I did search evaluation, the options were check or direct deposit. Hubby can make up the rest. Search engines like Google and Bing don’t provide accurate results by accident. However, these jobs are often hard to come by because so many apply and somes jobs only open up so many times a year. The cool thing about Lionbridge is that they are always hiring work from home assessors. I am now going to apply with the other companies, Slow and steady wins the race. I believe it can easily be part-time. My kids have smartphones.Lionbridge also requires you to have a smartphone. We use cookies to help analyze traffic and improve your experience. Take a look at the official job pages to see if there are any openings at the moment. You’re mainly going to see the mandatory credit check with some of the customer service type phone positions where you’re receiving sensitive information from customers. Instead, you will be working with providers who post a job. My colleagues were awesome, some of my managers were amazing people and the pay was amazing. If you were to apply to one of the few companies mentioned below, you should expect an hourly wage ranging from $12 to $15+ an hour to start, but this can rise to as much as $22+ an hour as you gain experience and seniority with the company. If you’re looking for something that pays well, have you thought about trying to do chat work from home for Apple? Like Appen, the average pay starts at $14 an hour. Because my son and being close to home for him is MUCH MORE important, so I need to find somethign full time as close to $28/hr as possible. They accepted my application anyway. I have mentioned mTurk a hundred times before, but if you want money now and don’t mind doing random online jobs, I highly recommend you check out the platform. “With all of these companies except for iSoftStone, you cannot work for more than one at a time. Search Engine Evaluators look at the mistakes and make sure that all the guidelines are followed to rate the results. Hello, thanks for sharing this info. Some jobs require that you analyze social media results. Great post Anna! Plus, it’s flexible, and best of all, you don’t have to talk to people over the phone ! Can you work for them without providing a SSN? You’re welcome, I appreciate the kind words! I am from India, I want to ask you that how can I contact leapforce to know about my application status. What is a search engine evaluator? As a rater, Lionbridge offers a variety of different jobs, from comparing content side by side to assessing ads in the search results. Not sure if they all work this way. For example, if someone searched for a local restaurant, does it show up near the top? I have not seen Google Reader and it is obsolete. In some cases, you may be asked to have a college degree and/or be bilingual. The nice thing about Appen is that they hire from more than just the United States, so if you’re reading this outside of the states, then let it be known that you may be able to apply. Basically, you are given a search term and the results for that search term from a specific search engine, like Google or Bing. I didn’t see workforce listed. In your research, you will also find this name pop up quite a bit. As I write this, for instance, they were looking for people who could spake and write German, Japanese and French, to name a few. Do you know if there are some pre-requites for this kind of job position other than there are not on their website? I have worked in the finance industry since 2006, consulting with multiple Fortune 5000 companies. I wasn’t applying to any specific opening that I saw so perhaps it depends on their current business opportunities available? Like most jobs, you will know exactly how much you will make before you even commit to the job. The work, as I mentioned in the intro, generally involves providing feedback on everything from the results to the actual websites found on the search result page. If you want a real work-at-home gig, then this is one to put on your list, especially if you don’t have a ton of experience. How many hours a week would you have to put aside for this? What about a recent news story or picture? Thankfully, my student account had free wire transfers, but these can be costly depending on the bank. How long will it take after you have completed the first step? On the positive side, however, many did praise the unique work and the flexible schedule. I applied for Leap Force somewhere around 5th Jan 2016. Is there a time frame that I can expect to wait until I do hear from them? If your contract doesn't renew, you don't have a job. I will check these other sites. Is there a link to their application? What is a Search Engine Evaluator? But if you can take it for long periods of time, or if you’re just looking to make a little extra, I definitely recommend it. In the section below, I will talk about the many companies hiring search evaluators as well as what you can do to apply. It’s one of the biggest “search engine evaluator” job providers and is almost always hiring part-time, home-based work. Plus, it’s flexible, and best of all, you don’t have to talk to people over the phone! And if you have kids at home with you, you probably get interrupted often. For more information as to what positions are open at this moment, refer to the link below to be taken directly to the official job search results page. Leapforce has a minimum of 100 tasks a month, which is like 10 hours a month i think.