exercise if you want to work your glutes, without building size in your legs. You’re going to perform a reverse lunge with the leg that is on the same side of the arm that is carrying the barbell. Once you have the ability to do landmine exercises, which ones do you choose? You’re going to be pressing at the bottom portion of the exercise. *10 single arm presses per arm The barbell should be in front of your chest in this position. Fortunately, the landmine takes care of this problem. Ben Bruno seems to be the top trainer to specialize in landmine exercises. the Lord of the Landmine. As I do in the video, you can play around with your angle to the bar. This is a much safer exercise on your spine than Russian Twists. Here is a video of him performing Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts. How to do it: Face the landmine in a staggered stance and grab the barbell with one arm. The exercise demonstrated here is killer for oblique work. I don’t recommend wearing white if you get sweaty because white clothing can become sort of see-through or show dirt. Here’s a video demonstrating perfect form. ), *10 squat-to-presses 13 Landmine Exercises for Building Strength & Muscle… 16/11/2020 Share this Have you ever done Landmine Exercises? Get used to it. This makes the exercise easier and even safer in some instances. How to do it: Face the landmine and grab the barbell with both hands. I’ve found this exercise to be exceptionally useful in teaching clients to press with a properly positioned elbow and a stabilized core. …you can simply brace one end of the barbell in the corner to do landmine exercises. If you’re anti-unstable surface, a bench could accomplish the same goal.). How to do it: Face away from the landmine with the barbell between your legs. Once you have the ability to do landmine exercises, which ones do you choose? This part of the chest is tough to target with traditional exercises, so this is a great one to add to your chest routine. Main Muscles Used: Lower back, glutes and hamstrings. It’s also quite useful during power or explosive workouts when you add the hip extension (performed at the end of the video). I know you have been patiently waiting and I appreciate it. You can also use a different stance where you have your feet together with some space between them. With a little more practice, you might just get featured on Visual Impact Fitness  (what a girl wants, what a girl needs). This can be performed standing or kneeling, and from mid-chest or either shoulder. This is a different approach to perform a deadlift and a very doable one. The reason for it’s heavy weight is that you don’t want the base coming off the ground when you are working out. I believe the T-Bar row is a better exercise for back development than a standard barbell row. Keep your hips squared and when you are ready bring the barbell towards one side of your body and then reverse the movement to the other side. They in fact require a group of muscles to perform a given movement. You can get one for less than $50, just have to be careful with the set up. Of course you can use any brand landmine attachment as long as it’s made to fit an 2” diameter barbell. Landmine Front Squat (Lumberjack Squat) + Press. In short, a landmine is an attachment that you use combined with a barbell. This process burns more calories and with enough intensity, it elicits a positive hormone response that is optimal for fat loss and muscle growth. Some of our favorite landmine attachments are: Rogue Single Landmine Attachment. You want to take advantage of a full range of motion and let your hand tap your shoulder as you bring the barbell down. This is the first exercise that focuses on the upper back. I’ll include one just because, but the other videos WAY more helpful. Take one step back and let the knee of that leg come close to the ground (or tap the ground if you can). How to do it: Stand perpendicular to the landmine and grab the barbell with one arm. That being said, I will take credit for the alternating lunge and the shoulder transfer. How to do it: Face the landmine and grab the barbell with both hands. Then stand up quickly by forcefully extending your legs and driving your hips forward. He’s doing it from a dead-stop, which I believe is more effective than doing continuous reps for this movement. Not using a landmine device yet for angled barbell training? How to do it: Face the landmine and grab the barbell with one arm. Meaning most of the movement will happen at your hips and not at your knees. The second clean and press variation is preferred, as the press is more natural and you have the option of alternating between arms. For some of you, simply using the barbell by itself will be enough. There are different ways to set up a landmine equipment. While it's not a conventional tool in most gyms (yet), you don't need an actual landmine attachment to reap the benefits. Either way will work depending on your goal. (For the record: I’m well aware that we go to the gym to get strong, and not prep for Cirque Du So Lame. I’m a huge fan of this exercise because it forces you into an ideal squat position. The kneeling option is the superior choice for shoulder work and early training phases. Using a neutral grip with hands facing each other puts you in the strongest position for rowing movements. Place the barbell right in front of your shoulder and proceed by taking a step back to lunge. Unfortunately, gym-goers assume that’s all it does. In this context when I mention upper body strength, I am specifically referring to upper body pushing strength. …they just didn’t demonstrate proper grip as well as Ben (it was a close call). I have to admit I thought I invented this exercise. As you’ll see from my video, I prefer being perpendicular to the bar. Pressing at the bottom requires a lot more hip and ankle stability. It feels natural to bend the arms, bring the bar close to the body, and power it with everything other than the core.