10 Items Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice If you're entertaining friends, try one of our indulgent chocolate fondant recipes. https://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/chocolate-fondant-pudding All rights reserved. Cooking with premium quality chocolate can make all the difference to the end result. For extra brownie points, make your own accompaniment by mixing 100ml creme fraiche with a teaspoon of icing sugar and the zest of half an orange; or a teaspoon each of vanilla extract and runny honey; or a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg and chilli powder and a teaspoon of runny honey. A Valentine’s classic: how could any heart fail to melt when presented with this gorgeously oozy chocolate pudding? CARAMEL – Freeze 4 teaspoons of dulce de leche or toffee sauce in 4 holes of an ice-cube tray for 2 to 3 hours. We will continue to source only the very best ingredients, including premium cocoa beans, and use artisan skills combined with specialised chocolate making techniques to create award winning chocolates. If you’d like to eat them immediately, put them on the hot baking tray in the oven for 12 minutes, until the tops are set and the cake mix is just starting to come away from the sides of the moulds. (If you’re really out to impress, I’d recommend trying out this recipe in advance, to check the exact timings in your oven, because they’re likely to vary slightly from mine.). First get your moulds ready. Preparation. Divide the batter between the two moulds, leaving a little room at the top for them to rise. Enjoy cooking, eating and exploring! Remove from the fridge and place onto a baking tray. https://www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/chocolate-fondant-fancies Choc-peanut fondants with chocolate soil & cherries. Discover how to use Haigh’s chocolate in your cooking with our recipe collection - delicious based chocolate recipes that you can easily make at home using premium quality chocolate. To make the icing, melt the dark chocolate and butter together with 4 tbsp water in a microwave or a bowl set over a saucepan of simmering water. Put the egg and egg yolk in a large bowl with the sugar and a pinch of salt. Read about our approach to external linking. Already have an account with us? 8. Bake for 30–35 minutes or until the cake is cooked through (test with a skewer). BBC Good Food online webinarsExpand your cooking skills with our online masterclasses. Thanks! Roll the fondant in a circle, or the desired shape that is large enough to cover the cake and sides along with a little excess that will be trimmed off at the end. Add the egg yolks and whole eggs and beat well. Its molten middle is the stuff of dessert dreams – and we've added in caramel and coffee flavours too, Gooey chocolate puds are a restaurant classic and mastering this show-off dessert is a lot easier than you think. Remove from the tin and cool completely. Pour evenly into the prepared muffin cups; … 150g Haigh’s 70% Dark Chocolate Pastilles, roughly chopped, 150g unsalted butter + extra for greasing, cut into dice. Spoon over the top of the cakes, spreading round the sides and over the truffle with a small palette knife. Serve with softly whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream. Roll the fondant with a smooth rolling pin that is free of nicks on a clean and smooth countertop, marble board, pastry board, or non-stick pastry mat between two sheets of plastic wrap. Once you have a smooth, well-blended mixture, turn off the heat, lift the bowl off the pan (remember that it will be hot) and pour the mixture into a cold bowl or jug to cool slightly while you prepare the rest of the batter. It's easy, yet impressive and you can even make it ahead before your guests arrive.