Massive waves, Perfect 10s, epic wipeouts and a changing of the guard. Soooo while the race is certainly still on, it seems the 2016 WSL World Title is in John’s hands! In 2017 Jeremy Flores did the trick. Can Medina come back from his early exit at the Portugal Pro and win it? Here are the possible scenarios for the title race : Scenario 1 :  John John Florence wins in Portugal. Baguettes for days. Three years ago, Jay spent two days shooting NBA god Kobe Bryant for a Nike basketball campaign, an experience that was suddenly brought into relief with Bryant’s death yesterday. Especially popular among the twelve-to-eighteen bracket. “I love how he celebrates his touchdowns.”, “New Smyrna is a hotbed for East Coast surfing talent and Raheem was one of a handful of local kids with real potential,” said Evan Slater, Billabong’s vice president of global marketing. John John Florence — who has provisionally qualified to represent the USA at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games — is one of only five surfers in men’s Championship Tour history to clinch his first two World Titles in back-to-back fashion. Filmed by Erik Knutson And tells wonderful story of "unique interaction between fame and authority.". Young adult traveling around Europe (male and female)… peak disgusting. Watch John John Florence “Twelve” presented by Hurley – Episode 4, Watch John John Florence “Twelve” presented by Hurley – Episode 3, Watch John John Florence “Twelve” presented by Hurley – Episode 2, John John Florence ‘Twelve’ – New Series Featuring John’s Quest for his First World Title, Watch John John Florence Twelve – Episode 1, John Florence is the 2016 Eddie Aikau Winner. Maybe I’m using a big hammer to hit a small nail. Dropping a new edit from Rocky Point, John John Florence appears ready for action when the Championship Tour resumes. Colored by Trevor Durtschi Make it distinct. If not, be more brazen in your style. “Waimea is the best arena in the world for a big wave event and the Eddie is the greatest show on earth when it happens,” he said. His deep love of sailing is only enhancing his ocean knowledge, and his film projects are an ever-expanding creative side hustle. Be like Soundcloud rappers.Put your own shit out there. And by “see you” mean from heaven where I will have unobstructed views as long as extra-portly Ashton Goggans is not sitting in front of me. As reported two weeks ago, the introverted, prone-to-injury two-time world champ John John Florence has quit his Hurley contract two years early, losing millions. Unprovoked: Sensational San Francisco 49ers running back Raheem Mostert's wife survivor of vicious "multiple-bite shark attack" in Florida! As of reporting today, John Florence no longer rides for Hurley, after first signing with the brand in January of 2013. This unfortunate bigotedness even made it in to the august pages of The Wall Street Journal and let us read together. John John nabbed Kelly yet again claiming the top spot at the 2015 Surfer Poll along with a slew of other awards. A couple degrees North and a few degrees colder. Instead of guessing which brand they will go to next, we should be questioning why they need a brand at all? Filmed by Damien Robertson, Daniel Russo, Blake Kueny, and John John Florence. Oy Vey: Watch Israeli Olympian Eithan Osborne (with cameo from goyim Dane Reynolds) in “The happiest Jew in Ventura!”, Scandinavian Miracle: Swedish lake surfing, “I think it will be crowded today which will be super fun!”, Watch: Go-for-broke surfer Dane Reynolds in “I am the happiness of this world!”. John John Florence on The Lineup, Nic Von Rupp tackles the Death Coast, CJ Nelson's Surf Ranch mid-length session, and more. More fundamentally, does surfing need surf brands? Henning, 38, a teacher in Santa Barbara, Calif. On a recent flight to Hawaii, a seatmate “thought it was cool to take her shoes off and then put her bare feet” on his young son’s seat. THE CLIP IS CHILLING. “Even then, Raheem was clearly a gifted athlete who would likely achieve an elite level in whatever path he chose.”. Surfing by John John Florence & Ivan Florence. A half-formed theory that was looking for a real world host to propagate. He remains, at his core, a performer first and foremost, with an insatiable appetite for progression. Yes, he’s hungry for more World Titles, but there’s also that other nagging hole in his record: The Billabong Pipe Masters crown. Set up speciality events and tours for those that want to go down that path. By now, news of John John Florence’s split with longtime sponsor Hurley has been widely reported.And the question on everyone’s lips appears to be: who will swoop him up? Thanks to Baldface Lodge, one of the best places I’ve ever b…. On Location in Tahiti. While we’re at it, dead the WSL. Couldn’t name a team rider if they came out and chop-hopped them (strapped or not). Transaction by Pesteg Dreg, SS-Say, Martin Hall C'est une première depuis Andy Irons qu'un surfeur remporte ses deux premiers titres mondiaux consécutiv… Edited by Blake Vincent Kueny Movie of the Year: View From A Blue Moon (Blake Kueny and John Florence), Best Performance: John Florence, View From A Blue Moon, Best Documentary: The Fisherman’s Son (Chris Malloy), Worst Wipeout: Niccolo Porcella, Teahupo’o, Best Maneuver: John Florence, View From A Blue Moon, A.I. He and Evan are both goofy footed (meaning they ride with their right feet forward on the board). Toenails not nice. Can you imagine? After an amazing performance in Portugal, John John Clinched the WSL World Title by beating Conner Coffin in the Final at the 2016 Rip Curl Pro Portugal. Since that back-to-back World Title though Florence’s vertical ascent to the top has been decelerated by a series of injuries. Game Over. Il est considéré comme l'un des plus talentueux surfeurs hawaïens de sa génération. Oh we see all manner of things when we fly, many of them disturbing, like open-mouth sleeping, headphone-less movie watching, clapping vigorously upon landing and bare feet. Late season Pipeline, JJF's first Championship Tour win, Oscar Langburne styles out in New Zealand, and bonus cuts from Rage 3. what. He’s a master portraitist from New York city’s Lower East Side who works with a Nikon film camera, a manual-focus 35mm prime affixed to the beak. Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny & John John Florence I recognise it’s ultimately going to be a question of money. For many decades that detente stayed in place. The account is a catalog of ludicrous on-plane behaviors, as witnessed and submitted by fellow travelers and flight attendants. Three surfers are locked in a captivating title race! Surfers careers are especially finite, so athletes need to maximise their earnings. Where to now for pro surfers and their lucrative sponsorship deals? Meanwhile follow the DIY model for content production. While we’re together, what is your least favorite thing to see on an airplane? Just like that, surfing’s biggest ever deal—an … He had been weaving out of the HOV lane and we were being stopped by the CHP. Well, The San Francisco Chronicle, getting in on the fun, traveled to Mostert’s childhood home of New Smyrna to interview his “surfing pals” about these exciting days. John John Florence — who has provisionally qualified to represent the USA at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games — is one of only five surfers in men’s Championship Tour history to clinch his first two World Titles in back-to-back fashion. Or could Jordy Smith continue his winning streak and chase down the title? This is a fan page of professional surfer John John Florence. Northshore 2013/2014 with John John Florence. The sequel to AGAIN. The process of pushing himself as a competitor, artist, and innovator is what drives him. (She goes by her first name to maintain partial anonymity). Filmed by Blake Vincent Kueny & Erik Knutson Filmed by Damien Robertson, Daren Crawford, Tauru Hugo and John John Florence Directed by Blake Vincent Kueny & John John Florence He obviously knew this stretch of the 405 extremely well. This can be the starting point for surfers getting into the game, too. Episode 5. The activity is forbidden by his NFL contract. Yeeeeew! Toes, spread wide by lack of constraint, like happy turtles sunbathing, cannot even go inside shoes anymore. Announce you’re going without a major clothing sponsor but retain hardware stickers like Vans, Pyzel, similar to skaters do with shoes and boards. Have the tribe come together at the end of year, ASP Ball or Surfer Poll, to hand out gongs like it’s the Grammys or the Oscars. So…. Build the cult of personality. Edited by Blake Vincent Kueny A new standard of rail surfing set at Margaret River, Russell Bierke's epic Jaws barrel, 50 years of Earth Day and Julian Wilson's new edit. In any case, the last time the even ran was in 1911 when Duke Kahanamoku outlasted Bryan Adams for bragging rights and a brand new.