Enki walks out of the water to the land attended by his messenger, Isimud. The mother of Lagac, holy Jatumdug, gave birth to its bricks amid cries (? The locks of the E-ninnu are bisons, its door-pivots are lions, from its bolts horned vipers and fierce snakes are hissing at wild bulls. The narrative reads from bottom to top, and the size of the figures varies with their importance in society. For me, who has no mother, you are my mother; for me, who has no father, you are my father. koṭṭuka to shoot out, empty a sack. Nobody could make the ruler building the E-ninnu, Gudea, let fall a chance utterance. lōh, paṅ. luhā, cur. Gudea, the ruler ofLagac, made their names appear among those of the gods. Hieroglyph: खोंड (p. 216) [khōṇḍa] m A young bull, a bullcalf; खोंडा [ khōṇḍā ] m A कांबळा of which one end is formed into a cowl or hood. 2250-2200 BCE. Bodies without heads have been found, and the heads with missing bodies. More than 30 statues of Gudea, both seated and standing, can be found in museums across the world, including the following museums: This statue shows Gudea wearing a royal turban with stylized curls on his head. Water; sacred water; நீர். This statue was discovered during the excavations at Tello (ancient Girsu), the capital of the kingdom of Lagash. Twisted rope: मेढा [ mēḍhā ] ‘a curl or snarl; twist in thread’ rebus:  med ‘iron’ med ‘copper’ (Slavic) medhā ‘dhana, yajña’. tricks. 2600-2400 BCE. dhol a drum (G.)(CDIAL 5608) డోలు [ḍōlu ] [Tel.] Gudea standing, holding an overflowing water jar From the Temple of Geshtinanna, Girsu (modern Telloh), Iraq, ca. British Museum, London. He levelled what was high, rejected chance utterances (? This statue was discovered as two pieces, twenty-six years apart. (1.6 cm)  Metropolitan Museum of Art – USA. He was going to build the E-ninnu with precious stone, so he sat with jewellers. ( Log Out /  The young woman ...... sheaves, who held a stylus of refined silver in her hand, who had placed it on a tablet with propitious stars and was consulting it, she was in fact my sisterNisaba. Now the ruler imposed a levy on his land. 2200 B.C.). lokhar ʻ bag in which a barber keeps his tools ʼ; H. lokhar m. ʻ iron tools, pots and pans ʼ; — X lauhabhāṇḍa — : Ku. He offered bread, poured cold water and went to Nance to pray to her: ´Nance, mighty lady, lady of most precious (?) The true shepherd Gudea made it grow so high as to fill the space between heaven and earth, had it wear a tiara shaped like the new moon, and had its fame spread as far as the heart of the highlands. Musée du Louvre, Paris. … This is an announcement of four shops, पेढी (Gujarati. lòtilde; n., pāḍ. Musée du Louvre, Paris. He poured clear water into the ...... of the brick mould - adab, sim and ala drums were playing for the ruler. For the restoration of E-ninnu, the house that rises like the sun over the country, stands like a great bull in the ...... sand, illuminates the assembly like delightful moonlight, is as sumptuous as lush green foothills, and stands to be marvelled at, praise be to Nin-jirsu! In the E-babbar, where I issue orders, where I shine like Utu, there I justly decide the lawsuits of my city like Ictaran. These, in turn, are fed with water poured from vases which are held by smaller-scale goddesses hovering above. The four hieroglyphs define the four quarters of the village smithy/forge: alloy, metalware, turner’s lathe-work, cruble (or, ingot). The true shepherd Gudea is wise, and able too to realize things. 5) holds a vase from which four streams of water flow down on each side of the dress into identical vases depicted on the pedestal, which are equally overflowing with water. The rings atop the reed standard: पेंढें [ pēṇḍhēṃ ] पेंडकें [ pēṇḍakēṃ ] n Weaver’s term. n. A leaf. The protective spirit Kulullu is usually associated with abundance and divine benevolence, and may be reminiscent of the god bestowing the overflowing vase upon a human petititioner in much earlier presentation scenes. No child answered its mother back. the E-ninnu stands among rumbling, roaring storms. loh ʻ copper ʼ; S. lohu m. ʻ iron ʼ, L. lohā m., awāṇ.lōˋā, P. lohā m. (→ K.rām. 1907, 131. ), Akkadian Culture (propaganda) (2254-2218 B.C. In the house, Enki drove in the the foundation pegs, while Nance, the daughter of Eridu, took care of the oracular messages. He was also a patron of the arts. kāṇḍa ‘flowing water’ Rebus: kāṇḍā ‘metalware, tools, pots and pans’. He put down the brick, entered the house and as if he himself were Nisaba knowing the inmost secrets (?) Thereafter the house was the concern of all the days and all the nights that he made pass by. When you drive in my foundation pegs for me, when you really set to work for me on my house, I shall direct my steps to the mountains where the north wind dwells and make the man with enormous wings, the north wind, bring you wind from the mountains, the pure place, so that this will give vigour to the land, and thus one man will be able to do as much work as two. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ), and Bau, the lady, first-born daughter of An, sprinkled them with oil and cedar essence. Well, I have to tell her about this! A railroad. There was a levy for him on the clans of Inana ´´The net suspended for catching the beasts of the steppe´´ and ´´Choice steeds, famous team, the team beloved by Utu´´, and he placed the rosette, the standard of Inana, in front of them. In Cu-galam, its awesome gate, he had the Dragon and the Date palm take their stand. came suddenly to me, the shepherd, but the meaning of what the nocturnal vision brought to me I do not understand. ); E-ninnu was decorated most alluringly among Sumer´s buildings. 2 fig. DhA iv.109). lohā), WPah.bhad. C. 18th cent. The mud-wall of the house was covered with the abundance (?) (CDIAL 14349). 214-245: figs. All goddesses wear long pleated dresses, and crowns with a single horn pair. Great things came to the succour of the ruler building the E-ninnu: a copper mountain in Kimac revealed itself to him. Inscription on base of skirt- God commands him to build house. Or. The words show how far the division in labor had progressed even before the Sumerians arrived.”, (http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~dee/meso/meso.htm – No longer available). of the Abzu and they tied its ...... to it. For Gudea refined silver was brought down from its mountains. xãṭṭä. Magan and Meluha loaded wood from their mountains upon their shoulders for him, and to build the house of Nin-jirsu, they gathered for Gudea at his city Jirsu. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For the one looked on with favour by Nance, for the favourite of Enlil, for the ruler ...... by Nin-jirsu, for Gudea, born in the august sanctuary by Jatumdug, Nisaba opened the house of understanding and Enki put right the design of the house. ḍhòḷṭɔ m. ʻbig stone or boulderʼ, ḍhòḷṭu ʻsmall id.ʼ Him.I 87. It is founded by An on refined silver, it is painted with kohl, and comes out as the moonlight with heavenly splendour. On the other hand, the Sumerian inscription appears to be genuine and would be very difficult to fake.