Don’t depend on the contractor or the inspector! Bryon has been a head line and Lecture and Speaker at many Home shows and Conventions discussing True Energy Efficiency and Building Quality Homes. “You can’t correct what’s wrong, until you first know what’s right!” Within the GCA Home Building Course, comprehensive remedies will be discussed as to each part of the building process and foot-noted by referencing violations to building code. Bryon A. Parffrey has taught thousand to save 1000's per year on energy bills rather building new or remodeling. Follow us & get in touch. Extremely knowledgeable, professional, and a great pleasure to work with. Construction Courses These free online construction courses will teach you the techniques and industries involved in the assembly and erection of structures. The GCA© Home Building Course requires the IRC code book as it’s main study manual, and it will be referenced throughout the entire course along with local and other necessary codes. Our 3 to 5-year construction training programs are competency-based; a combination of lab and theory. Our programs serve current construction industry employees, adults interested in construction careers, students in grade school through college, and middle and high school teachers. Specializing in Owner/Builder Packages and New-Builder Coaching &... Builder’s Academy provides a wide range of building and construction services including training, building consulting, home inspections and much more! As a first time home buyer with so …. When you learn the whole residential process correctly, you’ll become unrestricted and unlimited, giving you the advantage! The AGC Education Foundation is the premier education resource for the construction industry in Washington state. Stay tuned learn so much more with Bryon A. Parffrey and guest on the Builders Academy Talk Radio and Seminars and Webinars. Bryon has endorsed and been a spokesman for Local and National Business and Products the ones he trust is best use products and business in Building and Inspecting. We’ll work out the details for you! From the beginning, Bryon's communication was amazing. How to build a house right – “You can’t change what’s wrong until you know what’s right.”. Sign Up to receive updates on our newest classes and find out what is going on currently at Builder's Academy. Free online construction training, courses, and classes can prepare individuals to enter into this labor-intensive field with the knowledge to be successful. Bryon Parffrey is a Professional Builder and Inspector, Author of 5 DVDs in building from Foundations to Inspections, Framing and Energy Savings for Owner Builders to Professional Builders and several Books on Buildings and 100s of course work. 3626 Aristides Lane Decatur, GA … No need for 15 SEER rating or Over Insulation ( a builders special cleaning energy efficiency, learn how to do it not only cheaper but wiser and healthier). Our programs serve current construction industry employees, adults interested in construction careers, students in grade school through college, and middle and high school teachers. Mondays and Wednesdays Evenings 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M. CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY TRAINING CENTER, LLC. If you’re planning to get your contractor’s license this is the course for you! Make your mark on the built environment by studying an 8-week Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course in Construction Project Management. Founder & CEO Bryon A. Parffrey "I taught Community College Construction for seven years and for the past 23 + years I have owned and operated my own private home building business and grew into a Builders and Inspector School - providing a true and complete education for 1000's of Students at The Builders Academy". Once you understand building principles, you can build anything, Phone: 470-875-5494Email: Call us today! Just because a house passed inspection doesn’t mean it’s of good quality. To research a full list of this schools, go to Careerwise Education and search specific programs. COVID-19 Updates & Information [ Read More ], King County Construction Career Day 2019 [ Read More ]. Our Specialist Construction Colleges. 470-875-5494, OSHA 10 Hour Outreach for Construction Safety. Will definitely go to him for any inspection needs, highly recommend to anyone needing his services. Now offering Veteran discount to any order over $2,500.00 in our Pro Classes. Build ENERGY F.F.F.R.E.E Healthy Homes "Make Better Sense" 9:30am - 10:30am - Wednesday Learn How to Build Energy Efficient Homes without adding a lot money on specialty high-end equipment. Bryon A. Parffrey is a Custom Home Builder, Remodeler, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Licensed Professional Inspector #7408 and Educator and more. Get the real knowledge you need in the GCA Home Building Course – learn building code and more! Keep reading to learn about these construction courses which can provide individuals with the materials they need to thrive in this career. Have a question about how to start a new career as a professional building inspector? With this combination training, you will learn the “how” and “why” of your trade by applying what you learn in class to the real-world through practical, hands-on training in the labs. November Pest Control CE & Verifiable Training (CLASSROOM). "Construction Classes, Courses and Training Information." We cover professional inspector training, Real Estate inspector training, energy auditor training, Texas Real Estate training, home builder training and new classes are being added all the time.