Now when we move to the second conditional, we actually have to leave the real world, the actual world behind us. So the best way to think about it is the first conditional is real. As long as I cook spicy food, he will not have dinner with us at all. So to make the first conditional, it's simple. There's a birthday plan next week. This video today is going to help you to expand your understanding of the first and the second conditionals in English. -can you imagine how I will feel if the dog run away while walking by the park? Would you prefer to live in a hot country or a cold country? If I cooked a spicy dish, my child wouldn't eat it. As long as I See you, I will pray for you. See that wasn't so hard, was it? Would you prefer to have a dragon or a unicorn? by Emma | Jul 16, 2020 | Grammar | 35 comments. Is it a conditional sentence? Would you prefer to live in Asia or in Europe? Unless I don’t make any spicy dish for dinner, my child will eat it. If I got a promotion,I would buy a new car. If you come tonight, I _____ really happy. -I cook spicy fish for dinner tonight, the children won't go to eat it. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to be the first to get my new videos, and come and say hi on my Facebook page!! If I had a promotion, I would buy a new car. (1) If I get the money, I will buy a car (2) if I got the money, I would bought a car. Video Transcript Section 1 Hey there I'm Emma from mmmEnglish! So you can see how powerful this decision is right? Unless they offered me a promotion, I wouldn`t buy a new car. And if this lesson was really useful for you, then share it with one of your friends who also needs to improve their English grammar. The conditional tense is a tricky tense but it’s one that will make your English much more advanced and fluent if you can master it. 22 ‘LOOK’ Expressions & Phrasal Verbs in Context: look up to, look back on, look as though + MORE! We're going to continue exploring conditionals which are one of the most interesting and exciting grammar structures in English, I think so. They are possible and they're likely to happen in the future. You can't be bothered going to the shops so I've got a plan. She loves dogs, right? Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. SECOND CONDITIONAL. Your email address will not be published. What's the difference between the first conditional and the second conditional? She can't change the way that she is, however, we can make a couple of changes to make it possible. If I make a spicy dish, my child won’t eat. Make sure you subscribe, turn on notifications so that you know when there's a new English lesson here waiting for you and if you want to request a new English lesson from me, you are more than welcome to. You can find my playlist here: You've got to carefully choose. She can't change her height. Sometimes practising the conditional tense can be a bit repetitive as you’re saying ‘I would’ over and over again, but by practising it and mastering it you’re moving one step closer to fluency. If I run out of coffee, I will look for another pack in my kitchen. Would you rather meet the Queen of England or King of Spain? If I cook spicy food for dinner, the children won't eat the food. If I got a promotion I would buy a new car. It has ‘will' and the base verb in the main clause but it doesn't have the word ‘if'. If I get the upgrading in the company, I will buy a new car. So this is like saying if and only if the condition happens so if the condition doesn't happen then the result is not possible or it's not allowed. Tenses in English, statements - free Exercise, Mix - Learn Online Download them and watch them anywhere! I'm just talking about what I would hypothetically do if this ever happened to me while I was baking. If the dog ran away, I would feel horrible.