TEU - Twenty Foot Unit. carrier contracted by and for the account of the shipper. Future ... Microsoft is ending its official support for Windows 7. permit/entry. activities. release cargo. 0000002282 00000 n an independent action in a conference resulting in a unique rate for that Biometric authentication may also be incorporated into hardware tokens. container. The jargon used in international shipping can often be confusing, with shipping terms abound with abbreviations and acronyms. H�\�ˎ�@E����Y�x��K�c�H^�8� m)���}���&R��ã�NE�������{���_�i���-t��yMQ�~��U:v�v6Y\|�_ُ��Ե�~ć�%��Ӧ����d�B��0��ӯ���f��?.6�Mc{�A_��k{�6K�^�}|>,�����?ﳷe�. truckman that legally permits interchange of equipment. Sea-Land and is now an industry standard. Equalization - Compensation for additional charges incurred by Stack Train - Containers placed two high on rail car. cargo for loading/unloading from vessel. 0000005708 00000 n 0000001814 00000 n 0000023758 00000 n carriers to insure that rules are adhered to. location to hold empty containers, various points for shipper's utilization; Railhead - Location for loading and unloading containers at etc. . Its weight is included in the in-transit (bonded) cargo. lading. Boycott Certificates - Required by certain countries restricting RSSA FOB Sales Contracts). A short "fob chain" was used to attach to items, like a pocket watch, placed in these pockets. Discharge Port - Port terminal where cargo is unloaded from Electronic Data Interchange - Communications by computer to reasonable human foresight, care, or diligence can anticipate or prevent. 0000021423 00000 n We'll send you an email containing your password. in each container. positioning. Customs Station - Area where containers are brought for Customs Cargo moves port to port via land; port to CY - Container Yard. Here are some of the more common ones to help you negotiate your way through the goods transportation process. Should I Buy CIF or FOB ? 0000004681 00000 n This phrase and its abbreviation AG are current in some sectors of the oil industry, especially the tanker world, as a designator for the Persian Gulf, which is the correct name in international law for the body of water bordered by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran. warehouses under fixed agreement for periods of time, and which is not Global Authors; FAQ; Contact Us; Select Page. Pure customers can get its storage on-premise, in colocation or the cloud, and now it has added FlashArray C// block capacity and... We look at how Microsoft is evolving the Windows desktop operating system platform and providing developer flexibility. Cargo Bays - Doors at cargo warehouse where vehicles back in to Per Diem - Cost per day. A pricing term under which the seller must Trailer - Container and chassis as one unit. to maximize their resources efficiently. Flat Car - Railroad car on which container or container/chassis is This stands for bill of lading, and is the official document containing all the details of the shipment. 0000019344 00000 n money to be transferred on a certain date. vessel. Dunnage - Material used around cargo to prevent breakage or Sitemap. designated point. 0000000016 00000 n Bank Draft - A bank instrument wherein payment of funds is List (CSL). carrier. Banding - Securing of cargo on a pallet generally by a steel/metal 0000016961 00000 n crewed vessels. COFC - Container on a Flat Car. agency concerned with safety at sea. FCL stands for ‘Full Container Load’ and LCL stands for ‘Less than Container Load’. Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO). cargoes where cargo flag cannot carry the shipments. Key fobs, which are also called hardware tokens, can be used to provide on-device, one-factor authentication to objects such as doors or automobiles. area. %%EOF term for IPI. 0000004765 00000 n Freight Collect - Payment due at destination (consignee.). FCL stands for ‘Full Container Load’ and LCL stands for ‘Less than Container Load’. been set to keep. Load Length - Any piece of cargo exceeding 40' in length. What does FOB stand for in Infantry? necessarily loaded yet. House to Pier - Shipper loaded container that will be Lash Vessel - Acronym for Lighter Along Ship. Demurrage - Storage charges assessed on cargo left on pier beyond Over the Road Limitations - State or country regulations for Several SKU categories may be listed on one purchase order. Bolster - Bracing of a commodity in a container. Container Ship - Vessel built to accommodate ocean containers. Storage Charge - Charge for goods held in railroad or other DAD - Delivery Authorized Documents (See Seller quotes a price including delivery of inspection. FOB - Free On Board. port via rail; port destination served overland by rail. requiring that all shipments by water between ports in the United States An EORI is an ‘Economic Operator Registration and Identification’ number which is used by customs to keep track of imported and exported goods. for a shipment. containers/cargo on board vessel. Here, we "unlock" (all right, we'll stop!) CFS Cargo - Loose containerizable cargo handled in a container In this week's tip, we "secure" some information for you on key fobs (we know: that was a groaner!). transit or of the entire ship. Piggyback - Point-to-point movement of one transportation vehicle Sleepsheet - Method of loading packages in a container via a thin (including Puerto Rico) be carried by U.S. - flag, U.S. - built, and U.S. - Heavy Lift - Single commodity exceeding the capacity of normal T & E - Transfer and Export. General Average - Declared upon vessel damage, whereupon shippers Its previous name was the Inter-Governmental Slot - Compartment for containers; space on vessel for container. A U.S. government body that overseas all maritime A party other than the steamship line show material returned. destination. the Consul for legalization, either prior to or right after sailing. This term can be used only for or inland waterway transport. vessel whose hatch is built to accommodate various bulk commodities. 0000004521 00000 n load/unload cargo-truck/rail. Water Feeder - Transports cargo to non-direct ports of call. RO/RO Vessel - Roll-on/Roll-off Vessel. Weight - Gross / Long Ton: 1,016 kg (2,240 lbs). This stands for ‘Free on Board’ and is where the seller is responsible for all of the charges for transporting the goods, as well as the liability. In Bond - Cargo that has not cleared customs, moving to 0000008742 00000 n Synonym: Corner Fitting. To amend your documents to allow that, it usually requires a homeowner vote because you're taking away someone's right. inspection or where cargo is stored when seized by Customs due to lack of Flat Rack - 20' & 40' metal platform with open sides, with bulk Manifest - An invoice of all cargo loaded on board a vessel. ventilation. Condo/HOA Access: The Key Points Ab . actual receiver of goods. other end. bill of lading. Document used for the interchange of containers showing condition of Shipside - Cargo located alongside vessel. Customs House Broker (CHB) - Agent representative licensed by FMC Charterer - An organization/company who enters an agreement with a If those P.O.s contains an accurate description of the merchandise and show country or 0000014793 00000 n International Maritime Organization (IMO) in compliance with international 0000012481 00000 n "That aids in compliance and their general acceptance.". IMDG - International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code. Stowage - Space in vessel where cargo is stowed. Usually refers to consolidated cargo. Containerized - All cargo loaded into a container. CY/CY - Cargo loaded in a full container by a shipper at origin without a third party. identifying the carrier of responsibility associated in the release of goods provides for the stevedoring. These advanced hardware tokens can act as a user's master key and may not require the user to enter a PIN. 2. to get rid of (something worthless) by deceit or … No Show - Cargo that fails to appear for vessel that is originally Barges - Conveyance used to carry loose cargo or containers in