Affordable, 1. I have seen 2 doctors and a dermatologist. Treats Sunburn, insect bite, urticaria and contact dermatitis. I have applied prescribed steroid creams, Hydrocortisone, E45, Doublebase.. showered and bathed in prescribed shower and bath gels and swallowed countless anti-histamine tablets in the hope of them taking away the itch and the urge to scratch.I'm writing this as i am so fed up, just like the millions of others suffering from eczema out there, and hope that one of you out there can help me, or atleast give me some tips to reduce the irritation.Currently i am applying Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion after i shower. i consulted a doctor who gave me allergy pills. Only available at chemist/medical shops. I went back to the doctors and he gave me Fucibet cream and told me to continue to take the erythromycin - but i've only been able to take 2 of these a day rather than the prescribed 4 as they were making the side of my face burn. I've had this sore on my inner thigh groin area that will. Yes, me too! About 5 weeks ago i developed really severe athletes foot - now not ever having athletes foot before this was really shocking to me. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your medical condition. I posted under “Could this be scabies” a couple weeks ago. Some may dry out skin while others have been linked to cancer. In the morning, my skin calmed down and the redness was so much reduced. If you have medical concerns, please seek medical attention; if you think your problem could be acute, do so immediately. I have had Eczema since I was 2 now 35 ! It comes as a lotion, to apply topically. I have on too many occasions scratched it until i bleed but i really cant help it. ), Can atopic dermatitis interfere the hiv ab/ag test. I'm 99% sure it's paraffin, as it seems to be the only constant. 5. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. Its scabby, sore and irresistible to scratch at. Can anyone recommend anything, or have they come across the same issue? Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads, Subscribe to Mumsnet emails direct to your inbox. A week later I went to my doctor. I've been doing it at home to control the symptoms but now i have bad patches all on the inside of my elbow. I don't understand why you've read that Liquid Paraffin makes skin dry. They are terribly itchy and have tried all sorts of creams etc. any ideas?! She is using liquid paraffin and took xyzol tablets for 30 days.itching starts when her skin loose the moisture, kind of horrible thing ....She didn't get cure, And her skin color is totally darken and skin texture also changed. I now have spots along underwear line that looks like little bites here and there and some larger. Cons of Calapure Calamine and Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion. The ones on my palm seem to be merging together and are quite pus filled. I am looking for help with my itchy red rash. A whole year!!!! not. 7-8, I had taken madicine previously for skin allergies buy from few days ago I have some allergy on forhead, My mother is having allergy problem since last 3 yrs bt it's getting worsted alrough she is maintenaning, Looking for reliable allergy testing in bangalore- child suffering from atopic dermatitis. Can Vitamin D Deficiency Linked Urticaria And Seborrhea Dermatitis? I can't partake in exercise or sporting activities as i am scared, actual fear, of how itchy and sore my whole body becomes.As i sit here repeatedly itching up and down my arms i'm hoping there is someone out there who can give me some advice, i've had enough of being embarrassed and fed up of my skin. That's also good for me. I went to urgent care about six weeks ago as I could not get in to see my doctor. Google tels me a paraffin allergy is not that unusual, but just wondered how other people cope with eczema as the medical profession seem unable to offer anything that isn't paraffin based! As I mentioned before, I had a lot of sunburns and redness on my skin. I only ever needed to use it for a max of two days and then back to vaseline/shea butter. Store it at room temperature (25°C), and in an airtight container. Calamine is proved to be an effective medication in acne treatment. I got one and was pretty impressed. The condition has just been getting worse and worse and when i went back to the doctors the beginning of the week she told me to keep using the cream, prescribed another lot of erythromycin and some dermal hand wash/moisturizer cream and suggested i wear a cotton glove to bed. One I had lots of sunburns and my skin was behaving extra sensitive. Restricted Ingredients Ingredients can be harmful for different reasons. Food. I am so much impressed with this calamine lotion. Share with Tangle Teezer - £100 voucher to be won. The doctor prescribed Canesten HC cream and erythromycin - as i am allergic to penicillin and it is now beginning to feel normal again. MBF Advices. Doctor's have no idea what it is so my dermatologist diagnosed it as chronic dermatitis. But I keep getting new ones. We maintain quality content to the best of our abilities. Paraffin oil is used in cold creams, bronzing oils, makeup products and more for its hydrating qualities. (20 Posts) Add message | Report. My aunty is suffering from parthenium allergy for more than 27 years. my exercises only last for about 30 mins at the moment so its not too intense, can anyone recommend what i can do to stop/control this? Anyone have any experience of paraffin allergy in eczema? 1. No infection. A large number of individual and now merging spots/lesions over face ears, hair, ankles and arms. We hope you enjoy the blog and have a good user experience. Only available at chemist/medical shops. He said it was dermatitis and prescribed betamethasone. Trickle Of Liquid Down My Legs. Polythylene Glycol 400 And Propylene Glycol Eye Drops, White Soft Paraffin And Liquid Paraffin Cream, Menthol 1 Percent In Aqueous Cream SLS Free Cream, White Soft Paraffin With Liquid Paraffin BP Cream, Thiocolchicoside And Diclofenac Sodium Capsules. Since two days m using it…very gd lotion… It works. It does reduce the itch and calm my skin, but the redness and dryness returns when the cream is absorbed or whenever i start to sweat. 2. They also bother me during the day when my clothes and seams rub them, but when I go home at night and relax and put sweat pants on and a t-shirt the itching will subside some. It calmed and soothed my irritated skin 6. Dermatitis / Eczema :: Soy Fabric Is Good For Those With Skin Allergies? We can apply makeup on top 5. Easy to apply 3. Dermatitis / Eczema :: Arms, Armpits, Neck, Chest, Back Of My Legs And Wrists, Dermatitis / Eczema :: Merging Spots/lesions Over Face Ears, Hair, Ankles And Arms, Can Atopic Dermatitis Interfere The HIV Ab/ag Test. Does not have a specific fragrance to it. Have appt with dermo next week, hopefully something should come to light then. I've just been diagnosed with a suspected case of perioral dermatitis (a rash around the mouth, including under/around the nose a.k.a POD) and have been prescribed 2 months worth of oxytetracycline tablets, 4 a day. Then starts the process over. After being off prednisone for about a week they started coming back in other places. After about one week, my skin was soothed properly without any redness. Paraffin lotion use on a regular basis can increase a skin’s moisture retention. He never got out of his chair to look at it closely and told me it was dry skin and gave me a topical cream to put on it. You can feel all the scar tissue underneath and when it gets irritated it swells up. Grrr. Is this a good thing or is it as i suspect and that is i am allergic to the Fucibet cream? I'm 24 years old and male. Mumsnet hasn't checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. I desperately wanted something to bring me relief. Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Creams with a high concentration.of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) can cause oxidative damage that will age your skin. Verified Supplier, Zuche Pharmaceuticals Private Limited109, Oriental House Community Centre Complex, Yusuf Sarai, Gulmohar Park, New Delhi-110049, Delhi, India. Even qualified doctors can't diagnose over the internet, so do bear that in mind when seeking or giving advice. Apply it only over intact skin. I'm fine with fucibet and haven't used dermovate for well over 2 years as mine has sudden;y (age 34) been under control. Also have a rash on the back of my neck that is just a lot of redness and itchiness with a couple bumps. When ever i put my finger in my ear to clean it out it hurts. I'm 22 years old. Twice they have completely peeled . I have never had skin problems. Want to test m, Kindly help me what medication I should take . Can vitamin d deficiency linked urticaria and Seborrhea dermatitis? Other names for mineral oil include paraffin oil, liquid paraffin, paraffinum liquidum, liquid petroleum, petroleum oil, petrolatum, petrolatum liquid and white oil. For flare ups, tbh, I would go straight for Dermovate. Most skin care and cosmetic products contain mineral oils. I have full body atopic eczema, i see a dermatologist frequently and i'm now on 200 mg of cyclosporine per day.