Indeed, although it has relatively high caffeine levels, a component that energises, it also promotes calmness. color: white; It’s as simple as relaxing with a cuppa! Seeing as you can get “Earl Grey” flavours with all of these tea types, it stands to reason that this infusion can help. By slowing down oxidative stress through its work in fighting free radicals, Earl Grey Tea reduces the risk of developing numerous chronic conditions. I’ve learned I actually tend to enjoy tea WITHOUT milk or cream. If you’re interested in learning more, if you want to know how it can improve your life in small yet significant ways, please keep reading. 4. It’s a slow buildup so I didn’t notice. Whatever you choose, The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company has you covered. But that’s not all. Furthermore, it increases the risk of your child having health problems later in life. This then leads to increased hunger and comfort eating. .myTable td, No one can agree on how this beverage first came into existence. Metabolism essentially converts the fuel in your food into energy, which is then used to power nearly everything you do. Very few exceptions. Not quite. Legend has it that Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey (1764-1845), had made a diplomatic trip to China sometime during his political career. Regardless, the fruit tastes great in Earl Grey. The story, as a result, remains unfounded. The longer you leave it, the stronger it tastes. But is Caffeine good or bad for you? Boil Water. However, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there is a chance it might reduce risks. After choosing one of our finest quality products, which includes either a Tea Filter or Infuser, just follow these instructions below: 1. There was an earl grey type that I had that did not cause issues for me. There are also health concerns stemming from people experiencing the following side effects: If you have any of the above symptoms, or suffer from discomfort of any kind after drinking Earl Grey, you should consider seeking medical help. However, we do have a decaf version available if you’re trying to monitor your caffeine intake. Studies suggest that Earl Grey Tea benefits include healthier teeth, improved skin health and a boosted immune system. Indeed, though a fantastic tale, there are no records to suggest that Lord Grey ever visited China in his entire life. I will definitely check those teas out. There are even Earl Grey versions of rooibos too, although I can't vouch for them personally. The exemptions are herbal Earl Grey teas and decaf types. First off, although the most beneficial compounds found in it come from the Black Tea leaves, some of those properties make up less than 1% of its overall content. There is also evidence indicating it can relieve stress while lowering cholesterol and aiding digestion. The research project in question took place at the University of Singapore, involving some 2,500 volunteers aged fifty-five or over. When it comes to the mind, in particular, it enhances cognitive function. Whereas, green tea and white tea have almost the same amount of caffeine per cup between them.A regular 8 oz. Let’s now dive deep into the world of Earl Grey Tea benefits. But yeah, earl grey is a black tea, and black teas have the highest amount of caffeine. Another trial discovered that white blood cells in Tea drinkers responded five times faster to germs than those in Coffee drinkers. I really love lavender, but could not find one without chamomile. Additionally, Black Tea anti-ageing properties inhibited wrinkle formation. We’ll talk more about how Earl Grey Tea leaves can help you to lose weight later in this blog. Or specific tea pots meant for lose leaf tea, and all that. I don’t normally drink caffeine. It consists of the finest quality China Black Tea leaves with delicious, citrusy bergamot oil. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Yet the Black Tea variety remains the best known and most popular. Not sure why. Scientists researched the anti-wrinkle effects of three different types of Loose Tea - Green, White and Black Tea. This includes Earl Grey Green Tea and even Rooibos Earl Grey Tea. Earl Grey is the product of two different ingredients: Loose Black Tea and Bergamot oil. There is nothing quite like a harmonious cup of Tea after a long, stressful day. Now You Can Indulge. Put the kettle on, all the while making sure the water is fresh. And what about drinking Earl Grey Tea while breastfeeding? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I’m unsure if they were different so they did not cause problems for me, but I tried many. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Why not have an Earl Grey Milk Tea? So what, then, is the truth? Why are health-conscious individuals flocking to it and infusions like it? When it comes to Earl Grey Tea calories, there is little to worry about. I second this recommendation. Although this beverage isn’t going to be a “fix-all” solution, it can, at least, offer a helping hand. 6. Why not discover the full potential of Earl Grey Tea health benefits today? Bergamot (Citrus bergamia) is a citrus fruit believed to be a natural hybrid of lemons and Seville oranges. If, however, you opt for a herbal infusion such as our Rooibos Earl Grey Tea or Rooibos Earl Grey Tea with Lemon Peel, there is none. There is no denying that it provides an extra energy boost first thing in the morning - that much is certain. Earl Grey benefits the mind, body and soul.