Like, crazy big. Which Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC is worth getting? One thing that everyone can agree upon when it comes to Dragon Age: Inquisition is that the game is big. Your friends are back together to support their leader as the political powers-at-be argue over the fate of Inquisition now that they’ve completed their mission. Enemies seem to be able to always sustain a ton of damage before going down, which does little more than drag things out unnecessarily. It’s easier to set the dragon free than fight it and 20 minutes of strong attacks from your party will put the Qunari army on its back. This is one of those expansions aimed at serious players of the original game looking for a more extreme challenge, which to me has always been a mistake in that it assumes too much of the audience. It was a good reminder that there are really a couple of ways to play the game. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a challenging boss fight, but the pointless enemies I face along the way shouldn’t force me to down all 12 of my health potions. XONE Smashmouth tactics used by Qunari warriors and fleet-footed assassins kept me on toes, giving combat a frenzied feel that warded off repetitiveness whenever it threatened to rear its ugly head. Everything is still a little too brutal for my liking. Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser - PlayStation 4. The camaraderie between my party members has always been a series highlight for me, and although none of the new conversations I had with my teammates in Trespasser were among their best or most poignant, the humorous dialogue and excellent voice acting left a smile on my face. After installing the DLC, a new 16-power assignment shows up near the Storm Coast on the Skyhold war room map. The questions left at the end of Trespasser is what will the Inquisitor do with their power and how will they react to what Solas has in store for the world. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Blackwall, er, Thom Rainier was a tank, but Dorian wasn’t as good of a mage as Solas. The adventure turns into a sub-campaign, complete with an expedition table stocked with local operations mirroring what’s on offer in the main game’s war rooms. 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This isn’t just a collection of dingy old caves and tunnels and tombs, though. In fact, even with two overpowered mages casting barrier and my Inquisitor wrecking enemies with an interesting new Anchor skill, I had to pause combat and reassess the situation more than once to ensure I had the advantage in battle. One particular curveball involving a member of the Inquisition felt too far out of left field, and I wasn’t keen on the way dealings with the Qunari were left unresolved. You didn't get many interactions with your party in the Jaws of Hakkon DLC, so it was nice to play something that truly progressed the story and gave you more scenes with your favorite characters. I tried smashing my way to victory as I did in many engagements in the regular campaign outside of boss battles. 2014-11-11 02:01:00 by Chris Carter. Dragon Age: Inquisition’s tale comes to a close not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with some satisfying closure and challenging combat met with allies that’ve become close friends. One big problem, though, is the lack of connection between this challenge and the main campaign's events, which makes for a pretty big detour if you take on the challenge while still playing the main game. Black Friday 2020 is around the corner, but you don't have to wait that long to secure an impressive deal on your favorite video games. New 'Dragon Age' Coming? Tolkien's orc. You can complete the gameplay in about 5 or 6 hours depending on your party. As I’m more of a “click through most of the dialogue to get back to the game” sort of player, the story and its implications didn’t mean too much to me, although groundwork has clearly been laid to move the plotlines of future DLC or even full sequels into creative new areas. It's a continuation of the main story that serves to set up the future and bid farewell to the past. At any rate, the story is a good excuse to get the Inquisitor and his gang underground. I would’ve liked to see more supply caches after the herds of Qunari warrior attacks. You learn more about the tragic eleven histories, find out why Solas gave the orb to Corypheus and what he plans on doing next. It’s a great way to wrap up the series and give fans enough to make their own theories about what will happen to Thedas. Trespasser is a bittersweet way to end the series. Over and over again. In general, the Qunari armies you face are fierce warriors. That can be pretty annoying, as melee battles in such tight quarters become hard to follow, with a gang of combatants duking it out in what sometimes seems like a succession of dwarven phone booths. Saying that The Descent meets expectations may be damning this DLC with faint praise, but that’s also a fair summation of what it offers during its seven-to-10 hours of action. Who knows? It also links you to Solas, which might not be the best thing considering what unfolds. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I figured it was going to go one of two ways. New ‘Dragon Age’ Title Is In The Works At BioWare. Trespasser is a decent send-off for the Inquisition. The resolution with Solas is a solid way to cap off his story and lead into the next Dragon Age title. You can now unleash the power of your mark in blast form towards your enemies. Exploring the ruins revealed a nice diversity of locales in this DLC, which include a mine full of deadly explosives, a haunted library, and a lush green vale. The area of Thesdas that The Descent focuses on is certainly intriguing. Dragon Age Inquisition's final DLC, Trespasser, is the third type. Trespasser is enough to satisfy all storylines, even those who fell in love with Solas. Interestingly, the mix of narrow corridors and open courtyards had the added benefit of forcing me to change combat tactics frequently in battle, which kept the combat feeling just as fresh as the locations. (Except the darn horse race in the Hinterlands, I just can’t complete stupid races.) Still, I did gain added respect for the core Dragon Age engine and the control it affords over a party when pausing and issuing orders. So, when The Descent DLC came along and promised to scale things down to a dungeon crawl, you had to wonder how it was going to play out. The final Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC, Trespasser, takes a look at the world of Thedas two years after the Inquisitor closes the breach for good. Solas, the reason your Inquisitor will have trust issues for the rest of their lives. BioWare Dev Asks Fans About 'Fire Emblem'... More Dragon Age: Inquisition Tips And Tricks, Where To Find All Ten Dragons In Dragon Age: Inquisition, Black Friday 2020: 7 Best Video Game Deals, Cyberpunk 2077 Will Feature Life Path-Labeled Save Games. You arrive at the Winter Palace to meet with the Exalted Council with a representative from Orlais, Ferelden and the new Divine, which could be Vivienne, Leliana or Cassandra depending on your decisions. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, great ending DLC. That said, there were a couple of places where the story stumbles. Genres : RPG Rated " RP-M+ " Speaking of combat in The Descent: there is a lot of it. The Best Gaming Deals For Black Friday 2020 (Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, And Xbox One/Series X), Destiny 2 Lost Lament Exotic Quest Guide - Find Dead Exos And Unlock The Exotic Sword, By Fighting the Qunari was OK, but the storylines and scenes with your followers are worth it. He doesn’t deserve what happens in the Epilogue if you killed his Chargers. For more. All this new information does a tidy job of tying up some of Inquisition’s loose ends, and does it in the same style that’s enriched the world of Thedas for the whole Dragon Age trilogy.