Its 4-stroke inline 2 engine has a power output of 71 bhp and torque output of 55 lb-ft. Top Speed & Horsepower. Buying experience: Purchased from BMW dealer good experience. Love this lil beast. Still looks like new just the odd bolt head with corrosion and abs sensor ring. Despite high gearing for relaxed, reasonably vibe free cruising,no need to drop a gear to overtake fast between 2000-6000rpm, or potter in town. Oil and filter that's just about it, I have fitted a k&n air filter, that's better than the paper rubbish. Just returned from a 2500 mile’r from Bakersfield to New Mexico and back. No £250 belts, no shaft drives that cost nothing until they cost some unlucky owner thousands, it's just a decent, honest, straightforward bike. The BMW F650GS motorcycle weighs 179 kg and its seat height is 820 mm. Well I did 1200 miles over three days on it and it was fine. I am not saying this is a bad bike,9000 but it is overpriced and has some negatives. Having just covered 25 miles to work (I have one as a courtesy bike), I wouldn't fancy going much further, as my rear end was already starting to get numb. The firm's successor to the long-lived and popular entry-level F650 single is, confusingly, being based on the F800GS, neither a single (it’s a parallel twin) or a 650 (it’s 798cc) – so perhaps not surprisingly it’s miles better than the old one. Even BMW servicing is surprisingly affordable, with a 'major' service running to not much over £200 (you can get rinsed for twice that at Suzuki). Some people have commented on the saddle. If you think you can't ride a "big" bike, try one of these, it will surprise you. Stops fine with the single disc its very adequate but the back break could do with more bite! Had the bike about 6 months and I'm doing about 400 miles a month on it. Based on the fundamentally flexible “enduro” concept, the F 650 line has been carefully developed to meet a broad range of requirements, to enable cross-country travel in comfort as well as jaunts across town with consummate ease. It does have braided brake cables, which is nice, but only one brake rotor on the front where all the competitors in that power class have two. Why don't all bikes do this? The one issue is that in stock form, the gearing on the "650" variant is too long, with an annoying gap between 1st and 2nd. Central to this multi-role versatility is the F 650’s relaxed, upright riding position that is the ideal compromise between on-road comfort and off-road control. Similarly there was a recall on one of the radiator hoses, so if your buying, check that it has been replaced. BMW owners, even those new to the fold, are staunch individualists, which is why there are so many options and accessories available for the new F 650 GS. Fork over more dough. This may be a personal thing, as I find forward biased bikes more comfortable, generally. Strong, linear power delivery from low revs perfect for lazy motorcyclists. Stable on motorways even overtaking HGVs at 80mph abroad . Mine came with the "computer" (don't they all?) Traffic what traffic, and its ideal for filtering, it's very agile, even when it fully loaded, with (panniers) quick enough for any situation, corners nice, ether knee down, or mx style, depending on the corner. It is expensive to fully pimp the bike out yes, but for me even the standard bike had a higher quality feel to it, even down to the handle-bar rubber and plastics used on the switches. I can't find anything to hate about it, but I can't love it either. The BMW F650GS is a 798cc adventure bike. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. Brakes not bad but could be more reassuring. I've replaced the Battle Wings like-for-like once, but I won't be doing so again. In addition, the 2 Spark ignition system offers increased drivability, stronger mid-throttle response and greater engine flexibility. It's light, easy to handle and would make a great commuter or beginner's bike. skid plate? I am doing my Advanced Motorcycle training at the moment and I was able to follow my instructor through some very twisty bends at high speed, despite having knobbly TKC80 tyres fitted. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it is to ride. I have what I think is an F800GS screen which does a fair job of wind deflection. It sips fuel and the consumables - tyres, chain and sprockets, oil, filters - nothing really runs expensive. The guy I bought the bike off had ridden it from London to Turkey and back. Came with hand guards, heated grips - essential in cold weather - excellent Vario top box, big enough for helmet when expanded. If you're short of cash for a bigger BMW, and short of leg, this'un will do the job. Frame Frame: Bridge-type with bolted-on rear section Front wheel suspension: 41 mm telescopic fork w/ stabilizer bridge Ground Clearance: 5.1 inches Handlebar center point angle: 60.8 degrees Rear wheel suspension: Central spring strut actuated by lever-linkage Spring Travel front/rear: 6.7 inches / 6.5 inches  Wheels Front Tire: Front Wheel: 2.50 x 19 wire-spokeRear Tire: The most popular dual purpose single in the 250+cc category, the F 650 GS has become the standard upon which single-cylinder dual purpose motorcycles are judged.