Product ID: 3032, The Silvertowne 10oz Silver Bar with a Buffalo design interprets a very classic and historical design on a very modern piece. Product ID: 12116. Product ID: 17111, The American flag is the epitome of American pride and patriotism among the country as a whole. Generally, three 10 oz. The Sunshine Minting silver bar pictured at the top of this page has security features in the form of a special seal that can only be viewed with a lens supplied by Sunshine Minting. The reverse of these bars show the Wall Street ... silver bars are similar in size to a deck of playing cards (but of course will be much heavier). This mint started its humble journey in 1949 and has created spectacular, authentic, pure products ... It should be noted that the convenience of 10 ounce bars is a major factor in choosing them over 1 ounce rounds or coins, but if you plan to maintain less than 100 ounces of silver, you may still be better off with 1 ounce bars, rounds or coins. Product ID: 18264, Inventory: Right now, top dealers are offering quality bars for as low as $0.79 over spot in any quantity. Available Silver buyers appreciate the 10-ounce bar format available at most dealers because they offer convenience, beauty and good value, putting these bars at the top of the list in bullion buyer reviews. With 10 full ounces of silver in each bar, they have a “substantial” feel and are nice to hold. Four 10 oz. Available Available In the guide, we review the best types of silver for new investors, discuss how to calculate premium over spot price and look at several silver rounds, bars and coins from top online silver dealers. or Best Offer. Many people hold onto mini flags to save for special occasions or national holidays. These newer release bars introduce a whole new level of excitement to the 10 oz bar category. Ten ounce bars are a great mix of both. We stock a large variety of manufactures of ten ounce bars since it is one of our most popular items. (more), Inventory: Throughout the ages, silver bullion bars have been an indicator of wealth. Buy Silver → Now, you can ... 10x 10oz Silver Apmex Stacker Bars - 100oz Total - .999 Silver Bullion. Product ID: 12119, Pamp Suisse Ten Ounce Silver Bars are the perfect fit for the discriminating investor looking to buy silver. They generally feature mint logos on the front or back, but some attractive specialty designs can be found, like the Chinese Zodiac themed Year of Rooster silver bars. These bars command a premium due to the iconic status of Johnson Matthey as a retail precious metals refiner during their great run. Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Disclosure. Product ID: 16257, Engelhard silver bars are one of the most sought after and respected silver products in the precious metals industry! If looking for 10 ounce bars or other silver bullion prices, see: Silver Bullion: Where to Buy Silver at the Best Price. While no longer in production, Johnson Matthey new and secondary market bars can be found at the dealer linked above. You can easily buy 10-oz silver bullion bars from some of the best silver manufacturers in the world for a competitive silver price. $2,750.00. Available 10 oz Silver Bars, Most individuals buying silver bars are looking for a combination of affordability and value. 382 sold. Product ID: 17113, The NTR Metals silver bar lunar collection is one that is difficult to keep in our inventory! 10 ounce silver bars for the retail silver buyer are an easy way to get the lowest possible price per ounce (the smallest premium) and they are frequently priced better than 100 oz or 1-kilo sized bars. (65) 65 product ratings - 10 oz Silver Bar - APMEX - SKU #27087. Disclosure: Content on PMBull may be used to promote products, services and businesses for which PMBull has an established affiliate or direct advertising relationship and for which PMBull may be paid. For many collectors and investors, the 10oz Engelhard bar represents the standard and preferred bullion choice. They look good and feel good in your hands and are exceptionally convenient to store. Product ID: 38287, Inventory: