Some of the information in this post will be unchanged since Legion, particularly in relation to old world crafting markets that have not changed since I wrote the original guide. Old world alchemy recipes that are profitable include Vial of the sands and transmutes. You can see that I’ve made 8.7 million in sales and a profit of about 1 million over the last month, and this is just on my challenge realm. Cooking is sadly a bit lackluster in BfA. I suggest sticking to BfA herbs as demand for old world materials is very low for herbs. Hyper spawn farms are sort of a new thing in BfA. Check out the list below for some other resources you should check out, including my Discord server for spreadsheet support. Herbalism and alchemy is still a great combination for self reliance and making gold. Network N earns commission from qualifying purchases via Amazon Associates and other programs. I think it’s missing some important details, so I suggest you read my post on Legion alchemy as it covers everything you need to know about procs, which work the same way in BfA, even if the rank 3 recipes are obtained in a different way. Some rare recipes have looks that are very sought after primarily for weapons. Professions in the original vanilla World of Warcraft were expensive, time-consuming and in some cases, not terribly rewarding. In WoW there are two primary categories of items that people are willing to pay for: People are generally more willing to pay for performance increases than cosmetics, as it will directly impact the core gameplay. It works by skinning the dead bodies of animals with skins. Crafting is the art of buying materials and turning them into other materials or finished products that you can sell on the Auction house for a profit. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Engineering is a crafting profession that primarily revolves around fun recipes. This will go through ALL of the methods for gold making that I am aware of in BfA and will send you to where you can get more information on the market to get started. In BfA you can currently craft armor and weapons that is item level 300 and can proc to 310. This effect is pretty much the same across all the professions, so I will not be mentioning it specifically. A bank alt is incredibly useful. but Studen Albatroz has you covered on a combined herbing and mining route. The Skullblasters can be obliterated for profit. Most armor and weapon drops do not sell and even blue items are not worth as much as they should be. It does not hold your hand, and requires a lot of setup. You can read my posts on glyphs to get a good background of those and my post on darkmoon decks will get you up to speed on that market. There's point in keeping old, below your level weapons and armour items. Good general guidelines and overview of what players should know. The same applies for low level crafting materials you no longer need, but check to see if they sell for a better price at auction first. Flipping is the least time consuming way to make gold in WoW. Engineering is not particularly strong from a gold-making point of vies, the old world mounts are great, but the BfA recipes are lacking and limited. You mine from ore deposits for all the various ores in the game. For more information, click here. Milling is a pain as you generate thousands of useless ultramarine pigments. Your main customers will be leatherworkers. You can make good gold per hour from tons of different routes both farming for legion ores and farming old world ores. This may be cheaper than linen on some realms, but it heavily depends on Blood-stained bone prices. In all cases, we don’t recommend that you pick up Classic WoW Professions, particularly crafting Professions, until maximum level. which are required for some high-end raid instances. Enchanting is a crafting profession that allows you to enchant gear with stat increases. Remember, this game hasn't even been out a month! As far as I know it is generally worse that the other gathering professions from a pure gold per hour point of view, but if you enjoy it then it’s certainly a way to earn extra gold. I have not heard of anyone using the BfA recipes to generate substantial profits, but I could be missing out. The main ways to make gold with the profession is crafting and selling enchants and doing the enchanting shuffle. Don’t forget that transmogrification does not exist in Classic, so if you want the appearance of a particular piece of gear, you’ll actually have to wear it (and the game doesn’t have pre-saved sets built in, either, so that can get exciting to juggle). you can find it here: It will allow you to run auctioning scans, shopping scans and collect mailboxes while playing your main. But don’t fall into the trap of getting bigger bags only to carry around more stuff. While I may have missed some niches, this should give you a great overview of WHAT you can do to make gold in WoW. As mentioned, there seem to be a lot of tailors right now so competition in the bag market is fierce, especially for Small silk Packs and smaller. I haven’t written anything on BfA Alchemy yet sadly. Even hard to get things like the Big Iron Fishing pole (which is REAL pain to get) was selling for under two gold.