I understand that TWSBI reformulated the rose gold plating not only to increase durability, but to offer a bit more shine and “rose” tone. Hand Over That Pen, please! Whatever they did, the end result looks great, especially paired with the white acrylic. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen Clear EF Nib at Amazon.com. This is a great beginner fountain pen and planner companion. You don’t worry about the ink and you just write. If I bought the Eco as my first pen (instead I got a Metro), I’m not sure I would have ever ventured out to other pens. When I started, I got a cartridge/converter as a first fountain pen and I appreciated the fact that I can just insert the supplied cartridge and write. An added perk is that it’s fun to watch the ink slosh around and settle as I think about what to write next. So when TWSBI announced the ECO Yellow earlier this year, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion. and it’s comfortable to write with. The comfort and EDC-ness of the Eco has the Metopolitan beat hands down. Of course, I may find a way to justify buying a clear one at this year’s show. The rose gold nib is absolutely gorgeous. Pam: Katherine has a self imposed 15 pen limit where as the Eco convinced me to have a “beginner pen” collection. I would have no qualms about this being a pen in my regular journaling or letter writing rotation. Both nibs write on the wider side for an extra-fine. It took me a couple weeks to buy my first ink bottle (Waterman’s Serenity Blue) and filled up my converter with it. The company has not only demonstrated its devotion to innovation and continual improvement as it tweaks its product lines in response to customer feedback, but it’s adherence to a reasonable pricing scheme has positioned the company to thrive in all sorts of market conditions, as fountain pen enthusiasts look for affordable ways to indulge in their favorite hobby. It’s a no frills pen, but would have great portability and better balance for me. Overall, a comfortable and solid pen. The Eco just writes and there’s really no frills to it. Of all the TWSBI models though, I prefer the Vac 700. TWSBI nibs are definitely cool! When a pen uncaps in less than one and a half turn, I am actually pretty happy with it. The Gentleman Stationer participates in the Pen Chalet, Appelboom, Etsy, Shareasale, eBay Partner Network, and Huckberry Affiliate Programs. I bought an Eco (white) at last year’s SF show, but now wish I’d waited for the clear. Katherine: This is a very solid nib on a cheap pen. The more unique release, which sold so quickly it was out of stock at most retailers until recently, is the TWSBI ECO White Rose Gold. All together the Eco is one of my very favorite pens to EDC, fountain pen or not. While I remain a die-hard fan of the 580, I also appreciate what the ECO brings to the table: a high-quality, high-capacity piston filling fountain pen with a reliable nib at roughly $31. You can purchase both the TWSBI ECO Yellow and White Rose Gold and still spend well under $100. Recently got the clear Eco with fine nib and am glad I took my time to decide on my next TWSBI. My one nit is that the translucent white liner inside the cap is visible — but it is a pen after all, gotta be functional! I used the Eco for two weeks and I have not had any negative issues with the nib as it just wrote as it should. I’ve not had much experience with TWSBI EF nibs in the past, and while this one pleasantly surprised me, it’s definitely a wider, “German” EF, and definitely not a needlepoint or Japanese-style nib. Because of the pleasant nib, and the abundant length of the pen, I did not experience any hand cramps or fatigue. Pen Review: TWSBI ECO Yellow and ECO White Rose Gold, how TWSBI recently has made a major push to expand the ECO lineup, Deals & Drops: Memorial Day Weekend Edition →, When is a Fountain Pen Too Big? Page 1 of 6 - Pen Review - Twsbi Eco - 1.1 Stub Nib - posted in Fountain Pen Reviews: TWSBI ECO - 1.1 Stub Nib This is the first non Indian pen I am going to review and I hope you all like the review and please leave the comments if you like. Would I recommend this as a first fountain pen for newbies? pens & perspective for all hands, great and small. The variety of opinions the three of you provide is helpful. Overall, the writing experience is comfortable as the plastic is light. I purchased the pens featured in this review from site sponsor Pen Chalet, which currently has both the TWSBI ECO Yellow and the TWSBI Eco Rose Gold in stock.