Error code 441. Temperature/Water Fluctuations. Space Heating. View online or download Takagi T?K4?IN Installation Manual And Owner's Manual Posted Oct 31, 2016. Hello, my Takagi AT-H3S-OS-N tankless water heater is not heating water. Check the flow sensor for debris, clean the inlet filter and make sure that the wires are not loose on the PC board. The LED flashes five times. Release and turn on power. Error code 510. Step by step instructions to fix the error code 111. For product availability in your area, please verify your zip code. Check whether the heater requires natural gas or liquid propane. Error code 441 . Solution: Mend any loose or broken wire connections. Problem: Flow sensor. If that light does come on, hit the green reset button above the light, and look for the green light on the circuit plate at the top left of the unit. The hi-limit switch turns the heater off if the temperature of the hot water exiting the heat exchanger exceeds the maximum. Not only are they highly efficient, but they can also save you money by heating water only on-demand. Here are the ignition failure codes found on some tankless brands: Takagi – Error Code 111, 11 or 3. Indicates a problem with the tankless water heater’s ignition. Error code 331 (LED flashes two times) Error code 321 (LED flashes two times) Problem: Inlet thermistor. A bad coil will cause the computer to give that code. Takagi TK-JR Tankless Water Heater Troubleshooting Stacey January 16, 2010 DIY & Troubleshooting , Plumbing 5 Comments If you are the proud owner of a Takagi TK-JR Tankless Water Heater and are having issues with your unit I’m sure you are discouraged and hesitant to hire a pricey technician to fix something that could be a simple fix. 16. Error code 311. Error code 611. Hello and thank you for using this service, Internal troubleshooting should be done only after all of the above external criteria have been thoroughly checked and repaired. Our takagi heater is showing errors, 101,111,121 quit last night, can't get it running. I've had to replace the mainboard because it was out of rev, I had to replace … New tankless water heater heater. Error code 311 (LED flashes two times) Problem: Outlet thermistor. The gas and the Takagi tankless water heater must be compatible to each other. Ran for a couple months. Outlet thermistor failure Two Flashes Code 311, 321, 331 or 341: Thermistor Failure, p. Page 12 ERROR CODE GREEN LED ON SYMPTOM OR ISSUE TROUBLESHOOTING PROCEDURE (PAGE NUMBER) COMPUTER BOARD Two Flashes Inlet thermistor failure Code 311, 321, 331 or 341: Thermistor Failure, p. 16. Some Noritz problems can be fixed by a typical homeowner with a basic set of tools while others will require the services of a licensed professional. Check the DIPswitch setting on the electronic computer board if it is incorrectly positioned. Error code 510. You should check and remove any blockage in the venting system, and dirt in the burner and fan motor. If you don’t feel 100% comfortable in attempting to fix the problem yourself, you can simply get a free, no-obligation quote from a local plumber to help you with your decision. As most of the newer advanced tankless water heaters utilize the self-diagnostic system and are equipped with the LCD display on the unit or remote controller, a numerical error code will display, or flashing light. 4. Error code … Gas valve failure - check the gas pressure and connections. Error code 101 or 10. Push the white button in, and after you hear the click sound, the switch has been reset it. Do not use this item for any installation or repair of potable water applications. With a HTP high efficiency boiler you can achieve the heat your family or business needs while also saving money and energy. Warning: Follow all local codes, or in the absence of local codes, follow the most recent edition of the National Standard Code, ANSI Z21. Takagi T?K4?IN Pdf User Manuals. Solution: Depends on the model, check the outlet thermistor or heat exchanger thermistor and the wire connections. If the heater still does not work correctly, here are some basic steps to take with all Takagi models. Page 16: Applications T-K1 with Storage Tank The maximum flow rate through the T-K1 is 5.3 GPM. Problem: Gas Solenoid Valve Malfunction. A more in-depth troubleshooting guide is available in the Service and Installation Manual provided with the heater. On Demand Tankless Series Model Manual On Demand Indoor Outdoor 110 310 510 520 710 910 110, 310 & 510 Manual520 Manual710 Manual910 Manual On Demand Series 200No Longer in Production 305 505 705 IndoorOutdoor Solution: Ensure the heat exchanger thermistor, outlet thermistor and wire connections are working perfectly. Had a 99 error code. Checked the exhaust. It’s primarily constructed from stainless steel and uses good quality components. Press and hold buttons 1 & 2 till lights stay on then turn off power. Solution: Check the inlet thermistor and if broken replace it. We are in Maine and need heat - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician 24/7 Technical Support: 1-844-LUTRON1 (588-7661) [email protected] Customer Service: Monday-Friday 8am- 5pm EST 1-844-LUTRON1 (588-7661) The good news is that (apart from one key issue) this is a well designed Water Heater that, if looked after will last a long time. Was working fine two days ago. Solenoid gas valve failure - check the gas pressure and connections. Rinnai – Error Code 11 List of error codes Error code 031 or 03. Turn the power off to the water heater. Error code 111 or 11 Follow all local codes, or in the absence of local codes, follow the most recent edition of National Fuel Z223.1/NFPA 54 in USA or the CGA standard, CAN/CGA B149.1 or .2 Installation Codes for Gas Burning Appliances in Canada. Solution: Verify that the flow sensor wires are damage free and well connected. Error code 551. Test the coil pack for cyl #3 first. The LED will be blinking one time. Fan motor failure - check the wiring if it is loose or wet. Error code 391. Check input filter for debris and obstruction in case of low flow from the heater. Although uncommon, issues can arise if something isn’t working correctly within your water heater. I have good and bad news. Have an Eternal (GU100, GU145, GU195) Water Heater? Bosch Error Code 11. This product does not comply with the "Safe Drinking Water Act," which requires that products meet low-lead standards in order to be used in systems providing water for human consumption (drinking or cooking). We had high winds recently and perhaps that's the culprit? Zip Code. Buy the heater appropriate for the type of gas supply you have. Problem: Failure Of Air-Fuel Ratio Rod. Tankless water heaters are a great investment for your home or office.