Named for it’s hybridizer Peter J. Mezitt, an early flowering Rhododendron having lavender-pink blooms in late April through early May. Rhododendrons are shrubs with showy flowers in spring, usually in shade of white, pink, purple and red. Broad-leaved varieties tolerate full sun, prefer part shade and will tolerate full shade. Deciduous varieties can hold up much better to more sun, as many of the evergreen types can be susceptible to burn in winter where they are exposed. Leaves are smaller than most other hybrid Rhododendron. Quite a few have a pink tinge, but the flowers of those I have illustrated here are pure white when fully opened. Some PJM varieties grow up to 6 feet tall, while others have a lower, more spreading habit. Key Points. An … A nice small and compact Rhododendron. Plant care and collection of Rhododendrons at, with informative growing guides and 3,500 images of 2,493 varieties listed. - Duration: 2:49. Most Rhododendron varieties exposed to unprotected all-day sun are virtually guaranteed to die. Dwarf azaleas (Rhododendron spp. In spring the flowers are showy; throughout the summer and fall the leaves add a pleasing, deep green color to the garden. They're evergreens, so they look great all year. The varieties we carry are shown in the table below. Azaleas belong to the genus Rhododendron, with evergreen azaleas in the subgenus Tsutsusi and deciduous azaleas in the subgenus Pentanthera.Use this website to learn about azaleas–how to select and plant them, their needs and environmental requirements, and about the varieties available. Rhododendron – Small Leaf – Purple Gem The ‘Purple Gem’ is a compact, dwarf, rounded plant with small, bluish-green foliage and deep violet-purple flowers. These are some of the brightest rhododendron flowers we've seen. You get more variety per square metre of garden with them. Zone: 4 – 9 Size: 4′ wide, 4′ high. This genus also contains shrubs commonly called azaleas within its 800 Rhododendron species and thousands of hybrids. Tow Head – 1', -15F. Rhododendrons are grown for their spectacular flowers, usually borne in spring. Some types of rhododendrons that lose their leaves in winter are commonly called azaleas. Bloom Time: Spring. This is an unusual hybrid between a rhododendron and an evergreen azalea, but it has more of an appearance and habit of an evergreen azalea, though it can look a little sparse in winter. Rhododendron. With attention to suitable hardiness, large-leaf rhododendron varieties do well in the eastern United States, generally along the Atlantic coast from Nova Scotia to the upper Carolinas, along both sides of the Appalachian Mountains and in southern Ontario, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Dwarf varieties of rhododendrons grow between 2 and 6 ft. (0.6 – 1.8 m), depending on the variety. Some have red-brown borders with silvery gray centers. The leaves are spirally arranged; leaf size can range from 1–2 cm (0.4–0.8 in) to over 50 cm (20 in), exceptionally 100 cm (40 in) in R. sinogrande. You get a colorful show- the blooms burst with deep red petals in early spring. It grows to about 1 foot tall in 10 years. giganteum, reported to 30 m (100 ft) tall. The genus Rhododendron is grouped into the heath family, Ericaceae which contains many acid soil loving species. Prepare the soil by thoroughly mixing equal parts of loam, coarse sand and ground oak leaves or redwood. The ‘PJM’ Rhododendron is a compact variety that is also quite easy to grow and does better in full sun that most Rhododendrons. Rhododendron Canescens (left) and Rhododendron Prinophyllum (right) are beautiful types of pink azaleas The azalea ‘Pink Group’ is a deciduous variety that blooms in early spring. In general, Rhododendrons in extreme climates benefit from filtered light and partial shade. ... Rhododendron Varieties and How to Grow them. The 5 species of azalea (R. canadense, R. canescens, R. periclymenoides, R. prinophyllum, and R. vaseyi) produce beautiful blooms in shades from light pink to deep red. It has evergreen leaves and lavender flowers, and provides structure to a perennial border. PJM (Small Leaf) Rhododendron Varieties. PJM stands for Peter J. Mezitt, who, along with his father, developed the rhododendron hybrids that carry those initials. List of Dwarf Azaleas. Today we join Steve Wright, Director of Horticulture / Curator of Plant Collections, on a tour of our small leaf rhododendron. Small leaf varieties are said to like more sun than most azaleas and rhododendron. Rhododendron is a genus of shrubs and small to (rarely) large trees, the smallest species growing to 10–100 cm (4–40 in) tall, and the largest, R. protistum var. Rhododendron PJM ‘Aglo’ AGLO PJM RHODODENDRON. Evergreen. Lovely small (20mm) vivid purplish red flowers with faint spots in a compact truss of 19 to 25. Rhododendron was named and classified by Linnaeus who named it from the Greek for rose tree. Rhododendron . The basic difference is that azalea flowers have five pollen-bearing stamens while rhododendrons have 10 or more. Rhododendron 'Charles Dickens'. These Red Rhododendrons grow to be 4 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The numerous vivid, lavender-pink flowers appear in early to mid April and help the ‘PJM’ brighten any yard. Some also have young leaves and stems covered in a striking woolly coating (indumentum) and some - the deciduous rhododendrons or azaleas - have good autumn colour. sempervirens. White Rhododendron Varieties. However, there are available Rhododendron varieties that can stand summer heat. Each species of rhododendron has a different leaf shape, coloring, texture and size. But, selection by gardeners and rhododendron breeders, over many years, have produced a good range to choose from. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Rhododendron, Small-Leaf Rhododendron (Rhododendron ) 'Blue Baron' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles database at Dave's ... One of the most blue rhodies. password. These hybrids are compact, rounded, small-leaved, evergreen shrubs that generally grow to 3-6’ tall and are noted for having exceptional winter hardiness. Relatively few rhododendrons are fully hardy in the Chicago area or can cope well with its alkaline soils. They even last weeks longer than other varieties! Showy, pure white, small flowers, develops naturally into a finely textured mound. Happiest in a semi-shaded position with acid soil. Fungus Leaf Spot Symptoms: Spots are irregular in size and color (Fig. A durable yet charming rhododendron with small trusses of bright lavender-purple blooms that contrast with the small, dark green leaves. desirable variety. Since 1945, PJM rhododendrons have been used for mass plantings in the garden, as foundation plants and as specimens. Rhododendrons need cool, moist, well drained organic soil and do best with winter protection. Rhododendrons and azaleas, in general, grow best in landscape conditions that mimic natural mountain habitats: acidic soil (pH between 4.5 - 5.5), good drainage, ample soil moisture and organic matter, understory areas with light shade, cool soil temperature, and protection from strong winds. 'Brown Eyes' - pink with a golden-brown flare, 6 ft. (180 cm), Beautiful rounded trusses of pink with a cream throat appear in early spring. aka Rhododendron. It forms a dense mound and grows 1 1/2 to 2 feet tall; this variety has 2-inch lavender-to-purple flowers and 2-inch blue-green leaves that turn rust-colored as they age. To prevent this, plant evergreen types in sheltered areas, avoiding southern exposures where warm, sunny winter days can be fatal. As a general rule, the smaller the leaf size, the smaller the plant (or, at least, a plant which will flower while still quite small and which can then be kept down in size by judicious pruning after flowering). The hybrid Rhododendron P.J.M. Part of the Rhododendron genus, azaleas are flowering shrubs that generally bloom in the spring, although a number of varieties flower all the way through the fall. With over 150 diverse varieties, we provide more than enough choices. In winter some stand out with large evergreen leaves. With a huge variety in size, from the smaller growing or ‘dwarf’ types that will reach less than 1m up to taller types that can easily reach 5m+ in height. The rhododendron is a wonderful addition to any shade garden. The Rhododendron is perhaps the most beautiful plant we grow at Blackwood Ridge Nursery. Fielder's White, Splendens, VIREYAS GROWTH HABITS This cloth is available in many colours and weights so it is possible to obtain the right choice for any situation. Description. PJM Group is a series of rhododendron hybrids that resulted from crosses between R. carolinianum and R. dauricum var.