Source: 2015 National School Transportation Specifications and Procedures. Jul 30, 2013 - Samples of floor plans for your school bus conversion RV skoolie - If you love Skoolies be sure to check out my my other Skoolie boards!. Buses are road vehicles designed specifically for the function of carrying many passengers simultaneously. For some people, the classic look of a traditional dog-nose bus is the only option. School buses come in different sizes. In line with this, the interior should also have its own dimensions to follow. Want to know more about Blue Bird school buses? See more ideas about school bus conversion, bus conversion, school bus. A Type D, or transit-style, school bus is constructed utilizing a stripped chassis. In addition, a well-built bus provides long-term durability, which lowers the total cost of ownership. We have a 1996 Thomas Built International 3800 The inside height down the center of the bus is about 6' 2" feet. 11 33,000 253" 66* BODY DIMENSIONS Sections GVWR Wheelbase Passenger Capacity * All passenger capacities are based on minimum options and are subject to final weight calculation. A Type A school bus is a conversion bus Choosing a body style of a bus depends on YOUR preferences, and what pros/cons are important to you. Additionally, Blue Bird provides comprehensive financial solutions through Blue Bird Capital Services. This is because when looking from the corner of the eyes, people can see yellow sooner than other colors. Today, one in every three children in North America who rides a bus to school or an activity rides a Thomas Built bus, which means there are a lot of schools and parents who can experience greater peace of mind. BUS, CHASSIS & ENGINE SPECS without a left-side door and with a GVWR greater than 21,500 pounds. In the event Some buses are built with specifications around 35’ by 7.5’ by 6.5’ for its measurements. This is an interior of a Blue Bird school bus that uses gasoline you can even smell it when the windows are opened The width of a school bus aisle depends upon the width of its seats (typically ranging from 18 to 45 inches) the wider the seats, the narrower the aisle. If you're going with a short bus, you'll be limited to a conventional dog-nose or front-engine flat-nose. If you don't find the information you're looking for, contact us and we will help you out! 10 33,000 235" 60* 12 33,000 271" 72* 13 Small school buses range from 72 to 92 inches wide. It really depends on the bus make and model. I am 5'11" and have two-three inches of head room above my head. Small buses for just a handful of children have enough room for only 15 children, while larger buses can hold up to 90 students. View our specification sheet to learn about features, durability, safety, serviceability, driver ergonomics, and more. The local school system’s superintendent shall notify the Department of Education in writing of any material or construction defects found on new school bus purchases (Board Rule 160-5-3-.03). Bus designs have a broad range of capacities and purposes from standard single-deck city or transit buses, to minibuses, midibuses, double-decker, articulated, school, and coach buses. Specifications except where superseded by Georgia School Bus Specifications. School buses are usually yellow in color. Since 1927, Blue Bird Corporation has continued to set industry standards with its innovative design and manufacturing capabilities. School buses typically are manufactured with a minimum 12-inch aisle width, except for buses … So if you want to get a school bus service, much importance should be placed at the appropriate school bus dimensions to safely carry and transport the passengers. However the curved roof of most school buses means that the closer you get top the windows the less headroom you will have. The entrance door is ahead of the front wheels. Blue Bird offers a complete line of Type A, C and D school buses in a variety of options and configurations. school bus standards The Type C offers the safety of a fully welded steel cage construction and the best chassis in the business.