Use your finger to check. They seem to be doing okay. trees are bearing fruits, in bloom, or ready to bloom. You may need to prune your tree every once in a while, especially if it's a prolific grower. So, when you order from Fast Growing Trees, you are getting well-rooted, better-branched Meyer Lemon Trees ready to fruit as soon as the first year. Some varieties, like the Meyer lemon, are smaller trees. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, lemon image by dinostock from, Texas A&M University: Characteristics of common Texas citrus varieties, University of California: Ponderosa lemon hybrid, Plantea: How to grow a lemon tree indoors. Persian Lime, seedless lime, Bearss lime, Tahiti lime   -  Citrus × latifolia, Citrus × aurantiifolia var. But there are various places online where can buy several different varieties of indoor citrus trees, including indoor lemon trees, for under $20 (including delivery). This tangerine is considered more cold-hardy than most other citrus. Though i did not get any fruit. These lemons have more seeds than other varieties. Note: This cake can be stored for up to three days. Meyer Lemon - Citrus x meyeri The best-tasting lemon ! There's nothing quite like fresh juice straight from your very own lemon tree. I got an indoor Meyer lemon tree in the Spring. Deep-orange  fruits are very sweet, seedless . They are also found in Malaysian and Burmese cuisines. Let glaze set before slicing, about 5 minutes. The fruits are green when young, turning orange-yellow when ripe. the rind is used to make candies in the Orient. latifolia, - Citrus medica var. Of all the lemons, the Meyer lemon is most able to withstand cold. Cut off the dead branches and any branches that are shedding an excessive amount of leaves. In some stores, you'll be able to find specialized citrus/avocado fertilizers. Normally grows to 4 - 6 feet in a pot. Cut the log into 1/8 inch slices with a clean, sharp knife. The flesh of the Eureka lemon is yellow and acidic. Cover with the remaining lemon slices in a single layer. Love your lens. Fruit is juicy and extremely acidic. Run a knife around the center tube. They are prolific and easy to maintain as houseplants. We live in the Midwest, and our rule of thumb is to keep our indoor citrus trees out on the patio from after Mother's Day to the end of September. sarcodactylus-. My tree lost all of its leaves and the nursery told me that was normal for winter and to cut off the 3 lemons I had. It can also be added to soups. The third is 14 inches tall and the smallest, which isn't doing as well is about 5 inches tall. I love lemons and would absolutely LOVE if I could have one indoors. Adjust watering as needed. Meyer lemon trees are the most popular indoor citrus tree. PINK FLESH lemon( makes pink lemonade),. This one comes straight from a Martha Stewart recipe! Freeze juice into ice cubes and pair with iced tea, gin & tonics, or good ol' water. White flowers are lightly fragrant. There are two ways to tell if pruning is necessary. Spread remaining batter evenly over the top. However, by growing your lemon tree in a pot and keeping the roots pruned back, you can limit the size of larger varieties. Bellezza-Decor from Canada on March 31, 2013: My dad grew a lemon tree years ago inside. When we rub the leaves we get a beautiful fresh scent of lemons. I thought maybe not enough water so I watered more but the leaves are also now folding in a bit which I know indicates too much water! Growing Zones: 8-11 outdoors Lemon-Lime Citrus Tree. Drain and repeat. I have a a Meyer Lemon tree that is about 10 years old and started producing flowers last year. Drizzle over cooled cake, letting excess drip down the sides. flowers. Nancy Tate Hellams from Pendleton, SC on May 14, 2013: I would really like to have a lemon tree and enjoyed learning more about them. I get a lot of flowers but they fall off and for the second year I get one lemon.