So if you want to get rid of roaches for good, you'll either need to hire a local company or get the products they use from us and do the work yourself. Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Gel Bait is for serious roach control, supplement the roach control program with FC Magnum. Maxforce® FC Select roach killer bait gel attracts and kills both normal and bait-averse German cockroaches in problem sites around the country. MSDS Number: 102000015432 MAXFORCE® FC MAGNUM ROACH KILLER BAIT GEL MSDS Version 1.0 Page 6 of 7 SECTION 13. Technical Support Detailed information about the use of cookies on this website and how you can manage or withdraw your consent at any time can be found in our, Works on all roaches – indoors or outdoors, large or small, Contains more complex carbohydrates; not reliant on simple sugars that select for aversion, Unique bait active ingredient, with alternate mode of action, BlueBead technology with proprietary feeding stimulant assures excellent bait acceptance, EPA reduced-risk designation for cockroach control. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. This product controls large roach† populations in 8 days. Maxforce FC Magnum is the newest and fastest-acting roach bait ever by Maxforce. Kills flies for up to 30 days for consistent fly control... Controls ants for up to three months. manner inconsistent with its labeling. Cockroaches need only to touch the bait to die - an innovative contactx technology. Fields marked by an asterisk (*) are required. Maxforce website at With Maxforce Magnum you get five times the fipronil, plus a new technology called ContactX which kills roaches by contact as well as ingestion. Information on manufacturer Bayer Environmental Science 5 : PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: New Maxforce® FC Magnum is the most powerful cockroach bait gel ever. Maintain cockroach-free conditions. Will order product Friday, thanks! $30.00   (153358)(3+ $25.00 ea) E-MAIL US OR GO TO:  WWW.BUGSPRAY.COM. During follow up visits inspect placements and reapply as needed. Here's why. During follow up visits inspect placements and reapply as Reduce populations fast; satisfy customers now. The simple answer is because you haven't yet applied our products! Bayer Environmental Science, a Division of Bayer CropScience LP, 5000 CentreGreen Way, Suite 400, Cary, NC 27513. delivers products all over UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. If you were to contact a local pest control server where you live and have them come out to treat, do you think they'd be using what you've applied? Small dabs are made where roaches are being seen. Close the station securely after application. ALWAYS READ AND FOLLOW LABEL INSTRUCTIONS. There's no advance preparation required and no odor. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: New Maxforce® FC Magnum is the most powerful cockroach bait gel ever. Once they find it, they will eat it and die. This enables us to improve your future experience on our website. Privacy Policy, We would like to use cookies to better understand your use of this website. Not all products are registered in all states. Close the station securely after application. Maxforce FC Magnum comes with a 33-gram syringe tube for application or use in a bait gun. Very good product for use in cabinets and places where it is hard to treat with traditional sprays. 5% OFF orders up to $149.99, 7.5% off orders from $150.00 TO $299.99 and orders over $300 get 10% off! Maxforce® Impact™ roach gel bait delivers a matrix roaches can’t get enough of – one that’s scientifically designed to combat aversion and prevent resistance. MAXFORCE MAGNUM ROACH GEL 1 OZ. Maxforce FC Magnum Roach Gel Bait will last for up to 1 to 2 years when stored according to the product label. PRODUCT DOCUMENTS:       SPECIMEN LABEL       MSDS SHEET And why do they use something different? Lady, I recently started renting a house we notice that the house is infested with roach I've done everything bombs gel traps nd it seems as if more nd more roaches r coming out why? Bayer and the Bayer Cross are registered trademarks of Bayer. Whether cockroaches eat it, touch it or share it, Maxforce FC Magnum kills more roaches faster than any other single product. Other roaches touch or eat the dead roach that just ate the Maxforce (Max Force). Buy online today at best prices. 1-800-877-7290, PS: Are you signed up for our informative twice a month Pest Report Newsletter? Need help deciding what bugspray you need? Use MAXFORCE® FC MAGNUM Roach Killer Bait Gel as a spot or crack They will find the Maxforce because it is formulated with attractants they love. The fastest and most effective overall roach bait available in gel form. Ordinarily, one tube will last 6 to 12 months. Well, for the most part, its because they know what works to control a local roach problem and you can rest assured its not what you can find at your local retail outlet! BAIT - Animal Bait, Gel Baits, Granules, Rodenticide, Bait Stations,, TOP GUN BAIT BLOCKS 128 X .5 OZ (4 lbs) PAIL, ESSENTRIA ALL PURPOSE CONCENTRATE FOR AUTOMATIC MISTING MACHINES, DELUXE SOLAR POWERED MOLE VOLE GOPHER SNAKE LIZARD CRAYFISH REPELLER, SCORPION CENTIPEDE CRICKET FROG LIZARD GECKO SALAMANDER BLIND SNAKE CURLY TAIL SKINK ROACH TRAP (15 PK). For the large Palmetto roach species, refer to this article: Large Roaches:, Cheers, Call. Attack pests from all angles. Maxforce® Impact™ roach gel bait delivers a matrix roaches can’t get enough of   – one that’s scientifically designed to combat aversion and prevent resistance. If you store it in a refrigerator, an open tube of gel will be good for at least a couple of years. WordPress Hashcash needs javascript to work, but your browser has javascript disabled. The exclusive Domino Effect® works through ingestion and contact in hard-to-reach and inaccessible areas. More info here: 432-1460 Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against Use Insecticide Restrictions on use See product label for restrictions.