Whoever possesses the Infinity Gauntlet gains virtual omnipotence, making the Infinity Gauntlet one of the most powerful artifacts of the Marvel Universe. Who will win in a fight between The Living Tribunal and Star-Lord (MCU)? Galactus was able to get Eternity to speak with the use of Gamora and the power was restored. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll 1rst CREEPER appearance! Movie All the dimensions, each nebulous netherworld which exists either in time or in space - as matter or as fathomless void - were given over into the eternal, deathless keeping of the Living Tribunal. Strange Tales #136 Sept 1965 Marvel comic 2nd app Nick Fury as Agent of Shield, Tales to Astonish 62 (1st cameo app of the Leader, hooded) , The Mighty Thor #166 (1969 - Marvel 2nd full appearance of Warlock), 1967 Peacemaker #3 Charlton Comics - Pat Boyette John Cena Suicide Squad 1st, TALES OF SUSPENSE #54, Marvel 2ND APPEARANCE OF THE MANDARIN 1964, Nice Fine, Strange Tales (1965) # 138 (VG) | First Appearance of Eternity, Strange Tales #158, GD/VG 3.0, 1st Full Living Tribunal; Death of Von Strucker, Strange Tales #158, VF 8.0, 1st Full Living Tribunal; Dr. The decision to initially introduce the Living Tribunal on Thanos’ homeland is telling that Kevin Feige may be saving for him for the highly-anticipated Eternals film. The Staff of the Living Tribunal originally belonged to one of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe, with the power to exacting impartial yet brutal judgments. Two extremely powerful entities called The Brothers attempted to obliterate the Marvel and DC multiverses, The Living Tribunal teamed up with The Spectre in order to prevent them from doing just that. - September 6, 2017 12:11 am EDT. Following the cataclysmic multiverse-reshaping events of Secret Wars and The Infinity Finale, the One Above Us All made a deal with Thanos that transformed a nigh-omnipotent paradox-inducing alternate reality version of Adam Warlock into a new type of Living Tribunal, one that would not be bound by the same laws and limitations that had made his predecessor weak. SHDb; uStats; – The MCUExchange Podcast, STAFF PICK: The Greatest Hits of the Decade, Leaked Promo Art Shows New Look at the ‘Eternals’, Salma Hayek Talks Playing the Leader of the ‘Eternals’; New Characters Revealed, The Ten Best Deleted MCU Scenes Broken Down, Marvel Reboots ‘Eternals’ Comic Ahead of Film Release, BREAKING: Phase 4 Pushed Back as Disney Sets New November Release Date for ‘Black Widow’, RUMOR: Thanos May Return in Future Projects, ‘The Avengers’ Cinematographer Joins Untitled ‘Spider-Man 3’ Film, New ‘Eternals’ Set Photos Shows First Look at Black Knight and Sersi Bond. This makes me question if he will make an appearance, whether it's a cameo in Infinity war or a full on appearance in IW or phase 4. It is the Tribunal who first allows Thanos to make his bid for godhood - and eventually, when the threat to all reality is clear, The Tribunal is what orders the gems to be split up between Adam Warlock and his followers, never to be united again. After the conflict was over, The Living Tribunal took Kayla into custody for disrupting the balance of power in the multiverse and sentenced her to live the rest of her days in exile on Earth-148611, which he then sealed off from the rest of creation in order to prevent a disaster like this from occurring ever again. Strange Tales 135. Learn all about Living Tribunal both on screen and in comics! The Living Tribunal is an entity that looks like an Oscar statue with a floating head and three faces. [2], Karl Mordo used the Staff of the Living Tribunal to battle the Dragon Raiders in Guizhou, China to retrieve the Bow and Arrow of Apollon when they were stolen. Then, in the Dimension of Manifestations, he oversaw the trial of an entity from Earth-691 known as The Protege and with the aid of a very enigmatic Celestial named Scathan the Approver sentenced him to death for his bold and childish attempt to disrupt the natural order of Creation by trying to take the One-Above-Us-All's place in the cosmos. Doctor Strange Comic When Quasar brought the Star Brand artifact from Earth-148611 and accidentally passed it on to his girlfriend, Kayla Ballantine, the Living Tribunal became involved in a conflict over the Star Brand which resulted in the Stranger bringing Earth-616 and Earth-148611 together in the same reality as part of one of his experiments. Marvel’ Set, Thank You, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other [3], Karl Mordo demonstrates the Staff's power, A new member of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Strange was taken under Karl Mordo's wing. He’s got three heads. Magistrate Appearances Silver age key!!! He later appeared on Earth-89112, a world devastated and corrupted by demonic forces and nearly destroyed it, thankfully by the time he arrived the Phoenix Force had already obliterated the demonic forces and restored order to Earth-89112. ... / S3 E53 Thanos Throughout the MCU! Living Tribunal; The Living Tribunal Art by Jim Starlin. Doctor Strange #174 CGC 7.0 (Marvel 1968) Satannish & Nekron appearance. After Thanos lost the gauntlet to Nebula, who lost it to Adam Warlock, the Living Tribunal was the only one who could stand up to the power wielded by the gauntlet. [2], Karl Mordo again used this relic during the fight, using it to attack the Zealots. He uses all three faces to look upon the world and judge. This understandably saddened fans who were wanting to see more of the MCU's Thanos, but it makes sense considering the type of feel the filmmakers were going for with Endgame. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. However, there is also another revelation of a big Marvel cosmic entity that we get by way of Doctor Strange: The Living Tribunal. He has ventured to parallel universes before, but his unique nature prevents those realities from duplicating him, as it would severely disrupt the space-time continuum. It may act to prevent one universe from amassing more power than any of the others, or from upsetting the cosmic balance in some way. That almost changed back when Avengers: Infinity War was still being written, in a draft where the screenwriters introduced the Living Tribunal during the big fight scene on Titan. and everything was back in order, again proving power over (or mastery of without contact with) the Infinity Gems. [2], When Karl Mordo and the Ancient One traveled to the New York Sanctum, Mordo brought along the Staff. on 07/22/20 The Living Tribunal was found dead by Iron Man and Uatu the Watcher somewhere in deep space, but it wasn't until Yellowjacket ventured into the Multiverse that the cause of his death was discovered. Copyright © 2017 MCUExchange. He is the Judge of the Marvel Multiverse and the arbitrator of cosmic justice. The living tribunal certainly is, since Mordo spoke about him in Dr Strange. He judges these dualities and must know their true nature. The Living Tribunal vs Star-Lord (MCU) Created by Cnix2001. He safe-guards the multiverse from mystical imbalance and transcends the realms of death and eternity, order and chaos, and all opposing realities. It would indicate a whole different level of architecture to the universe and I think that was too much to just throw in. Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. McFEELY: Whoa. McFEELY: Oh sure, we probably just spoiled it. But even so, the Living Tribunal and the Spectre continued to remain in contact and kept a close eye on both the Brothers and Access, whom they did not trust with such gravely important matters like maintaining balance between realities let alone two multiverses.