Für eine vollsphärische Aufnahme werden beide Kameramodule genutzt und deren Material intern verrechnet. Still images are saved at much higher resolution (27MP) compared to video, but suffer from extreme JPEG processing. Kodak PIXPRO SP360 4K Dual Pro. It costs a lot less (and often sells well under its $230 list price), supports dual- and single-lens capture, and does a much better job with stitching. Die Versandkosten hängen von der gewählten Versandart ab, es handelt sich um Mindestkosten. A small LED will glow to indicate which lens is active; in 360-degree mode, both LEDs light up. All rights reserved. Verarbeitung & Zubehör: 1,5; If you need to convert a clip longer than a minute, you need to use a computer to convert video. For $500 you can get the Nikon KeyMission 360, which is fully waterproof and stitches footage in camera—the downside is that it doesn't let you switch to single-lens operation as you can with the Kodak. Die stabile Verarbeitung überzeugt.“. I think the camera would be simpler to use if it had separate buttons for video and still capture, as it's a bit of a pain to change modes on the fly. Our Editors' Choice is the 2017 version of the Samsung Gear 360. It was one of the highly anticipated 360 cameras in 2017 but its release has been delayed outside Japan. „Plus: Drei Kameras in einer; Gute App und Software; Frontkamera überzeugt. 20 fach optischer Zoom Fernbedienung Stero Mikrofon Lieferumfang : Kamera; Wiederaufladbare - Lithium Ionen - Batterie; USB Kabel; Umhängeschlaufe; Objektivdeckel ; CD - ROM; Schnellstartanleitung; Servicekarte; Garantiekarte... Verpackungsabmessungen (L x B x H) : 13. And, while the mobile software is fine for remote control, it's simply baffling that the app goes to sleep and cancels stitching if your phone's screen turns off. This means you should put it toward the more important portion of action when recording video. Resolution also depends on lens quality. Other dual-lens 360 cameras use identical lenses. That said, it’s not a name synonymous with digital camera success stories. You can select an angle to output as a standard fixed-frame video, or you can output the entire “equirectangular” field if you want to upload it to a 360-enabled video service, like YouTube or Facebook. The remote, which comes with a wrist strap and resembles a watch, offers another way to control the camera’s primary functions. Eine Aktualisierung in Echtzeit findet nicht statt, so dass der Preis seit der letzten Aktualisierung gestiegen sein kann. Take a look at the hedges in the distance in the first scene of our test footage—you can make out details to the left, but to the right you just get blur. In the meantime, the user manual and the desktop stitching software are … There’s a decent amount of settings you have control over. https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/kodak-pixpro-orbit360-4k. You can find him on Instagram @jamespfisher, JK Imaging (the licensee behind the Kodak camera brand) got into the, How to Free Up Space on Your iPhone or iPad, How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Bill, How to Find Free Tools to Optimize Your Small Business, How to Get Started With Project Management, The Best Action Cameras and Camcorders for 2020. The Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4K camera captures the entire world around it, but the seams are visible. There's some logic behind the choice. Fotos (20%): „gut“ (1,9); JK Imaging (the licensee behind the Kodak camera brand) got into the 360-degree camera game early, albeit with single-lens models. The rear lens can be used on its own as well. Ihre gute Qualität und ihre – nach Eingewöhnung – gute Bedienung sowie Ausstattung sorgen dafür, dass die Benutzung Spaß macht.“, „Der Vorgänger bestand aus zwei zusammengeschraubten Kameras, die Neue hat beide Sensoren in einem Gehäuse für einfachere Handhabung. Die GoPro verspricht 360-Grad-Surround-Sound, liefert aber zunächst keine klare Raumwirkung. Video quality is the biggest issue. The Kodak Pixpro Orbit360 4K ($499.99) is its first dual-lens camera, so it can capture the entire world that surrounds it. Wi-Fi and Menu buttons are on the side. Where things get interesting is with the lenses. For the most part, we could rate our experience with the Pixpro Orbit360 on the lesser side of average. So, while this is more resolution than some cheaper immersive video cameras, the sharpness of the video is nowhere near that of a fixed-frame 4K camera. Kodak simply isn’t known as a player in this arena the way a company like Samsung is, which also produces the phones and VR headsets that such cameras connect to. There's also a difference in exposure, which certainly doesn't help things. KODAK PIXPRO SP360 4K VR Camera Transcend the ordinary . To control the camera with your phone, download the Pixpro360VR app for Android and iOS. Die Aufnahmemodi der Pixpro sind vielfältig. Kodak PIXPRO Orbit360 (4KVR360) by 360Rumors.com On top you'll find Power and Record, along with a small monochrome LCD. But seams from stitching are clearly visible in video, and the quality of the two lenses is not identical. Verwirrend: Kodak führt sie unter zwei Namen – Orbit360 4K und 4KVR360.“. The different angles of view between the two lenses allow for one creative advantage over other 360 cams, but that’s not likely a huge deal for most users. Right now, because of the processing power needed for 360 video, we haven't seen affordable 4K models that shoot at 60fps, but there are some out there that support 30fps. Aggressive noise reduction and sharpening, lead to a nontrivial loss of detail that’s noticeable as soon as you look at an image on any screen larger than a smartphone. Positiv: Garmin, Samsung und Kodak funktionieren auch als Action-Cam mit einem Objektiv. In addition to the mobile app, there is a desktop app available for both MacOS and Windows that allows users to review and edit footage. …weiterlesen, Sony RX0Insta360 OneGoPro 360Ricoh Theta VGoPro Hero SessionGoPro Hero6 BlackSomikon Einsteiger-4K-Action-Cam mit 2 Displays (NX-4324)Easypix GoXtreme Enduro BlackBraun Bike CamApeman A70. Copyright ©2020 Designtechnica Corporation. Other frame rates are available if you don't use both lenses simultaneously. Videos (35%): „befriedigend“ (3,0); The Pixpro Orbit360 4K is the latest 360-degree camera to come out of the licensing agreement between Kodak and Los Angeles-based JK Imaging. Here’s how to use it, How to tell if your security camera has been hacked, Best Prime Day drone deals 2020: Latest discounts and cheapest prices, If you have your heart set on the DJI Mavic Mini drone, now’s the time to buy it, The OnePlus 8T revives the monochrome phone camera, and it’s really good, “Front” and “Dome” lenses capture unique images, Satellite Pack adds Bluetooth remote, selfie stick. Any time a dual-lens 360 camera advertises “4K,” it’s important to remember that all of that resolution is spread across a spherical area, of which only a small portion is visible at any given time. To put it in a format that can be shared and viewed in 360 degrees, you need to stitch it together into an equirectangular projection. The Kodak PIXPRO Orbit360 (aka 4KVR360) is a 4K 360 camera with a unique asymmetric lens design. Aktuelle Info wird geladen... Produktdaten: 4K (UHD): Ja: Dis­play: Nein: Mehr Daten zum Produkt. These are the best cheap GoPro deals for November 2020, How to take great photos with your Pixel 4 or 4 XL, The best outdoor security cameras for 2020, How to remove location data from your iPhone photos in iOS 13, The best wide-format photo printers for 2020, The best portable photo printers for 2020, Golden hour is photography’s oldest trick. Software (10%): „befriedigend“ (3,2); The app does that, but you need to be sure you select the right format for conversion—by default it simply extracts a 16:9 frame. Also, extreme differences in light in the scene can cause exposure-blending issues between the two lenses, or cause one lens to flare, resulting in an even more obvious stitching line. Even the best 4K 360 cameras record video that is softer than traditional 1080p footage. 4K resolution adds ample detail, clarity and precision for important nuances you want to capture and share.