Biotechnological processes are mainly carried out on micro-organisms such as bacteria and fungi, plants, and domestic animals that we use for different purposes. Genetic engineering crosses boundaries of reproduction by crossing genes of species that are completely unrelated; hence giving rise to hazardous results as well as also increasing the risk of harming multiple species. One of the best impacts of biotechnology on society is that it is now being extensively used in industries. Biotechnology also poses a number of environmental threats. ERMA was disestablished in June 2011 and its functions were incorporated into the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). Highly reliable, consistent and rapid enzymes have been created with the help of biotechnology. Plant breeding generally required a very long time to improve the quality of a crop regarding yield and other agronomic traits. This technique is highly used in farming to increase organic compounds in soil. DNA from the beginning - simple explanations of the concepts of DNA and the chronological development of scientific understanding, including animations, video and audio. New Zealand organisations involved in research have their own ethics committees to ensure research involving humans and animals meets ethical guidelines. Required fields are marked *. A number of human and animal diseases have found cure and prevention, all thanks to biotechnology. Health care is a crucial sector and requires a high level of attention. benefits of biotechnology in human life 2020. Below are some of the positives as well as negatives of biotechnology. Anything beyond that is unnatural and highly disastrous to us. It is another incredible technology that is used when animal breeding encounter complexities. Bioplastics being used as a container and food packaging are commercially produced by the use of biotechnology. Allergies: Biotechnology has developed many modifications that are not suited to some plants and animals, therefore, giving rise to certain kind of allergies in humans and animals. Scientists can know what kind of bacteria degrade hazardous items quickly. People’s needs, values and priorities vary, leading to differing views of how a particular biotechnology may impact on them. No doubt biotechnology is playing an important role in the various benefits of biotechnology in human life 2020. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Livestock is an important source of protein and vitamins needed to maintain good health. Positive Impacts of Biotechnology On Society: TOP 7 benefits of biotechnology in human life 2020. benefits of biotechnology in agriculture (Crop Improvement): The benefit of Biotechnology in livestock production: Biotechnology is Cleaning our Environment: Impacts of Technology on the Fitness Industry, Importance and benefits of digital marketing for small businesses in 2020, How is Social Media Changing Family Relationships, How is Technology Affecting the Younger Generation (2020), Importance and Benefits of Youth Empowerment to Society, How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan without Investment at Home, Marketing Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs. Like chemical sprays on crops, nuclear reactors, and other toxics. Everything in nature needs to have balance and thus is the case with the field of science and biotechnology as well. Bacteria and microorganisms degrade these items naturally when disposed of are covered with the soil. Try using the Ethics thinking toolkit to help you explore an ethical issue. In this technique, the fertilization of sperm and egg from male and female takes place outside the female body in in-vitro lab conditions.