Wow! Happy Baking! And I thought that it would be a total wash. Hi! Perfect! Who wants a slice of this moist and fudgey chocolate peanut butter cake with a rich caramely frosting? Am so glad you’ve made it your own with an extra helping of decadence. Will the black beans be noticeable? Wow, this sounds so good! Making this CAKE!!! Thanks. I’ve never sold cakes before, but I’m getting my cake decorating professional certificate right now. That said, I hope to make this cake for the next family gathering. Pinterest. You just made my day, Erika. This looks so wonderful and i plan on trying to make this for some picky eater friends of mine. Thanks for sharing! Eeee! It’s really delicious!!! The only thing I would recommend like other suggestions was to double your cake recipe if you only have 9 inch cake pans. Hello! I am going to make this for my husband’s birthday, who absolutely hates beans. Pour the remaining batter into the pan and bake for 40-45 minutes. Indeed. Happy Baking! Sounds delicious! Perfect for a Halloween party or just for me and the husband, or just me actually , Love your cake stand! Did not have to change anything. It helps to make the cake more springy and light. In a separate bowl, combine the peanut butter, sugar, and vanilla and mix well. So glad it worked out — I hope you enjoyed it! Wow – that is an impressive cake. You can believe I will try this! Sorry, don’t mean to be a pest, lol! It chilled for 2hrs though and was still pretty runny. Check out these: And even more Peanut Butter recipes HERE! Once the topping set for a bit, it thickened up. Can’t wait to try your recipe! I bet it would work fine in a 9 inch loaf pan. Thank you Carol! @2012-2020 - The TipToe Fairy. made it. Spread the peanut butter icing over the cake. Is there some reason to only bake one pan at a time (like due to the flourless and bean combo)? I am really going to try it. It’s worth it! I’ve tried it with both and they are both great! I would definitely make sure to have the cream cheese at room temperature. I’m positive almond butter, or hazelnut or pecan, and likely your favorite nut or seed butter would be great here too. Any suggestions?It sounds like a very healthy,easy recipe to make and I am emmensely interested in trying it.would a combinations of egg replacement recipes work?And increasing the leavening ingredients,and adding xantham gum. I love it! My uncle couldn’t believe it was black beans! Thank you so much Sarena! What an interesting combo! This fudgey brownie-like cake comes together really simply. lol) chocolate cake base. I know that grandpa’s can be hard to please…I have one myself! Enjoy! Beam me up Scotty The batter looks really liquidy before you add the cocoa powder but it’s like magic when you stir it in and it becomes a cake batter. It sounds so good. Cathy Hi Audrey You did such a great job decorating it that it looks very professional! Great job!!! 3 Refrigerate until the chocolate is set, about 20 to 30 minutes. Black beans in a cake? :-/ But, I’m glad that it was delicious! It is amazing. this cake looks super delicious. it’s a light, cocoa chocolate cake – not too dense/intense. Do you think this cake could be made with some type of white bean to make a vanilla cake instead of the chocolate? Very tasty indeed. Can’t wait to make it tomorrow! Have you tried it with regular cocoa powder? But I don’t know how to modify a bean cake. This cake looks so amazing and I can’t believe you did it with black beans. My only question is – is it okay to use regular peanut butter instead of natural? And happy birthday to your mom! Use your hands to mold about 2 tsp of the peanut butter filling into a disk and place it into the chocolate. , Your email address will not be published. Beautiful Creation! I live abroad and pretty much my only option is imported regular Skippy. I can’t wait to make this. We love Chocolate. I’m so glad it turned out well! Rate this recipe Combine all ingredients into an electric mixer with a whip attachment. its been quoted as “the best desert ever made!”, Wow…that’s awesome! Um, I’m always in a peanut butter and chocolate mood.