I have made these Blintzes from a recipe from the Mennonite Treasuary Book and have used a cottage cheese/creamcheese filling (from a Country Woman Magazine recipe) with various fruit inside. I'm thinking a rhubarb sauce would also be good served with these blintzes. N0 applesauce so I grated half an apple Added cinnamon and instead of splenda I used approx. YUM.. reminds me of my Gramms sunday brunch.. with a touch of cinnamon too. Stir in the sour cream, cottage cheese and eggs … You may now just pile them all up in the pan as I did and bake them covered at 350 for 15 to 20 min OR brown the blintzes in the frying pan and serve immediately. Watch carefully as these brown up fast. Thanks for inspiring something new for an old favorite! Wow....yep, these are such a great Mennonite dish. 10.7 g Especially good with jam and/or fresh berries. Thanks for a great recipe! Many times it's something I've forgotten about which I loved in my childhood. Everyday I'm glad for the recipes you post here. These are adorable in little bundles. it looked like they were ready to go once more as a family of five, Why have I not tried these in my long Mennonite life huh??? Stir in the sour cream, cottage cheese and eggs until blended. That along with a little whipped cream is what motivates me to make them. This is a mainstay "What do we make for supper tonight" meal. Don't ask:). 3 %, strawberry flavored syrup or blueberry-flavored syrup. Another childhood favourite! We love them especially with a warm strawberry sauce. Anyone need an egg carton shredder? Ragbear. being harvested down the road. :), I make Ukrainian blini which are very similiar; I use a Swedish pancake recipe and fill with ricotta cheese and roll up; after they are filled I brown slightly to warm through then top with sour cream and raspberry jam ... delicious, Dry cottage cheese you can buy it at Save on Foods,Superstore,Buy Low, You can use Ricotta cheese too. You will find the Print button at the bottom of the recipe. We have over 3,000 delicious recipes that we invite you to try. anon1, Superstore in Canada carry dry cottage cheese. I usually mix 1/2 dry and 1/2 regular. Kathy (MGCC), hala lustig...(big rejoicing)...grin.does that ever bring back memories back from my oma.....oh my...they were good....drool.charlotte mgcc. I remember these more with cinnamon and sugar in a roll but this looks every bit as good. We made them with cottage, eggs in with the cheese too, just two to hold it together a bit because cottage cheese is wetter than some other cheeses, added chopped chives, salt and pepper, and served with Smetana. I'm sending your recipe to my daughter. Heat up a cast iron frying pan, works in other pans but I like my well seasoned cast iron pan the best and when 'almost smoking hot' brush with butter and pour approx 1/4 cup batter in the pan tilting the pan till a thin layer covers the bottom of the pan. Turn oven down to medium heat and cook until gravy thickens, stirring frequently. with love, Olivia. Thanks for that. I can taste the memories. HelloOur family made them too. Especially when the sun is shining on the cranberry fields as they are The resulting pancakes were tender, custardy, thick and fluffy, with vague blintz vibes. It's a dry curd, you can find it in Wal-Mart: http://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/dairyland-dry-curd-cottage-cheese-600-g/6000076893167, I remember those and I have made them but we can no longer find the dry curd cottage cheese. Blending sour cream and cottage cheese--ingredients traditionally associated with blintzes--into the batter of these pancakes provides them with their old-fashioned flavor. - ask for it if you can't find it. They were served with sour cream. I really like veranikas made from it. mmmm mom you have got me hungry for these, I will pick up the supplies next time I go shopping. I love your "bundles." I may have to make them soon. for all the help we had from our children. We welcome you to enjoy these recipes for your. I'll have to give them a try the next time the kids are home :). In my area, Winnipeg, MB, they do sell dry curd cottage cheese in the grocery stores. Heat 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-low heat, and place the filled blintzes … all your recipes look intereting, I wonder though if there are any recipes without eggs or milk or wheat, I'm on a very linited dietanon, Wonderful! Then they were baked. Only thing I went looking to see if I could find out what dry cottage cheese is and I wasn't able. Does that mean you just drain it?Looks fantastic! Oh yum Betty. You may now just pile them all up in the pan as I did and bake them covered at 350 for 15 to 20 min OR brown the blintzes in the frying pan and serve immediately. Yum! My oldest sister taught me how to make Cheese Blitzen and I don't recall Mom making these at all..I guess by the time I was born she was all blitzened out. Pour batter by 1/4 cupful onto a greased hot griddle in batches; turn when bubbles form on top. Yummo!!! Is there something I can substitute it with? Pour over blintzes and enjoy. They are delicious served with cream gravy. I DO use this same German pancake recipe from my omas handed down Mennonite treasurey! Picking up..not so much. Place a spoonful of cottage cheese mixture in center of pancake, fold in the edges and place folded side down in well buttered cast iron frying pan. My grandmother, came to this country from Austria and with her a recipe for BLINTZES. We try all different toppings but have never tried the cream gravy... will have to next time.