Push gently for coarse results and apply a little more pressure for more power and finer results. This required a manual up and down motion, and while most of the apple was puréed, there were a few stubborn pieces that collected in the masher. Next, I attached the whisk and filled the beaker with double cream. Further down, the leg has some thoughtful features: ActiveBlade, which allows it to be pushed up and down for better blending; SplashControl for mess-free worktops; and PowerBell Plus, which is an extra milling blade. Given the amount of kit, the MultiQuick 9 is less a simple hand blender and more a mini food processor, making it a great option if you don’t have space for a full-sized processor. She has written extensively about interiors for over 19 years, covering everything from kitchen worktops to flooring and storage for title…. Results with the julienne blade in the food processor were more impressive. This model is equipped with a food processor, which includes blades for chopping, French fries, julienne, fine and coarse slicing and shredding, a kneading hook, a small chopper, a masher and whisk – both with gearboxes – as well as a handy lidded beaker. The motor unit is ergonomically shaped, so you can use a thumb to flick the safety button and depress the variable speed switch with fingers. Using the pusher while operating the MultiQuick required coordination, but the reward was perfect carrot matchsticks in a fraction of the time it would have taken to chop by hand. Thanks to a mobile blender leg … A couple of larger pieces weren’t processed, but were easily put through again. With Braun’s Advanced SmartSpeed technology, you can intuitively adjust blending power without stopping. Swap the blender leg for one of the accessories and it opens up a whole world of food prep. English 9 Français 16 Español 23 De’Longhi Braun Household GmbH Carl-Ulrich-Straße 4 63263 Neu-Isenburg/Germany 5722112674/04.17 MQ 9097x USCA UK/FR/ES 5722112674_MQ9097X_USCA_S6-28.indd 8 06.06.17 10:21 We never, ever accept money to review a product. If you’re looking to upgrade your hand blender, you’d be hard-pushed to find something better for the price. There were no splashes on the worktop and no unwanted suction while in use. Once dislodged, these were combined into a smooth sauce. That means you can be more creative and get the job done right – no matter how hard it is. Adding butter and sugar to the processing bowl, we chose a halfway speed to slowly combine it into a breadcrumb consistency, before adding flour and an egg and kneading it on the same speed. A safety button on the top of the motor allows it to operate and another controls the speed – squeeze more to go faster, and release to slow it down. We use industry standard tests in order to compare features properly. Plus, the SmoothStart feature prevents jolting on startup. All you’ll ever need for a lump-free life and so much more besides. This was accomplished in seconds, reducing it to granules. The carrot was accidentally puréed at the bottom of the bowl, leaving larger chunks languishing on top; this suggests that the chopper is better suited to very small amounts of food. With this much power on tap, the Braun benefits from a smart safety button that needs to be depressed to help prevent it being operated by accident. The MultiQuick 9 is one of the most impressive stick blenders available. I tried the mini-chopper next with chunks of carrot for rough chopping. All the parts that came into contact with food could be popped into the dishwasher, except the processor lid, so cleanup was effortless. There’s a lot of kit but the essentials of the MultiQuick are straightforward. It also features EasyClick+ – a system that allows the main unit to connect and disconnect with all the accessories quickly. It’s backed up by a mighty 1000W motor, a design to minimise splashes, and more chopping, slicing, mashing, whipping and kneading attachments than you could wish for. I started with the MultiQuick’s ActiveBlade leg by making guacamole in the beaker using avocado, lime juice, salt and chilli. If you're using an ad-blocker you might miss out on seeing the deals. * The unique ACTIVEBlades move up and down to easily blend the hardest foods with 40% less effort*. Combined with the leg, it’s substantial but not too weighty, at under 1kg. A speed lock would have been handy. I finished by using the kneading hook to make sweet pastry. It whipped the cream into firm peaks in less than a minute, with splatter confined to the beaker. Unlike other sites, we thoroughly test every product we review. Thanks to a mobile blender leg that moves up and down as you use it, creating a greater cutting surface for the blades, the MultiQuick 9 produces finer, faster results. A quick rinse and it was ready to tackle the next task – crushing the avocado’s seed. Rachel covers kitchen and lifestyle tech for Trusted Reviews. The most striking feature of this sleek, black and stainless-steel MultiQuick is how few buttons there are to contend with. Learn More. While it’s pretty perfect in nearly every aspect, the safety button does take some getting used to; an option to switch it off would have been useful. We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. We’ll always tell you what we find. The hardest foods stand no chance with the 700-watt MQ9 Hand Blender. The MultiQuick 9 is one of the most impressive stick blenders available. The up and down motion took some getting used to, but it was effective at creating a consistently smooth texture in seconds. Product description Featuring the world’s first ACTIVEBlade technology – the Braun MultiQuick 9 is the best hand blender for the hardest jobs. However, finding the right speed, and holding onto the unit proved tricky. What is the Braun MQ9087X MultiQuick 9 ? Swapping to the mashing leg, I used it to make compote from cooked apples. Tell us what you think - send your emails to the Editor. Niggles aside, the MultiQuick 9 delivers seriously speedy processing power. While some stick blender whisks can lack power, the combination of a powerful motor and gearbox ensures this isn’t the case with the MultiQuick. The dough came together well, although holding the speed while it did was difficult.