Sounds like you had great success in getting out all of the unneeded toxins out of your body. I have no way of knowing but I can tell you that if you search Google you’ll find there are people who believe coffee enemas are good for cleaning out plaque from the colon. At the time, I was clueless but now, I know heavy metal toxicity, methylation cycle dysfunction, Candida, mold illness and Lyme disease were dragging me down. I got really excited about trying that because of the connection with heavy metals and learned that CD enemas are very helpful in killing parasites. It has been proven to have helped in curing colon cancer, internal hemorrhoids, and killing parasites within the colon, which often cause other aligning issues like fatigue, allergies, irritability, headaches, and depression. But eventually, if enough people tell you they work and you read about it in enough places, it starts to sound credible. The whole thing was quite an experience because the day after the enema I had some anxiety around breakfast time and spent the whole day inexplicably depressed. You're right! It seems to help a bit! I'm Magdaleen here in South Africa I stragle a lot whit my asma and my bronchitis 1 the docter told me I haw bronchitis then hie tel me I haw asma my longs pyn so I can hardly sleep ad nyt I swet like I jst cam out of a shower when I sleep sam time it pyn so then it feel like I can pas out at work I don't now what 2 do if sam 1 can jst tel me wht I can us I wil be gled I haw it for 9 mans now plc I stragle a lot. It even helps you stay regular. * how to get healthy. The receipt of any questions or feedback that you submit here does not create a professional relationship and does not create any privacy interests. The last time which was this year, they hospitalized me for a week. Drinking with maple syrup and lemon sounds much more appealing! I take cider vinegar but in capsule form since I can't deal with the taste of it drinking it. For me the bigger lesson is that the contents of your colon are flowing straight to your liver. dear eric If we met in the street, you probably wouldn’t notice there’s anything wrong with me at all. Apple Cider Vinegar enema is often used to cure this condition. If you've had a cough for more than two weeks and it's not getting better, you should see a doctor. Way less pain with arthritis and my liver is happier. Daniele M Robbers from Clearlake on November 20, 2017: I am around to colds progressing into bigger lung issues my asthma only acts up once I get sick. The Blessed Herb cleanse is amazing. Burdock root enemas aid in eliminating calcium deposits as well as purifying the blood. I used 3 tablespoons in 2 quarts of water which is far less concentrated than the oral flush I did. Since I do not have insurance, I went to a hospital emergency room, and they said I have COPD, I lost touch with reality. I knew that acv with lemon and honey was great for sore throats but had no idea it would thin the mucus for congestions. Apple Cider Vinegar Enemas deliver over forty vitamins and minerals through the intestine. Here’s a list of all the things that went wrong which I now believe flowed from limbic system impairment and stress. What finally tipped the scale for me regarding enemas was reading Kerri Rivera’s book Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism. ACV is a potent alkalizing substance that helps digestion. It helps fortify the body with vitamins and minerals and offers a long list of health and wellness benefits. Since I had already done two sodium ascorbate flushes which were productive, I just thought it was reasonable to try the enema. My name is Eric – I‘m 50 and first saw a doctor for fatigue at 17. I’ve done enemas with a small amount of ordinary ascorbic acid diluted in water, and had odd results that I’ve wondered about. The Liver Flush is something that should be done under supervision in my opinion. Being I have a horrible cold right this is very helpful to add to my arsenal. Last year I started on COPD Herbal formula treatment from rich herbs foundation, the treatment worked incredibly for my lungs condition. I hadn’t planned on blogging about all this but when I thought about how much my attitude had shifted and how crazy the idea of putting a pot of coffee in your butt first sounded to me, I realized I didn’t have a choice – had to get this insanity down on my permanent record. I will have to try that! You feel incredible without all the plaque in your body. No constipation afterwards. I also use a neti pot to clear the sinuses before they can drain and trigger asthma - also very simple and easy :) Voted up and passed on. I do most of what you recommend already (although when I'm in that state I usually haven't enough energy to do even light cardio), but I was unaware that organic vinegar with the "mother" was helpful in clearing congestion. The first doctor I went to said he did not know why there was swelling. I usually put a few tablespoons in a glass of water and drink it quickly. The most basic is that the people who say the coffee enema delivers coffee and caffeine directly to your liver are correct. I was not really having a problem breathing at first. For the entire range of ACVs available in India, and for Free Home Delivery, you can check the link here - Melanie Casey (author) from Indiana on April 18, 2013: Thanks ChristinS! If you do develop an infection, it's best to go to the doctor as quickly as possible because letting it sit for too long can result in something more serious (like pneumonia). I did get a mild caffeine boost but it was muted and lasted longer than drinking coffee would have. The symptoms I had were shortness of breath, tired, and coughing.There has been little if any progress in finding a cure or reliable treatment. If you want take more active steps to reduce your coughing fits, try the three methods below: Lozenges are a common traditional method used to reduce chest congestion. My severe shortness of breath, dry cough, low energy, fatigue, chest tightness and others gradually disappeared. It was so bad I couldn’t even work in the afternoon. Not the same as the coffee enema, but there is some overlap and I think having a clean colon is probably even more important than stimulating the liver with coffee…. If you enjoyed this post, please consider, Failed liver flush delivers mucoid plaque, January 2018 I started on the COPD natural herbal formula we ordered from GREEN HOUSE HERBAL CLINIC, We spoke to few people who used the treatment here in the United States and they all gave a positive response, my symptoms totally declined over a 7 weeks use of the Green House COPD disease natural herbal formula. Forty eight hours after the sodium ascorbate enema, I also passed quite a bit of mucus of a different type. The whole thing was quite an experience because the day after the enema I had some anxiety around breakfast time and spent the whole day inexplicably depressed. Here are a few common chest congestion symptoms: Chest congestion can be caused by any number of things. I had pain in my neck, and there was swelling around my collar bone. Liver flushes, The Blessed Herb Colon cleanse, (and many others) coffee enemas and many other kinds of enemas and colonics. Melanie Casey (author) from Indiana on October 16, 2014: Try it out. The information on this webpage may be presented in conclusory, shorthand or summary form and is not intended to supplant medical advice provided by your own physician or other healthcare provider. My throat was burning; I thought I had strep throat. I just bought some Bragg's organic vinegar the other day to try making honeygar, so I'll have some on hand during the upcoming cold and flu season. I used the herbal treatment for almost 5 months, it reversed my COPD. Mucus-congested lungs cause this because it partially blocks the airway. If you search for Vitamin C flush, you’ll find more. I am now almost 70 and doing very well, the disease is totally reversed! You can find them on the Mucinex website and in the Sunday newspaper. But there it is. “…nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” This then helps clear your airways and reduces coughing. Finally, it means that anything you put in your colon, whether it’s coffee, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C, milk with salt, chlorine dioxide or ozone gas, it’s all going to visit your liver before hitting your blood stream. Lemon juice enemas detoxify the system and balance the pH level. But I am disabled and would do almost anything to recover my former  reasonably good health. (they seemed to lead to constipation a half day or so afterwards, which doesn’t make sense to me). And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget, falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God.” My extreme reactions to the removal of plaque — flu symptoms, anxiety and depression — lead me to believe I’m getting rid of some very toxic goo. I ordered this enema bucket and got busy hauling distilled water upstairs to my bathroom. An Apple Cider Vinegar Enema (ACV) is one of the oldest recorded enemas.