Kakashi Hatake is a famous fictional character in the Naruto manga anime series. P.S. The main goal to do your hair like anime characters’ hair is to make yourself different from others. You can have long spikes and from the back, the hairs are trimmed. You should invest in a quality hair gel, hair spray, and a hair clipper to get a proper anime spiky hairstyle. Oriental royal hairstyles have been donned by the likes of Aisha Codante,  Jurai Masaki and Rose of Versailles and Five Star Stories. According to many hair stylists, coarser hairs are easier to tie into dreadlocks than finer hair. He has golden hair and looks very nice on him. Man buns can make one appear like a person of iron determination, strong principles and at the same time, artistic, a little messy and extremely adorable. Kirito is a famous protagonist of the Sword Art Online series of light novels. Teasing the hair is another method used to add volume and create exaggerated styles as seen on some characters. For those who don’t have naturally coiled and curly hair, you’ll need a locking tool to create a coil pattern (or starter locks) that will eventually transform into gorgeous dreadlocks. Jun 17 2015 a collection of anime hair on real people. In this anime series, he is depicted as a teenager, that’s why teenage boys admire this cool hairstyle. Hana Midorikawa, Riko Aida, Nana, Mikoto Urabe, and Mikasa Ackerman are some of the well-known female characters to wear short hair in Manga series. Here We Have Some Cool Hairstyles For Black Men With Long Hair. In this anime series, he is depicted as a teenager, that’s why teenage boys admire this cool hairstyle. The size of the tongs you’ll be using for your curls totally depends on how tight or loose you want your curls to be. You can try several large spikes or slick your hair directly in front and back. Angeal Hewley hairstyle. You will need hair products like a stronghold hair spray or hair glue to achieve this look. The first consumer model was introduced on may 11 1999. The anime hair business today is continually changing and growing. Anime Hairstyles For Guys In Real Life Hair Hair Short Hair. Pull all your hair, position the bun on the lower side of your grown, scoop up all the hair with your hand and tie it up with an elastic band. I’d like to see more hairstyles with bangs. Noticed any common character trait in all of them? But nevertheless, it looked super cute on Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Translating these cartoon styles into real life is not as difficult as many might think. The main thing to complete the ahoge type of hair is to leave a strand standing at the point where you parted it. The hairstyle looks so good on him as if it was made for him. Blinding blasts partly or fully hiding your eyes look mesmerizing and will easily make you stand ouy. My aim with this site is to help you get the best shaving products. To get the Vegeta look, use a comb and a hair gel with a very very strong hold and style it like the man himself. In the present new era all information about the progression of technology is really easy to get. Do not forget to apply a pomade grooming spray to retouch your hair and give your spikes a firm hold. Getting an Ahoge hairstyle in real life does take some serious skills. You get to wake up with a different hairstyle every morning! The spiking process for both wig and real hair is more or less the same. Grab your style if you are an anime … Often created solely to look bad ass, you’ll find these haircuts dominating adventure and action anime and manga protagonists. Use medium tongs if you desire beachy waves and small tongs for tight ringlets. Like everyone, if you too love anime and would like the idea of surrounding yourself with anime vibes, then you have to carefully choose as to how you should style your hair. Anime cartoons have exploded in popularity since they were first created in japan and they have become a source of inspiration for people in real life. These people have zero tolerance for BS. Chopped Pixie with long bangs is quite trendy too. Finish off with a holding spray to give sheen and volume to the waves. If you are an anime lover then Goku hair is one of the coolest hairstyles for which you can go for. like Edward Elric hairstyle in real life would be cool. All you have to do is first bleach your hair and then have spikes on top. Bright, vibrant, unconventional hair colors make the characters easy to identify. Himura Kenshin hair would be marvelous, I think it would have the most potential for a realistic look out of all of these, excepting the short hairstyles. Naruto Uzumaki anime hairstyle is preferred by most men due to its cool look. How to Highlight Your Hair at Salon – the Basic Things, How to Grow Mullet Hairstyles – Popular Types & 15 Trendy Styles, Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper, Merkur Model 180 Long Handled Safety Razor. Wash your hair and use a conditioner after the color is protected and now you’re ready to style it. About summer hairstyles for anime hairstyles male real life ideas. Anime hairstyles male real life. Now visualize the sidelines of your Mohawk.