While this is obviously important, the value of soft skills is often forgotten. Obviously, we shouldn’t be assholes to anyone anyway. Spring Boot Microservices Architecture using Shared Database, Towards a Physio-cognitive Model of the Exploration Exploitation Trade-off, How to: Kubernetes for Cheap on Google Cloud, Improve Your App’s Performance With Profiler, your direct communication with them (1-on-1 meetings, working together on projects), meetings they attend where you are present. Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. 1. Being part of a software company these days shouldn’t be seen as just a job. This means no email reading or coding that “one more line”. Since formal education did not teach me much about these skills, I began to take notes about what successful software developers were doing. The point is that if you instantly feel attacked when someone else brings up the eventuality to change something, then the problem is with you, rather than with the idea itself. Moreover, these are the five aspects of the employees’ behavior that managers mostly pay attention to: Apart from the communication with managers, when developing soft skills such as communication skills, you need to learn how to communicate with other co-workers as well. I got in touch with the speaker. I'm constantly looking for creative ways to facilitate communication, using drawing as a projection technique, arts, and other personal skills. The development of soft skills is—in the end—a personal job. He was one of the most competent coders I knew at that time. But pulling all-nighters on a regular basis will have detrimental effects on our health and social life. As a psychologist with eight years of experience, it’s the first time that I’ve found an industry in which sharing knowledge is not only a hobby. Which ones you would like to improve? These are not scientific aspects — just my view based on my experience. Thus, it’s clear from the work that Dmente has done that both developers and institutions and even business leaders are increasingly valuing the development of soft skills, since they’re the ones that finally determine personal and professional success. Mock APIs: Different Techniques for React and Angular, Pure CSS to Make a Button “Shine” and Gently Change Colors Over Time, React Colorful: A Minimalist and Fast Alternative to React Color, KISS, SOLID, YAGNI And Other Fun Acronyms, of course, choosing carefully your words is important, and my advice is to be as neutral as possible: for example, rather than “a bad approach”, I would say it is “not optimal” or that “it could be better”, stop commanding, start advising instead: instead of saying “you should do it that way”, you can say “my advice would be to do it that way”, stop only talking about your point of view; ask questions regularly and check your interlocutor’s view about what you’re discussing, stop assuming you know everything about the subject, the new hire likes the architecture at his previous company and is impatient to rewrite everything the way he’s used to, cause he’s 100% sure it’s better, the team, instead, is used to the way they have written their codebase (or to the way they inherited it) and have no intention to let the new hire change everything, I ask my colleague to give me some time to make some research and think about it, If you think a colleague did a good job, don’t hold back and compliment them genuinely, Be as transparent as possible: talk to your colleagues about clarifications, changes, and opinions. To me, it means communicating the vital information to management in order for them to paint an accurate picture of your good work. Listening to your colleagues, customers, or users will make all the difference. When we are not at work, for example on weekends or on vacations, we have to have the discipline of staying away from work. It is easy to focus on hard skills and forget about soft skills, but the second set of abilities is the one that helps managers … Also, if you’re around Medellín you can attend the next Dmente meetup! However, having developed time management soft skills also means knowing when to stop working. These are often overlooked, and yet, a crucial set of skills in the software development world that in my opinion, every software developer … It is not the job of your manager to review every line of your code to evaluate your performance. All soft skills complement each other and the developers who possess most of them, if not all, are considered as employees with strong leadership potential. Soft skills are just as important as technical skills because they determine the working atmosphere, work ethic, and teamwork and communication. Another aspect of time management is punctuality. Of course, this is a personal opinion of mine about what makes a good team-mate and how a well-rounded software engineer should behave with colleagues and in the workplace. Self-management, leadership, collaboration, decision-making, the ability to give feedback effectively, among others. Due to the diversity of the teams I work in, situations like these happen daily; it’s not easy not to get frustrated sometimes. Much more freedom than many other professions. You grow by delivering projects by working effectively with your team members. This new meetup group was inspired by my experience conducting interviews with candidates—mostly software developers. don’t be an asshole to my colleagues. The two things go hand-in-hand. However, most of them neglected to work on the soft skills. If you have done your job correctly, they will say good things about you. The feedback has generally been positive. When a person speaks another language, you’re faced with two issues: words-choice, and cultural aspects. It would be impossible to achieve the maximum potential no matter how awesome the engine is. I think this happens to me all the time. However, it also implies including other people that will help you to acknowledge personal aspects of which you were not aware. After carrying out different recruitment processes throughout my career, I realized that a large part of the candidates focus on consolidating their technical knowledge, leaving aside soft skills or giving them less relevance. As software developers, we are technically inclined. Our participants value the philosophy of our community: fostering diversity at work and training new leaders capable of creatively facing the challenges of our century. Some ways that I usually do this are: I also enjoy “cross-pollinating” my contacts by introducing them to each other when I see the opportunity. Dmente was born in February 2019 as a proposal by the UruIT recruitment team. Soft Skills are a mix of communication, emotional, social and people skills that enable us to work well with other people. The list of must-have soft skills includes also a good organization of tasks and activities. I had the naive impression that developers who are great at building software would be the ones that get ahead faster. Trying to understand other people and their beliefs and characteristics may turn out beneficial. As software developers, we are technically inclined. I have had a couple of bad experiences where one side was not interested in talking at all and it reflected badly on me. If you know someone that knows a person you would like to know, you could just ask to be introduced. This article is ultimately a write-down of my thoughts about being a good teammate, and what I wish every single one of my future colleagues would know. I have seen this happen first hand to some colleagues. Companies expect developers to know tools for team development… This makes me often reflect on how the soft-skills capacity of each team affected not only the technical results but also the personal wellness and job satisfaction. A clear example of this is the popularity of the well-known Meetup platform. As one of the soft skills for developers, open-mindedness is crucial when listening to the ideas of others. Another aspect of the time management strategy is to know how to organize your tasks and how to create a work plan. We do also share that information with third parties for advertising & analytics. There are many skills that go into being a great software developer in addition to tech abilities; although a developer could be great from a technical standpoint, he could also be considered a poor professional due to a lack of skills such as empathy, humility, team spirit and the list goes on. “How to be a leader in the software industry?”, “What is and how to become a scrum master?”, “How to introduce yourself in a job interview in the IT sector?”. All our events are free and based on the LinkedIn study that digs into the soft skills most demanded by companies in 2019 and proposes how to develop them. We have to take an active part to make sure that our contributions get communicated in order for them to be seen and acknowledged.