:nobetaformesorry: Yeah no beta for me either (possibly because I refuse to pay a sub just for a chance of getting in a beta :p ). Cancel a Spell/cancelqueuedspell /cqsCancel a spell you have queued up for casting. ©2020 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Toggle Announcements/announce /annToggle on and off channel announcements. Benchmark Time Test/timetestUsed for benchmarking, also shows FPS. lemme just go and try that! Damage Meter is a popular addon that tracks information and statistics about a combat encounter in World of Warcraft. These commands appear to work on the login screen and character screen, but not during game play, at least on Windows as of 7.3.2. Emote/emote /em /e /mePerform an emote with the given text. In the Blizzard Battle.net desktop app, select. World of Warcraft In-Game Options. Just as there is no official Blizzard support for WoW AddOn development, and the previous Interface AddOn Kit, there is generally no official support for the the export mechanism and the exported file either. Target/target /tarTarget a selected unit by name. Wow-64.exe -windowed -1280x720 still runs the game in 2560x1600 fullscreen :x This article had the information I needed. Cancel Shapeshift Form/cancelformCancel your current shapeshift form. Details! Show laucher login page Unban/unbanUnban a user from a user-created chat channel. Yell/yell /y /sh /shoutSend a chat message to all players in your zone. I'll re-post some of what I said about this the first time it came around, as well as add a few things, because, at the time, I didn't get a reply and am still curious about a few things... Do you have somewhere specific in The Broken Isles (now also Azeroth, Outland, Northrend, Pandaria, or Draenor) where we can test your values for farclip? ), number of textures to process at a time. Pet Autocast Off/petautocastoffTurn off autocast for a pet spell. game in windowed mode. ), Sets fade distance for ground flora. Clear Assist/clearmainassist /clearma /mainassistoff /maoffClear the current Main Assist. Here is a quick comparison in Nagrand (Draenor) in the pre-patch: There are three differences that I can see between the images, and they're so negligible that you should tell people to just stick with View Distance 10 rather than bother with any console variables. Assist Mode/petassistSet pet to assist mode. While in the Blizzard Launcher app, go to the top left where you see the big blue Blizzard logo and open settings, go to game settings, find WoW Classic, tick the box that says “Additional command line arguments” and type in “-windowed” (without the quotes), bam. Duel/duelChallenge another player to a duel. Set Main Tank/maintank /mtSet the main tank. Away from Keyboard/afk /awayMarks your avatar as “Away From Keyboard”. Move the Max Foreground FPS slider to around 30. ), number of characters with component textures to be drawn in a scene. Assist a Player/assist /aTargets a player’s target. People Search/whoShows a list of people matching filtering options. If there isn't, can folks post any they know here? Uninvite/uninvite /u /un /kick /votekickRemove a player from your current party or raid. componentTexLoadLimit (1 - 48? These files are taken exported directly from the retail WoW MPQ files found in the WoW install and are availible for extract so that WoW AddOn developers and others can look at and reference FrameXML files, Lua files, and other art and resources found in the game itself. Collection of arguments that can be passed to the engine's executable to configure options controlling how it runs. Do you have any suggestions, or should I just go with SSAA for my needs? Also, shadowTextureSize will automatically kick itself up to 2048 when using a setting of "Good" or better, and the only problem I have with telling someone to change shadowMode manually, is that shadowTextureSize does not change itself automatically unless you are changing shadows directly through the interface, and this could cause adverse effects when using a higher shadowMode without texturesize being properly set to 2048. /gquit /guildquitRemove your character from your current guild. Launch WoW with the -console switch; on Windows, you can do this from the properties of the shortcut if you're so inclined, or directly from the command line; on Mac, you can open a terminal and use "open /Applications/World\ of\ Warcraft/World\ of\ Warcraft\ Launcher.app --args -console" (on most systems). Move Pet/petmovetoSet pet to move to and stay at a hover-targeted location. This command lowers the frame rate when the game is out of focus or minimized. Set Main Assist/mainassist /maSet the main assist. Its faster than Super Sampling and Downscaling, but slower than FXAA. Raid Information/raidinfoShows what instances you are saved to, and the Instance ID. Enter -frameratecap=60 -frameratecapglue=60. Raid Browser/lfr /raidbrowser /rb /or /otherraidsOpens the Raid Browser. Run Script/script /runRuns a block of LUA code. ","). Open Console/consoleOpens the developer console, which allows players to view or change global client-side options, or perform certain system commands. To open the console you need to run the game with additional command line arguments "-dev - console". Historically, farclip has been locked down, and it seems to be no different in Legion. Master Looting/masterSet the loot method for your raid/party to Master Loot. Guild Message of the Day/gmotd /guildmotdSet the guild Message of the Day. Move the Max Background FPS slider all the way to the left.