Herakles the Legendary. *Note: For male characters this is called the Achilles Set and for females it’s called the Amazon’s Set. The requirements are the same. What makes the sets special is that you gain an extra bonus for equipping the complete set. xD, My favorite armors are the Spartan War Hero set and the Agamemnon set. If you dont collect it you can get that drop from the Silver Mine in attica. You reveal more Mercenaries in the menu by killing other Mercenaries that will from time to time drop clues. Location / How to Get: Complete the full Daughters of Artemis Questline. Purchased AC: Odyssey, but In-Game Items and Missions are missing There have been multiple cases reported by players where the In-Game items or even missions part of the various game packages and editions have not been properly delivered. Defeat all level 50 champs to get their legendary armors. Agamemnon's legendary armor set provides players with a full set bonus of +50% burning rate. Do I get the “DemiGod” only if I kill Deimos ? They each drop a legendary piece. Full Set Bonus: -40% Adrenaline for Shadow of Nyx, Pieces: Pilgrim’s Hood, Pilgrim’s Gloves, Pilgrim’s Garment, Pilgrim’s Belt, Pilgrim’s Boots. Full Set Bonus: +15% Damage with Hunter Abilities (Ranged Bow Attacks), Pieces: Master’s Artemis Hood, Master’s Artemis Gloves, Master’s Artemis Outfit, Master’s Artemis Belt, Master’s Artemis Treads. I think it's the drop from the cultist that dies in the initial cult cutscene. Agamemnon's Helmet - Defeat Machaon The Feared. They each drop a legendary piece. Is there an amazonian belt? I’m an idiot. Location / How to Get: Defeat all Cultists in the “The Silver Vein” branch (left middle branch) for 4 of 5 armor pieces. Everyone in that branch except Epiktetos the Forthcoming drops a legendary piece (he is an automatic story kill). Location / How to Get: Defeat all Cultists in the “Peloponnesian League” branch (bottom branch). They each drop a legendary piece. The requirements are the same. My current main set is the Demigod Set. Fix, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla All Cursed Symbols Locations. Location / How to Get: This is from defeating the 5 Mercenaries with the last names “The Lucky Drunk, The Flash, The Frenzied, The Translucent, The Resplendent” (first names are randomly generated and will vary). IIRC there's Mine/Quarry in Attika, south-east of Athens (one of other cultists was near, I think) and in one of the chests (underground ones) are those gauntlets. Sorry ended up finding a solution on the ubi forums but forgot to update here. Full Set Bonus: +15% Damage with Warrior Abilities, Pieces: Spartan War Hero Helmet, Spartan War Hero Gauntlets, Spartan War Hero Armor, Spartan War Hero Belt, Spartan War Hero Boots. Location / How to Get: Defeat all Cultists in the “Gods of the Aegean Sea” branch (right bottom branch). I'm currently on chapter 8 of the game and I've cleared all cultist branches except Gods of Aegean Sea. Because this would lead to an ending I don’t want. Then you get to fight 5 level 50 champs. Pieces: Agamemnon’s Helmet, Agamemnon’s Gauntlets, Agamemnon’s Body Armor, Agamemnon’s Waistband, Boots of Agamemnon. Location / How to Get: Defeat 10 Champions in the Arena in Pephka region. Some legendary weapons and armour are found in legendary chests. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Required fields are marked *. Full Set Bonus: +10% Intoxicated Damage and Weakening Effect, Pieces: Viper’s Hood, Venom Gloves, Scaled Torso, Slithering Belt, Noxious Boots. Same has happened to me. © Valve Corporation. Click on the Mercenaries and it will show their reward, so for the 5 mentioned above it will show a legendary armor piece. It’s colored yellow (or gold) in the inventory. Location / How to Get: Defeat all Cultists in the “Worshippers of the Bloodline” branch (right middle branch). Where to find all 6 Silver Vein members in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. It starts in Phokis region, see the location below. Pieces: Perseus Helmet, Jason’s Golden Fleece, Hippolyta’s Belt, Atalanta Sandals. All rights reserved. They each drop a legendary piece. Agamemnon's set is tied to The Silver Vein branch but I'm missing the gauntlets. Full Set Bonus: 10% Health Restored with Overpower Attacks, Pieces: Arena Fighter’s Helmet, Arena Fighter’s Gauntlets, Arena Fighter’s Armor, Arena Fighter’s Waistband, Pit FIghter’s Boots. Location / How to Get: You must find 5 Legendary Chests. Silver vein members are all dead and Im missing the bracers. Am I missing something or are they bugged? Missing the Bracers of Theseus in your guide for the Greek Heroes set. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Torment of Hades – Where to recruit the Fallen Guardians. Which one is your favorite? Greek Heroes and Pilgrim Set are my favorites. Agamemnon's set is tied to The Silver Vein branch but I'm missing the gauntlets.