The ceiling has a destructible panel. Use your hook afterwards and collect your prize. Scan him to solve the riddle. Let's be friends! Freeze in, there is a poster advertising the circus act Hammer and Sickle. Learn more, Our walkthrough to all 240 challenges! Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? [other than my wicked copy/paste skillz] ALL CREDIT/PRAISE GOES TO ... "ARACHNAE00" FROM THE PS3 BOARDS. As soon as he does this, turn on Detective Mode and scan the question mark that you see. Align two parts of the question mark, one dot on the top of the balcony pole and one part of the question mark below the balcony. Use the reflection of a reversed question mark part and make it join up with its respective dot. Behind the Monarch Theatre, find and scan the signpost with "Crime Alley" written on it. Scan the seesaws with hats near the gate. TOOL NEEDED: Cryptographic Sequencer Once you have the ability to hack open security doors, look for a ground-level guard room halfway between the Medical Facility and the Penitentiary. In the Utility Hallway, you will hear the sound of a radio. Scan the front of the building called Gotham City Olympus to solve the riddle. sasz is counting on you finding his work riddle. Snap a shot of this to solve the riddle. Use your enhanced sequencer to hack the security from afar and - once inside - scan the card table and dead guards. How do I get past find Dr. Youngs notes before the Joker does? Use the Cryptographic Sequencer to hack the door panel on the outside and you'll find the map just inside on a desk. Scan the top hat-wearing mannequin that is on display in the Iceberg Lounge to solve the riddle. © Hacking into the system will disable the defences and you'll be allowed to collect the treasure. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Use the Freeze Blast to create an ice platform on the water. … Find the door that is the entrance of TYGER Confiscated Goods and scan it to solve the riddle. Scan the end result to solve the riddle. Once the panel has exploded wait for the elevator to move and to reveal the trophy. "Climb the stairs to the left of the main Penitentiary door. do you see what i can see? Scan the sign that says Sal Maroni's Italian Restaurant to solve the riddle. Make your way to a small roof section located above the entrance to the Penitentiary building. [#1] Do you see what I can see? This trophy is on the Medical Facility's roof - the southwestern section closest to the water. Go inside and grab the Riddler Trophy on the ground here. No? (May Contain Spoilers) You must be in DETECTIVE MODE to find the answer, looking at it and hold LB to scan it. Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games. Don't enter the Abandoned Tunnel. Proceed towards the passageway leading to Arkham North. There is a sealed off hole near the bottom of the map, nearby are posters stating that Black Mask has been recaptured and on the wall next to the sealed hole is graffiti of Black Mask's face. To solve the riddle, find and scan Harley's hammer which is propped up against a wall near a Harley Head. Using the Ultra Batclaw at weak wall, there two of Scarecrow's canisters to scan as a riddle. The dot is on the railing of the balcony above, so grapple up there, look down and shift your view until the question mark is complete. In the Iceberg Lounge, scan Officer Strickland, who is holding one of the Penguin's umbrellas, to solve the riddle. You'll have to find a control panel (screenshot #1) and use a sequencer on it. Batman Arkham Ayslum-Zsasz is counting on you to find his work Just zip across with the Line Launcher. You'll see a little brick alcove with a trophy awaiting you. Search the area to find a guard tower (the same one that was being used by one of the snipers). TOOL NEEDED: Cryptographic Sequencer with Range Booster Upgrade "Zsasz is counting on you finding his work. In the Steel Mill, the Abramovici Twins have reconciled and are talking to each other. In Arkham West, just below the exit to North Arkham is a waterfall and a stream in a deep gully. It's sitting right there on the ground, partially obscured by bushes. Climb the stairs to the left of the main Penitentiary door. Mild Language, Violence, Alcohol and/or Tobacco References, Blood, Suggestive Themes, The Best Black Friday Sales and Deals from Amazon, Best Buy, and Dell (Updated), Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Zsasz is counting on you finding his work. Near the northern end, look up until you spot a destructible wall patch. Carving a tally mark into his skin after every murder as proof of his work, the only concern in Zsasz's life is body count and the number of marks on his body.