... My issues with drivers past 362.00 were not only with W3. I only posted the ones I am using, and I know for sure that they are safe to use and have some good results. Witcher 3 Crashing on Windows 10. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Crashes, this seems to be one of the major issues of the game and the most common one that players are complaining about. "Frequent Crashes: The game crashes periodically, while otherwise playing fine. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Sometimes it happens 5 minutes after I load in and sometimes it happens 30 minutes after I load in. Change the value from 500 to 1024. This is my favourite topic ... Back in August, I had built a new PC, Witcher 3 was the first game I bought for it and I've finished it twice in almost maxed out settings, with no issues at all. Please note that it takes up over 10 GB, so prepare your HDD or SSD. If you guys need additional info I can give that to you. There is nothing running in the background, and I even tried temporarily disabling my antivirus and running in offline mode. Menu. ". WTF, game is crashing all over the place. Some players are getting constant crashes, random crashes when they are playing, some of them when they check inventory or when they interact with characters in the game. Fix for the Nvidia graphics crash/freeze/hang up in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It can happen anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours plus. random crash +1 ... seems like ALT+Tab - the sound is on but video turns off, i have the same thing. There is no specific time limit when the game can crash, basically, exactly what Maxpoo said: "I precise that sometimes I can play 30 minutes without problem, sometimes 90 minutes, sometimes it crashes every 10 ten minutes. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. I have: Windows 7 64 Bit I have version 1.4.1308 of the Witcher … © Valve Corporation. Make a backup in case you want to revert the changes made. Go to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base and find rendering.ini. Game randomly crashes in Novigrad PhoenixFire99 11 months ago #1 The game will just freeze and crash. Nvidia's streaming service has a tendency to crash games, including The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto V. Fans have discovered that the service, which is only used for streaming games to … For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Please help TW3 crash randomly on my ps4. Hopefully this will aid my Witcher 3 comrades to reach an excellent gaming experience. Of course, some of the crashes can be hardware-related (bad RAM, overheating components). While you are still in the NVIDIA Control Panel, we can do some tweaks in order to gain some extra FPS. For the PC version of The Witcher 3, there are some reports of random crashes occurring during the gameplay. Set "Maximum Frames Per Second" to "Unlimited." If you're an Nvidia user, setting the GeForce experience to Optimize the game and then launching it from there also helps make it run alot smoother. So there's no explication." Here I have compiled a list of The Witcher 3 errors and issues along with their fixes and workarounds. hi ever since i got witcher 3 it crashes randomly to the desktop with no error,also the screen goes black for a few seconds then it exits the game, but it doesnt happen in my other games. Of course, some of the crashes can be hardware-related (bad RAM, overheating components). In the Configure Surround/PhysX section of the NVIDIA Control Panel, change the Processor (in the PhysX settings) from GPU to CPU. 2. I found that right clicking the executable for the game, going to the compatibility tab and checking the boxes saying "disabe desktop composition" and "run as admin", really helped in reducing the random crashing to desktop. It is an incredibly good game and I really want to play it. Open Radeon Pro and then add a profile for Witcher3.exe by pressing on the "+" icon marked in the photo. I’ve only encountered one crash, running on an Intel i5-2500K CPU and a GTX 980 graphics card. Here we are gonna select witcher3.exe in the Select a program to customize section. For those of you experiencing freezes on NVidia Cards go into the NVidia Control Panel and under Manage 3D settings got to "Program Settings" and select "The Witcher 3" profile. Right-click on your desktop and enter NVIDIA Control Panel. There are a lot of tweaks you can make (see the links at the end of this article) and you can experiment with some and see what results you have. Go to Vertical Sync and select Adaptive (You need to have the in-game V-Sync turned off). Before i couldnt play Gwent, and in Crafting-Screen Game often crashed! Also, update the game to v1.10, because this version has a lot of performance improvements and you can gain extra frames in some regions of the game. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is one of the best games of this generation. Would love some help, as this is a phenomenal game. Now it doesn't go above 30. I've tried to … it will either lock up and have sound but no video and others it will simply crash my video card and recover to desktop. I what it seems to be get stuck randomly in the loading screen when loading a game some times. Go to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt\bin\config\base and find resources.ini. In the "Select a program to customize" box, select The Witcher 3 (witcher3.exe). I cannot play this game regularly because of this. - (Characters) Redid characters / armors. my specs are 3600,5700xt sapphire pulse … Sadly, nothing has worked. THX. GPU's are better at doing physics calculations by far, and the only reason to switch it to CPU would be if you had a heavily under-powered GPU but more than adequate CPU. Big time though. But other crashes we can do something about. But other crashes we can do something about. CHANGE FPS LOCK Users have been reporting better performance and less crashes/freezes after switching FPS to unlimited. Set the Display Mode to "Full Screen" and not on "Borderless Window.". Witcher 3 crashing frequently!! Here are the possible fixes and workarounds that might help game crashes and freezes. Merged them with the exellent script merger tool and it has gone pretty well except for a couple of things. 1. For the PC version of The Witcher 3, there are some reports of random crashes occurring during the gameplay. In this article, I will show you how to fix some of the crashes and some tweaks in order to improve the overall performance. for my 980 ti drivers 350.12 work best, be sure to run DDU in safe mode while removing old drivers. Try turning off V-Sync: These three simple tweaks can improve the overall stability and make the game more responsive. powerful rig but often crashes. Like total computer freeze. Sadly, nothing has worked. Change the value to 0. I think this happened to me once in roughly a hundred hours playing the original witcher 3 content. For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Frequent Crashing with Blood and Wine". Witcher 3 kept randomly crashing for me all the time when it first came out and I read a lot of tips to try to fix it but honestly I think a lot of these crashes were fixed with updates. However, The Witcher 3 PC is facing issues and errors like the crash at startup, missing MSVCR120.dll, missing MSVCP120.dll, black screen and more. 3. I'm am experiencing FPS drops. Can crash at anytime. Anyone else having random hard crashes on ps4? User Info: warsh88. I tried a lot of different things and this is what worked for me. The best fix is to save often and find drivers that reduce the crashing to a minimum. The audio and controllers still functional but the image freezes until the game close itself, without a single warning. What happens is I'm just playing the game, usually for 15-20 minutes then the game crashes… The Witcher 3 is a great RPG made by CD Projekt that puts you in charge of Geralt of Rivia in a vast open world environment. Haven’t experienced anything like this up until this point. These tweaks posted here are used by me and I played with them for over 60 hours. Please back up these .dlls and keep them somewhere safe, in case you want to put them back. Same here. Find this line: TextureMipBias. I fixed the Witcher 3 freeze problem after trying everything I could possibly think of (applying any settings, game reinstall, windows reinstall, downclock, more power to GPU...). NVIDIA's Tweaking Guide for The Witcher 3. You can make the windowed game fill your entire screen, so it's just like fullscreen, using this program. Which fixed issues with armors having dark shading, and some NPCs losing detail. Yes, I know it is scary to delete dlls, but the game will not act weird if we delete some of them and we can gain some fps and stability.