Here is my tweet link: I’d love to share this book with my youngest niece. Copyright ©Book Moon This feature require that you enable JavaScript in your browser. The cocoon protects them from dangerous parasites—even though their eyes are open. Egyptian hieroglyphs can be written in different directions. She would enjoy this book because she is an avid young reader and also loves jokes. A squirrel’s front teeth are sometimes tinted orange. They are both avid readers and it really just looks so cute. When the first book, Unlimited Squirrels: I Lost My Tooth, came out, I shared our DIY Tooth Fairy Box to go along with the book. If honeybees don’t get enough sleep, they can bumble their jobs. I would love to share this with my girls because they love mysteries! My niece loves to read and I would love to share this with her. This would be a good time to make a memory with my grandson. Get our twice-a-week Shelf Awareness newsletter filled with news, reviews, and the best of recent books, Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Return Policy | Terms and Conditions | Help. I would love this for my friends baby…never too early to start reading to them. This would be a welcomed addition to these series! My daughter is really into books and reading, we started reading chapter books and longer books recently and she has been having so much fun! Enter for your chance to win too!Click to Tweet. That’s more teeth than eight grown-up people have. The Elephant & Piggie books are wonderful and the Pigeon series is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to children’s books. Each book features a funny, furry adventure AND bonus jokes, quirky quizzes, nutty facts, and Squirrels everywhere! I would love to share this great book with my nephew. Her favorite is Knuffle Bunny! I would love to share this book with my son because he loves to read. Our grandson would really enjoy it. The Choctaw tell of a black squirrel trying to eat the sun, causing a solar eclipse. Sign up for our occasional Book Moon email newsletter: Need more? But the big question is whether or not the Squirrel pals will ever find out who the real Mystery Reader is! If you need assistance with this website, please contact us. I would love to share this with my sons. For an extra entry, tweet the following tweet and leave a comment with the link to your tweet. I know someone who has a fascination with squirrels! Thanks for the chance to win! When frigate birds fly long distances, they sleep for a few seconds at a time in mid-air. Mo Willems is the best! Naked mole rats sleep huddled together to keep warm. A walrus can sleep on land or in water. In our house, we read daily. Now that’s a mouthful! They also snooze in places such as tree branches, building ledges, or even bus depots. It fun to read new books with my kids! I’d like this for my great granddaughter because I want her to love reading as much as I do. I would like o share this book with my grandson as he is a beginning reader and I love to encourage him! I would like to because my son is obsessed with books! If they point right, read the hieroglyphs from right to left. Easy Ideas for Busy Parents | Houston Texas Mom Blog. A naked mole rat can move its two front teeth left and right—separate from each other—to help it pick things up. I would love to have this book to read to my nephew. My granddaughter loves for me to read to her! An elephant also grows six sets of back teeth. Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Squirrels; Juvenile Fiction / Humorous Stories; Juvenile Nonfiction / Readers / Beginner I tweeted:,, I’d love this book because I’m trying to get my son interested in reading. Tweeted: They went as far as sixty-two miles away from Earth. It looks so cute! I think such a fun book would help interest her and maybe get her hooked on reading! I WOULD GIFT TO MY COUSIN BECAUSE SHE LOVES TO READ. (An Unlimited Squirrels Book) (Hardcover). tweet A giraffe has no upper front teeth, kind of like Grandpa. They don’t have jammies! The Unlimited Squirrels series is a breakout beginning-reader series that is recommended for ages 6-8. Who is the Mystery Reader? I would love to share the book with my Grandson and Granddaughter, they both like to read (at different levels) and I think this would be an awesome book that we could all enjoy!! We have read the same things since he was a baby. LOoks live a good clean funbook series, I retweeted /, I shared on Facebook / I mentioned how much I love Mo Willems. Love how cute the book is, nothing better than reading with a child. I am working on reading with my daughter and this book is in her wheelhouse. I publicly Tweeted:, Your email address will not be published. Zoom Squirrel tries out a new superpower with help from a mysterious Mystery Reader. Book Moon, 86 Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA 01027 They talk about the squirrels in their yard so I know they would enjoy it. My tweet: Disney's privacy practices and controls do not apply once you leave our site. this books looks so cute and funny for them to read! My tweet: Parrot fish cover themselves in a mucus “cocoon” before going to sleep. I tweeted – Do they know more about reading than the Squirrels do? tweeted My son loves all animals, squirrels included, so I know he would like this book! I would love to find another good book to read at bed time. I want to win to donate to my teacher daughter’s special education classroom.. Books open doors. Fish sleep with their eyes open—because they don’t have eyelids! The Unlimited Squirrels books combine hilarious narrative stories with surprising nonfiction content making them like no other pre-reader series. You can learn more about the new book here. The African elephant holds the record for the biggest tusks, which continue to grow its entire life. Spider-nauts Arabella and Anita spun the first space webs when they blasted off in 1973. That’s a lot of teeth to put under your pillow!