In this recipe, we accessorized with red onion for a little shape and color contrast. Rinse pieces of broccoli and trim stems towards the floret part of the vegetable. We like our broccoli on the crisp side: if you’d like it more tender, cook 1 minute more. From quick and easy weeknight meals, to turkey dinner! VARIATIONS Steam carrots or mushrooms with the broccoli to use up any fresh veggies you may have! Content and photographs are copyright protected. Remove & place in a bowl. Thanks for the tip. Thanks.. What is the pan and steamer basket that you use in the photos? This post may contain affiliate links. A simple recipe for perfectly steamed broccoli. broccoli crowns or 1 (16 ounce) package of frozen broccoli florets, « Best King Ranch Casserole Ever | Recipe, Thumbprint Hershey Kiss Cookies | Recipe ». Kudos to you Kelly! Sharing of this recipe is both encouraged and appreciated. Here’s how to cook broccoli, and the best way to season it to complement any meal. Here’s a steamer basket you can buy online. This Broccoli & Cheese side dish recipe will be a family favorite! Steaming it for 3 to 5 minutes results in broccoli that’s bright green and crisp tender. Start with fresh broccoli that is trimmed, cleaned, and of uniform size for even cooking. The best way to cook this nutritious veggie? facebook Turn heat to low and add cheese. Add the broccoli and place lid atop. As noted in the recipe below, we like to soak our red onions in water for a few minutes, which helps to reduce onion breath and remove a bit of the “spice”. Fill a saucepan with about a ¼” of water and place steamer basket inside, and place over medium heat. And that cheese sauce is so good on broccoli! Note that thicker pieces and larger florets will take slightly longer than smaller and thinner, so try to make them as uniform as possible. Could you use a bag of steamable frozen broccoli? * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. This crowd-pleasing side dish significantly slashes calories, fat, and sodium but still packs plenty of flavor. But let us assure you: an olive oil drizzle and a good sprinkle of salt make this humble veggie something stellar. Alex and I are often looking for simple side dishes: this one is now in our “pair with everything” repertoire! which is also why a lot of people think they don’t like veg… or at least broccoli! If using fresh broccoli, remove any leaves that remain. Enjoy! If you’re looking for other side dishes to add to your repertoire, a few more we might recommend: Vegetarian and gluten-free. Note: This post contains affiliate links. This looks amazing, definitely going to make this! We’re Sonja and Alex Overhiser, the recipe developers and cookbook authors behind this website. Note, there is a different between “broccoli cuts”, and the packages labeled “broccoli florets.” Broccoli cuts will include chopped up pieces of the stalk as well as florets, and the florets will be solely broccoli florets. If the florets you cut away are fairly large cut in half or into individual smaller florets. If the florets you cut away are fairly large, or branch off into more than one floret, either cut it in half or into individual smaller florets. I currently use this Norpro steamer basket I bought from, and I’ve had it for years now. Keywords: Steamed Broccoli, Easy Steamed Broccoli, Easy Side Dish Recipe, Tag @acouplecooks on Instagram and hashtag it #acouplecooks. Broccoli isn’t necessarily a vegetable I’ve loved my whole life. Once boiling, add the broccoli (in the steamer basket, if it has a handle), and cover the pot with a lid. This broccoli and cheese recipe came from my mother. Just be careful not to cook much longer or the color will immediately fade and it will become mushy and overcooked! ), my personal childhood favorite. Desserts with cottage cheese. This side dish will quickly be a favorite, especially with the kids! twitter This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Here are the best tips for picking out both fresh and frozen broccoli. Did your kids love this Broccoli and Cheese recipe? Don’t be tempted to just throw everything in the steamer and bring the water to a boil. A creamy cheese sauce perfect for drizzling over broccoli! Test a piece with a fork and taste to assess whether it’s done. Easy peasy! this is SO delicious and easy!!! All treats for easy Steamed Brocolli With Cheese. I cook this all in one pan to make it easy with less mess! Here’s the handy dandy printable! You’ll boil the water in a saucepan or pot before you add the veggies. Thank you!i love how simple your meals are but i do not like chopping veggies..haha. A Couple Cooks has been featured on the TODAY Show, and in numerous national print and online publications, including Washington Post, Huffington Post, Food & Wine, and Bon Appetit. Bring the water to a boil. Learn how your comment data is processed. BROCCOLI Fresh, crisp pieces of broccoli are steamed in a pan. Keep in mind that the broccoli will continue cooking a bit more, even after you have removed the lid, so if you prefer a firmer bite, remove from the heat as soon as the broccoli is fork tender. Home > Recipes > Side Dishes > Quick Broccoli and Cheese. Please read my disclosure policy. Will be trying your directions right away. Holly is a wine and cheese lover, recipe creator, shopping enthusiast and self appointed foodie. Allow to bubble for 1-2 minutes, but do not allow to brown. snapchat Other favorite ways to cook broccoli? Steaming it for 3 to 5 minutes results in broccoli that’s bright green and crisp tender. pinterest If you’d like it more tender, cook 1 minute more. Why not add some frozen diced veggies or some crumbled bacon bits on the top of the cheese? Ingredients matter, especially when it’s the only ingredient in the dish! And, while I wouldn’t necessarily refuse the cheese sauce these days, I have definitely come to appreciate both the flavor and texture of broccoli…as long as it’s cooked right, that is. It's best to store leftovers separately. I actually really like broccoli. Olive oil will help the seasoning to stay in place. Season with salt and pepper. Broccoli and cheese is perfect just on its own, but switching up a few add-ins is perfectly okay! Place the skillet on the heat and whisk until milk is thickened. Before the steamer basket goes in, water is added to the pot. Drizzle with olive oil, and sprinkle with kosher salt and black pepper. I’m Kelly Anthony — a baker, home chef, and mom with a passion for food and an adoration for entertaining. Featured on the Today Show and Washington Post, Olive oil and some grated Parmesan or Pecorino cheese. I’ll have to try your way! Featured from the TODAY Show to Bon Appetit, Alex is author of Pretty Simple Cooking, named one of the best vegetarian cookbooks by Epicurious. Whisk until smooth. Adding feta cheese crumbles takes it from good to great, and it’s one of our favorite ways to eat broccoli. The higher quality brands tend put a better quality product overall, with florets that are still intact and properly cut. Add 1 cup water and bring to a simmer over medium heat. Broccoli and cheese is perfect just on its own, but switching up a few add-ins is perfectly okay! I totally needed this broccoli tutorial. Here are a few more ideas: And that’s it: how to cook up the best steamed broccoli! Carefully remove the broccoli to a bowl. Thank you! Head to How to Cook Broccoli for more. Place the fitted lid on the pot, and transfer to the stovetop over medium heat. When shopping for fresh broccoli in the produce section, look for crowns with a tightly compacted flowery head and a purple-y tinge amongst the green, with little-to-no browning or discoloration.