The possibility of tours in Bern is endless. Well get in contact with us and send us your Application Form! Experience our war-ridden past, explore the architectural beauty of our homes and immerse yourself in our Southern hospitality. Creating your own self-guided walk in Bern is easy and fun. In this video we’re checking out the capital of Switzerland – Bern. Built around a crook in the Aare River, it traces the origins back to the 12th century. Architectural Walking Tour . Hidden within the heart of Switzerland, you have the enchanting city of Bern. Amazing Guided tour of Nice. Walking through it cobblestone streets and taking in the Gothic-Medieval architecture will make you feel like you’ve been transported through time. Among other things that make Switzerland popular around the world, chocolate is definitely the one. Experience the city’s wild night scene and visit some of the best venues in town. The Old City of Bern has countless sights to see. See us at Eze beach. Kindlifresserbrunnen (Child Eater Fountain). The Riviera Bar Crawl Nice Join The Best Nice Pub Crawl ! But you miss out on some of those hidden gems tucked away in the city’s secret corners. by RBC & TOURS | Sep 19, 2020 | Bern, Franchise, walking tours | 0 comments. We may even see a bear (or two!). Take this self guided walking tour to visit the most important historical churches and cathedrals where Bern residents go to pray and express their religious beliefs. So how better to uncover the city’s secrets than with a local and knowledgeable guide?! Image by Wladyslaw on Wikimedia under Creative Commons License. Image by Roger W on Flickr under Creative Commons License. Image by Sergey Ashmarin on Wikimedia under Creative Commons License. Free Antibes Walking Tour : Antibes can be summed up in a single word. The landscape of the Bern region truly is something remarkable. This church was built in 1341 and completed in 1346. Any lover of the great outdoors should not miss Rosengarten, Bern's beautiful Rose Garden. Book your #1 Nice Food Tour Experience I The Flavors of Nice food Tasting Tour I Discover the best of Nice local Food specialities. All Cities; Become a Guide; Articles; Not packed in a bus. Book your Private côte d'azur Tours Now ! The Münster of Bern is a Swiss Reformed cathedral (or minster) located in the Old City of Bern. Top experiences Day & Night with Friends from all around the world, +33 649 244 407 From a pre-tour consultation by phone or chat to the walking tour itself, the entire experience is tailored to you. There truly is no better way to discover a city than with a Guided Bern Walking Tour. Image by Shizhao on Wikimedia under Creative Commons License. Untertorbrücke (Lower Gate Bridge) is a historic stone arch bridge connecting the Old City to the eastern bank of Aare river. Free Nice Walking Tour I The best way to discover Nice has to offer is on foot and with a well-informed local guide. From free shots to drink discounts and even free entry into the club, having a great night for an inexpensive price has never been easier! Self guided walk is the SAFEST way to sightsee! Of course, exploring a city at your own pace is always a great option. The inner city is entirely surrounded by the Aare River, while the countryside was formed by glaciers during the most recent Ice Age. And believe me, this city has plenty of fascinating stories to share. Also, someone who can give you all the best tips and recommendations for making the most out of your stay! The Bern Minster Cathedral for instance is the tallest in all of Switzerland. The rich history of New Bern comes to life with our Historic Heritage Walking Tours – a series of self-guided tours you can take at your own pace. This walk offers a detailed walk route map that can be printed out or downloaded to your mobile device. Still, chocolate isn't the only Swiss-made sweet deserving attention, as there are plenty of baked products, such as Magenbrot, Vermicelles, and Biberli, to mention but a few, that are well worth... Self-guided walking tours apps on iOS and Android for exploring cities on foot - they make bus tours obsolete! Your email address will not be published. The porch on the south facing side has the most stunning views of the Alps on beautiful sunny days while the front of the building has beautiful sculptures depicting the origins of the Swiss Confederation. Self guided walk is the SAFEST way to sightsee while observing SOCIAL DISTANCING! Cannes is synonymous with glamour and glitz. The Annus Mirabilis papers, which presented Einstein's theory of relativity and contributed substantially to the foundation of modern physics, were written here and published in the Annalen der Physik. Hey guys! Consequently, the bear has been the heraldic animal of the seal and coat of arms of Bern from at least the 1220s. Image by Aliman5040 on Wikimedia under Creative Commons License. But a Bern Walking Tour isn’t the only way to discover this breathtaking city. According to the local legend, Berchtold V, Duke of Zähringen, founder of Bern, vowed to name the city after the first animal he killed on the hunt, which happened to be a bear (“Bern” in German). Experience the best of Monaco Monte-Carlo Has to offer with a Local tand passionate Tour guide in one Day I Book your Tickets I . In a city of over one hundred fountains, the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen ("Fountain of Justice") in the Old City of Bern is most definitely one to see. While the famous Zytglogge (a mechanical clocktower with moving puppets) attracts a number of tourists.