Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. ;x, It doesn't matter what Phoenix has, TOAA is. The Miracle Machine ended up playing a key role in Final Crisis when Superman was given access to the machine and used it to save Earth from Darkseid; in effect, he gave the world a "happy ending" through his wish for everyone. How TF are you supposed to answer a question like that? The dark side of the Phoenix force is something to be feared and dreaded. JavaScript is disabled. However, don't let his funny exterior fool you. You see, the Dark Phoenix was an attempt by the Phoenix Force to live like a human by copying the essence of its "host," Jean Grey. LT makes sure there is a balance of power. Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. He features legends about entertainment and sports at his website, Legends Revealed. The official Marvel page for Living Tribunal. That power level was something that was existent during the 1950s, but after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman's power levels were significantly reduced. I have little to no knowledge of any of these characters. He's the All-Father, the creator of all things. Yet Marvel has officially stated that the End is meant to be an alternate reality and NOT CANON.So his power was limitless in AN ALTERNATE REALITY,not in the main timeline or the whole Multiverse.They said it explicitly through editorial statement,because they didnt like the way Starlin wrote Thanos yet again at the top of the pile.And all the End stories were always meant to be imaginary stories which are not in continuity.Having power only over an alternate reality does not mean having power over everything.And the LT is multiversal,but manifests in single universes only through M-bodies. here are five beings that can beat living tribunal. GalacticStorm does a good job explaining PF feats, power, and its role in th MU. I was just typing a reply then i read this and scrapped it lol. Why, God can! that at least theorized that the two might be almost evenly matched). More Powerful: The One-Above-All. Just one of them, Ganthet, was described by Green Lantern Kyle Rayner as being able to destroy a planet with a single punch! Ergo, he's powerful enough to take down Dark Phoenix. TOOA is the representation of the writer. The Living Tribunal hands down is the most powerful and ultimate being in the Marvel universe. And Other Amazing Comic Book Trivia! Welcome to the forums! All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This is a guy who successfully defeated the Dread Dormammu, so he was at a power level where he should easily be able to defeat the Dark Phoenix. You see, the Miracle Machine is powered by thought -- it can turn whatever you think into a reality. effectively, existing outside of 'reality'? He oversees all the realities of the multi-verse. FR is so powerful that he can become Galactus if he wanted to, or even more. You must log in or register to reply here. Take a second to look at our. The Miracle Machine was originally introduced in the pages of Adventure Comics in the long-running Legion of Super-Heroes feature in that series. Living Tribunal > Thanos with infinity Gauntlet. Imperiex appeared early in Jeph Loeb's run on Superman. He is above Galactus. And as far as Phoenix being able to hold the universe in her hands, the Tribunal has the power to destroy the Multiverse if necessary, as stated before. He was present at the Big Bang! that means he's governing 616, Earth-X, Ultimate Universe, What IF, etc etc. We saw the extent of his powers when he lent them to the Joker as a joke once and the Joker took over the universe as Emperor Joker. The One-Above-All is a catchall metaphor for the Biblical version … The Protege almost became the new One-Above-Them-All! So.... killed by a few nails??? And what role the PF holds. Can anyone beat the living tribunal? Except TOAA can create a compelling Cinematic Universe and the Presence can't make even make people like Batfleck. Whatever he can think of, he can will into existence. no teams. But FR is indeed powerfull just maybe not on LTs level. Do you happen to recall the classic image of Superman moving planets around? HOTU. As I said elsewhere,the Phoenix is not a being,is a force.It can only act through avatars.I think that at the highest level (white phoenix of the crown) an avatar is probably behind the LT,but nearly there.The force as a whole may be more "powerful" but ultimately,LT has been appointed ruler of the Multiverse,while whitout the PF there wouldnt be a Multiverse at all,so it has not much sense putting them against each other. Living Tribunal. and don't you ever call God a wimp. Superman Prime is, in effect, the ideal superhero... and god? this is one battle i can route for a guy who i haven't seen fight. The One above all, being a representation of the writer, creator, and even the fans of the comic, is unbeatable. Here's how this works: If he's up against Marvel characters, he wins. You see, the Dark Phoenix was an attempt by the Phoenix Force to live like a human by copying the essence of its "host," Jean Grey. not the jean phoenix, the PHOENIX. When Jim Corrigan died, he could not get into the afterlife, so a "Voice" turned him into the Spectre. It doesn't matter who you throw in. The Phoenix force's power comes from TOAA, so does the Heart of the Universe, Living Tribunal's powers, Thanos' powers, Galactus' powers, Squirrel Girl's powers, Eternity's Powers and so on and so on and so on. Exactly. share. And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed and Why Does Batman Carry Shark Repellent? His writing has been featured at ESPN.com, the Los Angeles Times, About.com, the Huffington Post and Gizmodo. Both of them can't die, are immortal, are basic fundamental forces/entities of the multiverse, and can't "lose" in a meaningful sense. Thanos is well known for obsessing with powerful weapons so that he can kill as many people as possible as a tribute to Death. Thanos just absorbed the P0w4h! LT is actually maintaining the cosmic balance which includes the phoenix force. psychological warfare to dampen the fighting spirit.. if someone points a gun at your head when you have a gun in your hand, it doesnt make them more powerful than you but you still might shit bricks. HotU>*, and this time it isn't an exagguration at all. It doesn’t matter were this battle starts or if there bloodlusted they are the most powerful being in marvel comics. While the abstracts are reflections of the universe and their roles can be usurped and re-allocated at any time during the creation cycle Phoenix … Meaning that even if he's not stronger (which I strongly disagree with), he still has jurisdiction over the Force due to him carrying out the will of TOAA. I don't think the Vishanti could beat him. Recently, it was the power of Molecule Man that both saved and then, later, recreated the Marvel Multiverse. LT. It may not display this or other websites correctly. ANY Marvel character(s), nigh-omnipotent or not, get beaten by TOAA. The phoenix is a force.There is probably also a collective consciousness of the avatars.