Neon Payment Processing is an earlier version of NeonPay, available to clients who set up a native payment processor in NeonCRM prior to the July 27, 2019 release.If you are currently using Neon Payment Processing and would like to upgrade to NeonPay, please contact technical support.. Click Edit in the user’s row and set them Inactive. Organization Name - enter your organization’s legal name as it appears on your IRS documentation. Return to NeonCRM. Click "Verify Your Account" in the Payment Processing menu and provide the necessary data to complete the verification process. When the feature is enabled, a new Payment Processing section will appear in your main navigation menu: At this point, the only options you'll have under this heading will be "Verify Your Account" and "Settings". Where should I enter our DBA name? Neon Payment Processing is a gateway option for processing credit cards that works through NeonCRM. Click Edit in the Payout Settings section to change the payout frequency: If you select the Monthly option, you will be able to choose on which day of each month you would like your payouts to occur. Click the pencil icon in the row of the user to be promoted or demoted. Now is the time for a more equitable credit system. Your application is being held for manual review by our processor’s underwriting team, which can take between 1 to 4 business days. If your email address is affiliated with a NeonPay Merchant user, you will see NeonPay as an available application. Enter an Account Nickname. Some banks will show transactions as from "Z2 Systems". For verification purposes, the Social Security number of the primary billing contact of your organization. Next, your Organization Information Administrators will also receive email notifications for important changes within the portal such as bank account modifications, dispute updates, and payout notifications. Pick your payment processing partner and start taking payments immediately. If your organization is already using NeonPay, you will see the option to visit NeonPay under the Settings cog in your CRM. Password Dear user, log in to access the admin area! This integral part of the Neon One ecosystem enables a unified payment structure across your Neon One platforms, saving you time, energy, and funds. How do I setup multiple credit card payment gateways? Click the widget to create a New Merchant Account. Viva Wallet Holdings - Software Development SA, Cookies help us deliver our services. From within your NeonCRM, click the link to NeonPay. NPP is incompatible with credit card swipers. account as per your payment schedule to Neon. FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) regulations. You will also be able to configure the following additional settings: To receive funds for payments you’ve processed, Neon Payment Processing will make deposits (payouts) of your available account balance into your bank account. Payments don't get any faster. If your account still shows as rejected an hour or two after you created the account, feel free to reach out to your support team, who will coordinate with the processor for the steps needed to get your account approved. With NeonPay, you can: Click New User and fill out the fields with the new user’s details. Enter your Organization’s phone number, email address, and physical address. Search our network of certified partners. The Primary Contact can be a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, or board member; must be someone in your organization who has the authority to make payment processing decisions on behalf of the organization. Yes. Certified professionals committed to addressing all of your unique needs. We automatically debit your bank account as per your payment schedule to Neon. Our Doing Business As name is not our legal Organization Name. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. 1. Be sure to use the same email address on their NeonCRM User profile, if one exists, to allow them to toggle between the apps smoothly. Follow the link in one to create a password for future access to NeonPay. Payouts can be easily managed and adjusted to fit your organization’s needs, and can be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Note: the password reset email expires in 24 hours. If you select the Weekly option, you will be able to choose a specific day of the week. You can manage how frequently these deposits occur. Enter demo/demo as login and password. True integrations designed to streamline your systems and operations. Change their User Role. My account status is Not Ready. If 501(c)(3) status cannot be verified, you will receive the following notification: If your organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit (or has an application in process), select the first of the two available options. Admin users can do all of the above, as well as modify linked bank account information, manage users for your organization, and edit merchant account information.