June 19, 2013 07:56 PM. We are born depending on what we have asked for in the agreement. No body knows how one is reborn, where, etc. so what will be effect of this bad karma earned by not performing the rights? The being keeps on walking shivering and scared of Yamdoots on the path to Yamlok. What is said about throwing the body to animals, etc is wrong. Prabhakar Thank you, MANBLUNDER MANBLUNDER Uniqueness of Garuda Purana lies in the fact that it is the only sacred text that talks about the life after death, the journey of the soul, death and its aftermath, rebirth or reincarnation. After this the Yamraj allows the soul to go back to its home. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Hello Is it possible to use such versions of the Gayatri mantra - ॐ, what I got from shktanand paper was as following order.AJNA,BINDU,ARDH, its gods grace that you are partner in self realization.Sri Hari, Sir, 1) Can we use copper havan kund instead of havan with bricks ? Anonymous MANBLUNDER *Disconnection of the earth sole chakras* But, this concept is often misunderstood and misinterpreted. 2018-2020. On the 11th n 12th day Hindus conduct homas and prayers and rituals through which the soul is united with its ancestors, close friends, relatives and the guides. One can experience Bliss only if traces of karmic impressions remain. By performing monthly ceremonies after death, how we can change the direction of the departed person's karmic account? So, the next time before pointing to the Divine, understand that our circumstances are just helping us complete n honor our agreement, which is fully n completely written by us. The soul of teh sinner has to endure pain and suffering in hell. Ravi Sir, Recently one of my family friend an ardent devotee of Lalithambika, due to her own personal problems she was little depressed for some time and later on she committed suicide by hanging herself on June 24th 2013. In certain instances, one will experience immense pain and miseries. “O Garuda! How we can do karma for God? * MANBLUNDER Sabari never thought about anything or anyone except Rama. Your thoughts cannot prevent a soul from attaining liberation. In this episode of Dharam, we will tell you some interesting facts about Garuda Purana. For s single evil action, there are two types of sufferings, one for the subtle body and another for the gross body. My son's wedding has been planned for the 12 of December and his Upanayanam for the 9th of December. Obviously, these people have to do yearly ceremonies. Bhūta is considered as one of the demigods. Here , you have posed the question 'who are we doing these rituals for' ? I am sure the majority of readers find it educational and as such I feel we should not be denied this opportunity to learn.Individuals are liberated according to their karma and devotion. Due to various reasons I have seen in my own family they are not interested in doing these pithru karmas. Portions of the Garuda Purana are used by some Hindus as funeral rituals. October 13, 2013 09:15 AM. Since the astral cord has been severed, the soul cannot stay here and is pushed upwards and out of the body. October 11, 2013 02:35 PM, If what you said it correct, in Mahabharath why Bhishma who had the Vara of Ichcha Mrithyu waited for the Uththarayana to come and then only passed away. If the soul is attached to the physical body it occupied for this lifetime, it refuses to leave n tries to get into the body n move it n stay in it. January 27, 2014 04:01 PM. The suffering is only to the gross body when life exists in a body and to the subtle body, when the subtle body leaves the gross body at the time of death. January 19, 2014 08:56 AM. Even Self-realized persons are also reborn, till they are liberated in subsequent births. Then why we have forms, when you say that Brahman is formless?One should understand the basic difference between Brahman and gods. Generally the soul floats around the body till it is cremated. A few hours before an individual dies, their feet turn cold. Sri Sri giving explanation in his own words…. MANBLUNDER Uncles, cousins, etc are covered under unknown ancestors. There is another injunction. According to this Upaniṣad (I.9), uttarāyaṇa means those who follow the spiritual path. Guruji,I had lost my brother he commited suicide ,my father Refused to do the final ritual , hence i did all antim kriya ,rite from agni sanskaar to everything till disposing the ashes in ganga.Recently someone brought to my notice tht ,if someone committs a suicide tht person should not be cremated as per the rituals instead the body should be fed to the animals or birds .And whoever performs the last ritual for the suicidee will never get moksh and will have to live a life like hell .I also notice my life is going in to complete destruction.Please advice guruji.