According to Confucius, devotion to one's parents is virtuous. Sentence Search. They do not represent the opinions of He and they distinguished themselves especially at the battles of Borodino and Malojaroslavitz; and on several occasions during the disastrous retreat which ensued, Eugene's soldierly constancy and devotion to Napoleon shone out conspicuously in 1813-1814, especially by contrast with the tergiversations of Murat. The unique collection of inscriptions and antiquities of Pentima and the museum at Sulmona were both created by the late Professor Antonio de Nino, whose brilliant gifts and unsparing devotion to the antiquities of his native district rescued every single Paelignian monument that we possess. For a while she led at home the life of a recluse, speaking only to her confessor, and spending all her time in devotion and spiritual ecstasy. There is no reason to believe, however, that these attacks represented the feeling of any save a small minority of the politicians; the people never wavered in their devotion to the president, and his election would have been unanimous in 1796, as in 1792 and 1789, had he been willing to serve. 192. So striking was the devotion shown throughout the Principality to the king, who fought his last disastrous campaign in the friendly counties of Wales and the Marches, that on the final victory of the parliament there was passed within a month of Charles's execution 1 Sometimes known as vicar of Llandingat, his church being in that parish. Discuss anything about the word devotion below. His denial of the tripersonality of the Godhead and the eternity of the Son, along with his anabaptism, made his system abhorrent to Catholics and Protestants alike, in spite of his intense Biblicism, his passionate devotion to the person of Christ, and his Christocentric scheme of the universe. Throughout the Christian world, everywhere, the devotion of sailors to St. Nicholas is much in evidence. A visit to his own website here will demonstrate the devotion he reciprocates to his fans. The person would be, metaphorically, wrapped in a blanket of human devotion. Make each word count. Although alone against papacy and empire, the citizens The siege of showed the greatest spirit and devotion, and were Florence. More was now able, as he writes to Erasmus, to return to the life which had always been his ambition, when, free from business and public affairs, he might give himself up to his favourite studies and to the practices of his devotion. iv. His devotion to the classics was exceptional even in that time. Devotion in a sentence. He was a veritable model of the Victorian self-made man, with a seemingly selfless devotion to public service. There can be no doubt that Napier's devotion to mathematics was not due to old age and the gout, and that he died in 1617 and not in 1616; still these sentences were written within eighteen years of Napier's death, and their author seems to have had some special sources of information. EUSEBIUS [OF CAESAREA] (c. 260 - c. 340), ecclesiastical historian, who called himself Eusebius Pamphili, because of his devotion to his friend and teacher Pamphilus, was born probably in Palestine between A.D. During the time of his imprisonment (307-309) Eusebius distinguished himself by assiduous devotion to his friend, and assisted him in the preparation of an apology for Origen's teaching (Hist. We must not forget his single-minded devotion to God 's law. It 's not slavish devotion to free market economics to point that out. The annual Provincial Police Awards recognize bravery or devotion to civic duty in support of the police. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Draw on personal experiences and use anecdotes to teach valuable lessons. devotion. On the faces of all was one common expression of joy at the commencement of the long-expected campaign and of rapture and devotion to the man in the gray coat who was standing on the hill. Voluntary flagellation, as a form of exalted devotion, occurs in almost all religions. , Some people believe marriage is the perfect way to show devotion to the one you love. I never doubted the devotion of the Russian nobles, but today it has surpassed my expectations. Throughout his life he had pursued with devotion and industry the ideals with which he had set out, and his journal and letters display a noble simplicity of disposition and an unswerving honesty of purpose. Their devotion to Holy Scripture, however, is highly selective. At this point he had to express devotion to his God. Cobden had, indeed, with unexampled devotion, sacrificed his business, his domestic comforts and for a time his health to the public interests. 2. It's not slavish devotion to free market economics to point that out. And accordingly it is exactly in connexion with these two incarnations of Vishnu, especially that of Krishna, that a new spirit was infused into the religious life of the people by the sentiment of fervent devotion to the deity, as it found expression in certain portions of the epic poems, especially the Bhagavadgita, and in the Bhagavatapurana (as against the more orthodox Vaishnava works of this class such as the Vishnupurana), and was formulated into a regular doctrine of faith in the Sandilya-sutra, and ultimately translated into practice by the Vaishnava reformers. A: Love is an intense feeling of deep affection, attachment and devotion to a person, animal or thing. In his personal relationship to the prophet he showed the deepest veneration and most unswerving devotion. These cookies do not store any personal information. In Germany his resolute will and sagacious administration subdued or disarmed all discontent, and he not only succeeded in welding the various rival interests into a unity of devotion to himself against which papal intrigues were comparatively powerless, but won for the empire a prestige such as it had not possessed since the time of Otto the Great. He compiled the Garden of the Soul (1740 ? This derivative philanthropy characterizes the spirit in which all Christian performance of social duty is to be done; loving devotion to God being the fundamental attitude of mind that is to be maintained throughout the whole of the Christian's life. tireless devotion over the past 32 years. Improve your vocabulary. less successful in political than in ecclesiastical reform, which latter included the combating of the Fraticelli, the amendment of the clergy, the encouragement of piety by the regulation of feast-days, the recommendation of increased devotion to the sacrament of the altar, and the strengthening of the conception of the Church by the great jubilee of 1423. This influence, so far as it has affected moral as distinct from political speculation, has been exercised primarily through the general conception of human progress; which, in Comte's view, consists in the ever growing preponderance of the distinctively human attributes over the purely animal, social feelings being ranked highest among human attributes, and highest of all the most universalized phase of human affection, the devotion to humanity as a whole. To promote devotion to Our Lady and pilgrimage to Walsingham. He showed much devotion to Henry III., who loaded him with favours and made him marshal of France. It is to be observed that, in Comte's view, devotion to humanity is the principle not merely of morality, but of religion; i.e. On the speculative side, Ramanuja also met Sankara's strictly monistic theory by another recognizing Vishnu as identical with Brahma as the Supreme Spirit animating the material world as well as the individual souls which have become estranged from God through unbelief, and can only attain again conscious union with him through devotion or love (bhakti). army corps, and Boulanger's expressions of gratitude and devotion on this occasion were remembered against him afterwards when, as war minister in M. When it was remembered, too, that they had decided, at a council held at Lima, that it was inexpedient to impose any act of Christian devotion except baptism on the South American converts, without the greatest precautions, on the ground of intellectual difficulties, it is not wonderful that this doubt was not satisfactorily cleared up, notably in face of the charges brought against the Society by Bernardin de Cardonas, bishop of Paraguay, and the saintly Juan de Palafox, bishop of Angelopolis in Mexico. The first edition of the Systeme du monde was inscribed to the Council of Five Hundred; to the third volume of the Mecanique celeste (1802) was prefixed the declaration that, of all the truths contained in the work, that most precious to the author was the expression of his gratitude and devotion towards the "pacificator of Europe"; upon which noteworthy protestation the suppression in the editions of the Theorie des probabilites subsequent to the restoration, of the original dedication to the emperor formed a fitting commentary. The General Assembly of Glasgow in 1638 abjured Laud's book and took its stand again by the Book of Common Order, an act repeated by the assembly of 1639, which also demurred against innovations proposed by the English separatists, who objected altogether to liturgical forms, and in particular to the Lord's Prayer, the Gloria Pcrtri and the minister kneeling for private devotion in the pulpit.