Malt appears to be slightly darker and pinker but it’s so hard to tell with online swatches. … is it serious Doc ???? is there a dupe for mac vapour i have lorac pro paletee one an urban naked 2? Ok fine, I do own the Naked palette which is pretty much all about warm browns, but I needed a reason to head to MAC and this is what I came home with. Exactly!! Thank you for your support! interesting that you consider Tease as a purple color.. WOW! And Mythology is very close in glitter content to Chopper. Reviews of the newest releases from best to worst! As you can see in the swatch, they are not identical, but using one in place of the other would allow you to achieve a similar look. Yes, many blogs rave about these palettes, but they’re all so shimmery, and the colours are unoriginal unfortunatley…*le sigh*. UD Pistol = MAC Knight Divine + All That Glitters, UD Verve = MAC Electra + All That Glitters, UD YDK = MAC Satin Taupe + All That Glitters, MAC Dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked2 Palette. See more ideas about Mac eyeshadow dupes, Beauty makeup, Makeup. Based on what I’m seeing of it online it DOES appear to be a lighter version of MAC’s Malt, as you suspected. This is such an awesome post! You can get there, but it will require some mixing and matching to achieve it. If you’re looking for a closer dupe, limited edition shade Femme Fi would be one to consider. Tease probably is one of my most favorite shades in the Naked2 palette. Here are our dupes for MAC Saddle, which is a moderately warm-toned, medium brown with a matte finish. , I have Laced, and today I went out and got Malt. The closest shade I could find to it was Tempting, although it’s a touch lighter and has more glitter than Snakebite. ;)) I know when I come in a MAC shop I cannot resist to buy !!!! I love your comparisons, and actually I’m kinda disapointed in how many dupes there are out there. It took me a while to figure out a dupe that compared well to Busted, but Mystery fits the bill. I got home and went to put it in my palette to find that in the pan they are basically identical! Thanks. I bought the Naked 2 not long ago, and it wasn’t as great as I hoped for. Read now. You are most welcome! Pistol has been compared to MAC Smoke and Diamonds. Zabrena and Nikki, thanks for the helpful feedback! To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. = Verified. Unfortunately, to get more “exact” and true dupes for the Naked2, I found myself doing a LOT more mixing of shades. If you apply too much, like Shroom, the combination can turn muddy and look unblended. Again, I am not using LE shades as I don’t feel that’s fair for those who don’t own them. Snakebite is another unique shade to Urban Decay with no exact dupe to be found in MAC’s collection. It is a permanent eyeshadow that retails for $17.00 and contains 0.05 oz. My challenge is finding cruelty-free dupes for MAC shadows, since MAC is no longer cruelty-free. BTW a dupe for Half Baked is a mix between MAC Amber Lights and a little All That Glitters. On me, Laced actually appears darker and leans a bit lavender. In any event, I like them both, and on me they’re different enough that I don’t mind keeping them, but most people will be fine with one or the other. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Kisses… from shiny south of France !!! Tease is cool, dusty plum-brown shade. The Foundation Matrix is designed to help. In my experience, both NYX and ELF shadows are really hit-or-miss in terms of quality, so swatch first if you can. Ha! Dupes. . Neither is better than the other. Blackout is really nothing more than MAC Carbon. MAC Eyeshadows vs NYX Cosmetics | Smokey eyes, nude eyes, or golden eyes? Looking for the perfect color? Other MAC eyeshadow dupes I found, Orb Soft Brown, Brown Script, Swiss Chocolate, Embark and … Hi! Looking for the best makeup and beauty products? Look no further than Temptalia's Swatch Gallery. 9. I know it will help to save me some money since I’ll just use my Mac shadows and skip buying the UD palette. Apart from the video I found dupes for charcoal brown, Bamboo, Saddle, Handwritten etc. Thanks for asking, Roma! We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Build your own palette, create a color combination, or discover look ideas to try. We earn commission on sales tracked from our links and codes. If you enjoyed the UD Naked1 MAC Dupes post, you more than likely were looking forward to this one – me too! Thanks again! Aaagh, thank you for mentioning Smoke and Diamonds. Suspect is a beautiful light champagne shade with a little bit of glitter in the formula. I did a comparison myself and found it to be a very good dupe for Pistol.