This food has a strong flavor and high nutritional properties. The most sold for its balanced flavor. A monofloral variety highly appreciated and valued as it is strong flavor but less sweet than the others. Buy raw honey from Azahar. There are many features that this product has to earn the medal to the most appreciated in the world. To know more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookies Policy. Your email address will not be published. Please add Buy raw sunflower honey online. All Rights Reserved. Heather honey sale. Raw lavender honey is linked to the endemic plant of the Mediterranean basin to which it owes its name, as well as its most distinctive therapeutic, bactericidal and antiseptic qualities. It comes from traditional beekeeping and crafts. Two jars of 250 and 500g. Sale of harvested honey traditional woods in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) except the coastal area . Sale of pure Orange blossom honey. The most consumed by all because in its flavor does not predominate any aroma in concrete. Sale of traditional honey of a thousand flowers. 1000 gr, 350 gr dispenser, 5 kilograms, 500 gr dispenser, 500 grams, Your email address will not be published. The producer of artisanal honey from Ayora presents the best known of beekeeping product, multi-flower honey, in a package of 500g. NOUVEAU! Harvested of the spring flowers in practically all the Iberian Peninsula. Sale of natural eucalyptus honey RAW. Feel free to try this artisan product offering bees. €13.70 ... Royal Jujube Honey from Yemen WITH WAX. Lavender … Sale of natural nuts from Spain. A honey which is characterized by being less sweet than normal. Format 1 kg. to access exclusive specials, recipes, product insights and. Spanish Wild Lavender Honey. Sale of artisan lavender honey (Espliego). Buy raw lavender honey online. The honey has a light, glowing color. Format 1 kg. Buy it before 6:00 p.m. and we will send it to you the same day! Bees visit the flowers of the chestnut, which blooms over 12 - 18 days in late spring or early summer. Flavor: Soft sweet, quite fluid, or liquid. This honey is collected in the spring from the white and pink flowers of the tree. Two containers 500 g and 1 kilo to your preferences. following an order made on 23/03/2020, Eva D. Other orange blossom honey. Of the Spanish mountains collected by the bees and packaged by artisan beekeepers. Cane molasses is increasingly used as a tabletop sweetener. Traditional orange blossom honey format 1kg. Buy raw honey from a thousand flowers. published the 01/05/2020 following an order made on 02/04/2020, Miriam E. It comes from the leaves of the trees and autumnal shrubs. Although the presence of this compound in lavender honey is minimal, it is sufficient to actively prevent infection in wounds, cuts, and scrapes. Honey tastes of the flower from which the bees predominantly gather nectar. Most of the folks I know around Savannah have been familiar with the Lavender plant for ages. Honey of a Thousand Flowers Natural / RAW 500 g. Thousand Flowers Honey RAW - Special Selection - SPAIN, Traditional Honey Eucalyptus - (Spain) 1Kg, Eucalyptus Honey RAW - Special Selection - SPAIN, Raw Forest Honey - Special Selection - SPAIN, Holm Oak raw Honey - Special Selection -SPAIN, Almond raw Honey RAW - Special Selection - SPAIN, Traditional Honey Lavender 500 g - (Spain), Honey of lavender RAW - Special Selection - SPAIN, Heather Honey RAW - Special Selection -SPAIN, Thyme Honey RAW - Special Selection - SPAIN, Avocado Blossom Honey RAW - Selection (Spain), Pure Honey of a Thousand Flowers - (Spain) 1kg, Pure Lavender Honey (Espliego) - (Spain) 1kg, Honey of a Thousand Flowers Natural / RAW 1 Kg, Artisan Orange Blossom Honey - (Spain) 1Kg, Artisan Thousand Flowers Honey - (Spain) 1Kg, Traditional Thousand Flower Honey - (Spain) 1Kg. One of our staff members will return with an answer for you shortly. Presented in a 100 g bag, The candies, traditionally have been used to relieve the discomfort of the throat, as well as to take a good sweet to the mouth. The selection of this product follows the same criteria as for the rest of the brand "La Ayorina", a careful selection of the best crop. Liquor widely used as a complement to desserts and coffees. It is light, floral, and perfect with aged goat's milk cheeses like Garrotxa. Native Spanish plant where nectar is obtained. Presented in two containers of 250 and 500g. Smell: Full of freshness and interesting nuances, it reminds us of the lavender flower. Its production spans most of the Spanish geography, mainly Aragon, Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Castile-La Mancha, and Castile and León. Benefit from the properties of all its components. Mais il a déjà un belle apparence ! published the 24/06/2018 Very dark reddish color and know hard but not very sweet. Other orange honey. Jar with dispenser Lavender Honey. Format 1 Kg. Colored tile to clear and particular flavor. Harvested plant thyme in the mountains and valley ayora (Spain) a place extension of this plant. Honey sale of forest bees. Harvested from the pilgrims in the mountains and the Valley of Ayora one of the places of greater extension of this plant. Harvested in the mountains of the Iberian peninsula located in more than 900 meters altitude. A combination that makes this liquor a very digestive drink. It also contains various minerals, such as iron, magnesium, or phosphorus, as well as highly healthy elements, such as tannins or enzymes. Raw and natural without heating processes to keep all its properties intact. The lavender pollen collected by the bees contributes a delicate, clean aroma with a faint spiciness. published the 06/04/2020 To be used alone or accompanied . For that purpose, please find our contact info in the legal notice. Buy heather honey RAW Hand-crafted to preserve all its enzymes and properties. 100% Spanish collected in the high mountain. following an order made on 18/01/2019, Anonymous A. With a soft flavor characteristic Levant region of Spain. Miel … It is recommended as an antiseptic, healing and skin protectant. It comes from the small plant of thyme, with very little flowering. Mitica’s monofloral Wild Lavender Honey is cultivated from bees that roam vast, sun-kissed lavender fields in Valencia, Spain.