How to perform the landmine single arm row: Muscles worked = shoulders, upper chest, triceps, and core. Slowly squat down to either 90 degrees or slightly further if your mobility allows. With the right attachments, you can squat, clean, press, and row with the landmine. Then reverse movement on the way down, switching hands at the mid waypoint. The Titan Linebacker Landmine Squat Tool fits Olympic bars and sleeves. ), Enhances sporting performance – many athletes perform landmine drills, Burns a whopping number of calories – perfect for, Easier and more shoulder-friendly than most exercises, Interlink your fingers and grip the barbell, or use a. Dec 5, 2019 - Add an extra workout station to your Grappler/ Landmine by plugging the opposite end of the bar in to this Linebacker Leverage Squat Attachment. | Qualified Professionals You can do this exercise kneeling or standing. Keep your core tensed throughout the movement to support your lower back. In this article, I will teach you everything you need to know about landmine training. 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Start the rep just above shoulder height. | Privacy Policy Once you get to 90 degrees, tense your glutes and hamstrings and then thrust your hips forward as you come back up to the top.