NOTE: Don’t improvise with baking. Knife selection is key to kitchen safety and can help you enjoy cooking and prep much more! Salads that are soft or in liquid form when prepared and then refrigerated to firm, can be remolded after they have been partially eaten to give them a fresh look. It includes tips for shopping, preparation, storing, refrigeration, frying, quick-fix tips, health tips and others. Some say to bring it to room temperature first. Add the garlic at the end to help prevent it from burning and becoming bitter in taste. Clean your body, your countertops, and even your dog. You can cut defrosting times down by about 30 percent this way. I use my immersion blender more than any other electric tool in the kitchen by a long shot. You like your legs, right? You may already be knowing some of these 'how to tips'. I'm sure that you guys all have some great tips too, so please leave them in the comments so we can all benefit from your non-idiocy! Check out the video above for more details. You can also weigh nine pennies, which should weigh 1 ounce. Be sure eggs are fresh and cold when you have to separate the whites from the yolks. Toss pasta with a dry grated cheese, such as parmesan, before adding the sauce. The plastic wrap will attract fat from the surface. If the outer edges of the cookies are getting browned and the center is not completely cooked, reduce the temperature 15 to 25 degrees. For best results when making pastries, use whole milk rather than low-fat or fat free milk. Crack the eggs into the strainer over the sink and swirl them around gently to remove the excess watery white. Do not cut salad greens with a knife because it may cause the greens to become discolored. When selecting, choose greens that smell fresh, have good color, and do not show sign of wilting. I’m not saying you can never buy generic brands, but if you find a brand you know and trust, stick with it. When the disposal begins to smell, take a rind from the freezer and throw it down the disposal. 26 Gorgeous Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas You Can Easily DIY, The 20 Best Ice Cream Makers to Whip up All Your Favorite Frozen Treats, The Best Baking Powder Substitutes for When You're in a Pinch, Here's How to Keep Mold and Bacteria out of Your Keurig Coffee Machine, The Best White Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors for a Clean, Airy Vibe, These Wood Kitchen Ideas Will Totally Transform the Space, Yes, You Can 100% DIY Your Kitchen Island, and We've Got Gorgeous Ideas to Prove It, 30 Best White Kitchens That'll Inspire Your Next Remodel, Learn How to Catch a Mouse and Keep Mice Out of Your Home with These Tips, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Buttermilk, Amazon Sells a Game-Changing $6 Knife Sharpener and Customers Are Completely Obsessed, Parchment Paper (Not Wax Paper!) And I get it. You can also try just adding a tablespoon of vinegar to the water to prevent rice from sticking. There are an endless number of kitchen tips available for you to try. Cooking does not have to be an all day affair or a laborious task, and if you use some of these tips, it can even be a lot of fun! I just try to remember to take my meat out early to give it a fighting chance to warm up a bit before cooking. If you fail at a meal, congratulations! If raw eggs become mixed with hard-boiled, you can determine which are hard boiled by spinning the eggs. But it won’t be as potent and have as much zing. Prevent the cutting board from moving around while in use by placing a piece of the cushioned mesh shelf liner under it. Scrape it against the skin and it'll come right off, following every contour and minimizing waste. To clean darkened aluminum cookware, boil a quart of water with 2 teaspoons of cream of tartar for about 10 minutes. When selecting, choose tomatoes that have shiny skins that are light red in color. Add small amounts at a time and stir. They're great for grating whole nutmeg. You can always make notes and alter the recipe the second time around. If only using half of an avocado, leave the pit in the half you are not going to use, wrap it in plastic, and store in the refrigerator. Trying to cook too many at one time will result in greasy and soggy fries. Add a little milk to the water or a few drops of vinegar when cooking cauliflower to help it keep its white color. To preserve your wooden cutting board, occasionally rub it down with a couple of drops of oil. M-m-m-m, bacon. Serious Eats Sweets Site Editor Carrie says that sharp knives are her jam. I was born this way! Share all of your best kitchen tricks and tips with the community so we can all faster, stronger, and more efficient cooks.