Fonderie. COMTEX_374883597/2471/2020-11-23T06:58:24. Refrigeration underpins every part of the food supply chain from large industrial refrigeration plants to the chilled fridges in your supermarket and home. Refrigeration applications are equipment that transfers heat from the product or enclosure (refrigerated cabinet or room) to the colder refrigerant. Some of the industries we service are cold storage facilities, food processing plants, food distribution facilities, restaurants, school cafeterias, storage units, hospitals, private businesses, universities, and commercial food services. Owing to the high rate of ozone depletion, several laws have been implemented around the world to replace conventional refrigerants with natural and environment-friendly variants. Co. Ltd.12.14.1 Business Overview12.14.2 Product and Service Offerings, Chapter 13. Another reason the market for industrial refrigeration systems is expanding is the increasing demand for such systems in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. Industrial refrigeration system basics – Ammonia refrigerant. APAC Market Size and Forecast8.1 By Equipment Type8.2 By Refrigerant Type8.3 By Application8.4 By Country, Chapter 9. we serve the following industries. Safeguard Perishable Foods, Chemicals, and Raw Materials Industrial refrigeration systems are critical to many diverse industries, including restaurants, hospitals, manufacturing plants, and chemical processing facilities. The major factors driving the growth of the industrial refrigeration systems market are the expansion of the food and beverage processing sector in emerging economies, the advance of the cold chain industry, and the rise in the demand for refrigeration solutions among pharmaceutical and chemical companies. (C) Copyright 2020 GlobeNewswire, Inc. All rights reserved. Research Background1.1 Research Objectives1.2 Market Definition1.3 Research Scope1.3.1 Market Segmentation by Equipment Type1.3.2 Market Segmentation by Refrigerant Type1.3.3 Market Segmentation by Application1.3.4 Market Segmentation by Region1.3.5 Analysis Period1.3.6 Market Data Reporting Unit1.3.6.1 Value1.3.6.2 Volume1.4 Key Stakeholders, Chapter 2. In industrial refrigeration systems, compressors play a vital role by increasing refrigerant vapor pressure in a condenser to ensure suitable temperature for food storage and preservation applications, thereby propelling the refrigerant compressor market growth. See how EVAPCO's innovative and cutting-edge solutions can fulfill your needs. Pharmaceutique. Ammonia refrigeration works much like Industrial Refrigeration systems using synthetic refrigerants, with the major exception being that it uses anhydrous ammonia as the refrigerant. Asia-Pacific has secured highest share in the industrial refrigeration market in past years and is expected to dominate the market during the forecast period, owing to increase in demand for industrial refrigeration systems in refrigerated warehouses and cold storage facilities in the food … The book has one-stop coverage of the fundamentals, design, installation, and operation of industrial refrigeration systems. Industrial Refrigeration Systems Market To Register 4.6% CAGR By 2027, Based on Rapid Expansion of Retail Food Stores Globally | Million Insights PRESS RELEASE PR Newswire Dec. 1, … Industrial Refrigeration for Food and Beverage Processing. meat and poultry. Refrigerant grade anhydrous ammonia is a clear, colorless gas or liquid and about 99.95% pure. Real-time last sale data for U.S. stock quotes reflect trades reported through Nasdaq only. Food Industrial refrigeration & heating for food processes. Green cooling solutions (CO2, Glycol, Ammonia) for cold storage, ice rinks, food processing, biopharmaceutical. Application Brochure – Industrial Refrigeration and Heating, Application Brochure – Industrial Heat Recovery. And, keeping food fresh means keeping food refrigerated—at the processing facility and in the warehouse. Industry-leading food processors worldwide choose GEA solutions. Danfoss Industrial Refrigeration solutions offer highly efficient and reliable refrigeration systems optimized for ammonia and other natural refrigerants. Each of these industries has different requirements that dictate the specific refrigeration system needed for its products. Food and Beverage industrial refrigeration: low-GWP refrigerants for Indian market Since it was founded in 1992, VaCom Technologies (BITZER Group) has been a pioneer in energy-efficiency consulting and its application within industrial refrigeration control systems. and Bonera Refrigerazioni.. Contact the source provider Comtex at Global Market Size and Forecast5.1 By Equipment Type5.1.1 Compressors, by Type5.1.2 Condensers, by Type5.1.3 Evaporators, by Type5.2 By Refrigerant Type5.3 By Application5.4 By Region, Chapter 6. This chapter is only concerned with the applications side, since refrigeration providers are the domain of mechanical engineers rather than … … ice making and storage. During the historical period, Asia-Pacific (APAC) was the largest industrial refrigeration system market, and it will also advance the fastest during the forecast period. The Danfoss application guide is designed to be used as a reference document. fishing (shore-based and marine). The increasing demand for industrial refrigeration systems across the FMCG sector is majorly driving market growth. Termed as a natural refrigerant, the gas causes extremely little harm to the environment, if it is accidentally released from the refrigeration system. Mixproof Shut-off Valves with Seat Lifting, Analytical, In-Line Control & Measurement Devices, DairyFeed F4400 - Automated Feeding Systems, ProManure E2200 - Electric motor-driven pump, DairyMilk M6700 - Control Units & Milk Meters, Packaged reciprocating compressor systems, Cooking, Roasting, Grilling and Smoking Equipment, Pasta, Snacks & Breakfast Cereals Systems, Rotary Presses for Industrial Applications, Fuel oil treatment & forwarding for gas turbine power plants, Fuel oil treatment and conditioning for engine-based power plants, Valves and components for industrial refrigeration, Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Subcontractors, Proportion of Women in Management Positions, Group mergers into GEA Group Aktiengesellschaft. Company Profiles12.1 Trane Technologies plc12.1.1 Business Overview12.1.2 Product and Service Offerings12.1.3 Key Financial Summary12.2 Carrier Global Corporation12.2.1 Business Overview12.2.2 Product and Service Offerings12.2.3 Key Financial Summary12.3 Hussmann Corporation12.3.1 Business Overview12.3.2 Product and Service Offerings12.4 Dover Corporation12.4.1 Business Overview12.4.2 Product and Service Offerings12.4.3 Key Financial Summary12.5 Daikin Industries Ltd.12.5.1 Business Overview12.5.2 Product and Service Offerings12.5.3 Key Financial Summary12.6 Johnson Controls International plc12.6.1 Business Overview12.6.2 Product and Service Offerings12.6.3 Key Financial Summary12.7 Midea Group Co. Ltd.12.7.1 Business Overview12.7.2 Product and Service Offerings12.7.3 Key Financial Summary12.8 Industrial Frigo Srl.12.8.1 Business Overview12.8.2 Product and Service Offerings12.9 Gea Group Aktiengesellschaft12.9.1 Business Overview12.9.2 Product and Service Offerings12.9.3 Key Financial Summary12.10 Emerson Electric Co.12.10.1 Business Overview12.10.2 Product and Service Offerings12.10.3 Key Financial Summary12.11 Bitzer Kuhlmaschinenbau GmbH12.11.1 Business Overview12.11.2 Product and Service Offerings12.12 Danfoss A/S12.12.1 Business Overview12.12.2 Product and Service Offerings12.12.3 Key Financial Summary12.13 Star Refrigeration Ltd.12.13.1 Business Overview12.13.2 Product and Service Offerings12.14 Mayekawa Mfg.