Turning solves grass clippings problems. If you are and are looking for an easy compost bin you can build yourself in just a portion of an afternoon. I prefer 2 inch by 4 inch, 12-1/2 gauge welded wire fencing about 3 to 4 feet high. , Copyright 2008, Cortesia Sanctuary   Contact Us, For inspiration please visit our parent site:  www.onesanctuary.com Professor Rot says: This also has an added bonus of hiding your compost bin from possible composting fees. About | Contact us | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy | Resources | Shop. Read on to learn how to make a compost bin from a plastic Dustbin. Of course, if you are looking for the easy way out and don’t want to go through all the trouble of the do-it-yourself route, there are plenty of high quality ready-made compost bins available to purchase. Black Plastic Bags, heavy duty, 30-40 gallon size: Requires no building of a special structure. When you lift your bin off the compost heap, you’ll find recently added material at the top, well rotted at the bottom and everything at different stages in between. Add more dirt to the base. To turn the compost easily, give the bin a shake every one to three days. Tumblers also produce compost quickly, in as little as 6 weeks. Get your electric drill out and you want to drill 8 to 12 small holes in the bottom of the plastic bin.