As a result, everyone is comparing cars like the Chevy Bolt and Nissan Leaf to comparable models powered by internal combustion. Improvements in the range electric cars can extract from lithium-ion batteries means these newer models can easily meet most drivers’ needs. Retro-Look Honda Urban EV City Car Concept Unveiled. However, its futuristic interior design means that it isn’t showing its age, and regular updates have ensured it has kept pace with rivals. But one major advantage of NEVs is their price. The latest Peugeot 208 is one of the most style-conscious small cars on sale, and one that was designed from the outset to have electric power (along with its Vauxhall Corsa counterpart below). Rapid charging is stand here, giving the SEAT a higher starting price than the Skoda. For more advice on buying an used electric car, I would refer you to Shari Prange's recent article "Finding and Buying A Used Electric Vehicle" (PDF FIle) in Home Power Magazine No 119. Next up is a group of closely related models: the Volkswagen e-up! Still, either option still costs less than the Nissan Versa at $12,110, which is currently the least expensive car available in the U.S. according to USA Today. Because different states were creating conflicting regulations to govern them, in 1998 the U.S. Department of Transportation established a special federal classification for low-speed vehicles that are legal for road use. It’s a little sluggish beyond 30mph, and while you won’t struggle to keep pace with motorway traffic, you’ll be aware that the 82bhp motor is approaching its limit of performance. DrivingElectric has an all-new look; faster and easier to use, it’s still your ultimate guide to buying and owning an electric car, Pictures of the facelifted Hyundai Kona Electric, New Cupra Leon e-Hybrid gets 242bhp, 32-mile range and bold styling; prices start at £34,495. The e-up! You may not have heard of them, but they're already here. The Eli Zero is slated to sell from $9,900 to $11,900. Read our full review here. The ZOE is so good that we named it our Car of the Year for 2020. Read our full review here. Launched back in 2014, the BMW i3 is now getting on a bit. Eli's first model, the Zero, meets all of the qualifications for an NEV while providing many of the creature comforts of a car, as well as safety features like a solid roll cage and seat belts, that some current NEVs lack. "Our current model of private transportation is unsustainable," said Marcus Li, CEO at Eli. The Honda e takes a different approach to most small electric cars: the range offered by its 35.5kWh battery amounts to just 136 miles, although Honda reckons its efforts to keep the car light will make it better to drive – which in our experience seems to be exactly the case. These vehicles are restricted to a top speed of 25 mph, a maximum weight of 3,000 pounds, and may not be driven on roads with a speed limit greater than 30 to 45 mph, depending on individual state laws. Golf carts and similar vehicles have become quite popular for quick hops around town in some places. It’s a shame the starting price is more than for the e-208, but some buyers may prefer the Corsa-e’s understated looks the the e-208’s eye-catching design. It's got all of the style appeal of other MINI models, so with the addition of electric power the MINI Electric a very attractive proposition. You can also check out our rundown of the cheapest electric cars you can buy. Neighborhood Electric Vehicles: A Different Kind of Electric Car While electric cars keep going farther and faster, these vehicles are small, slow, and fulfill a useful purpose in the community. They don't cost much to run, either: charging a small electric car at home typically results in running costs of around 3p per mile, which is much less than the most economical petrol cars can manage. They are not all equal. How fast will it go? How to Make an Electric Go Kart: Note: I do have this Instructables page created into a PDF that I converted and modified for readability. A few owners have added even rudimentary weather protection, such as plastic windows and vinyl doors, to make their "daily drivers" a bit more accommodating in less than optimal weather conditions. The amount of small electric cars on sale is increasing all the time, with more and more brands choosing electric drivetrains for their next city cars and superminis. The latest-generation Renault ZOE is hands-down the best small electric car on sale: priced from just over £25,000, it offers an affordable route into long-range electric motoring and an overall package that’s hard to beat. The ride is a little firm for our liking, but the sharp exterior styling is a triumph and certain to make bystanders look twice. Technology, performance and design delivered to your inbox. The Switch Lab M-Sport Is Working on an Electric Rally Car. Currently, most electric vehicles in the U.S. are not cars but NEVs. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory recommends using lightweight items like milk cartons or cardboard tubes as body material for the solar car. is one of two electric city cars offered by Volkswagen Group brands – a group that previously included the Skoda Citigo e iV before it was discontinued. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2020. The recipe is very similar to that of its siblings, with good handling and acceleration up to 30mph making it ideally suited to towns and cities. It can be built in a single-car garage on jack stands, or even in a classroom — all you need is a small box of tools and a 6½-foot door, so it can drive out. It's best suited to urban motoring as its range sits at less than 150 miles, while its three-door-only body limits flexibility a little – but if you're after a stylish small electric car that's great fun to drive, the MINI is one of the best. No wonder it won our ‘Best car technology’ prize at the DrivingElectric Awards 2020! Read our full review here. With the price of new cars ever increasing and electric cars still out of many people's reach, the NEV may provide a viable alternative to a subway pass or a good pair of shoes.