Jun 2, 2020 - 70s decor Mobili lounge -obsessed with this couch. With the flip of a switch--your living room becomes a convertible! I would revamp it cause it definitely looks uncomfortable as it. My sister has one. Would love to see the 'after' pictures once it's done. Personally, I think there's so much more you could do with that space if it were gone. Good luck, Kate. I don't imagine you would regret taking out the pit, I would think about painting the wood benches and reupholstered cushions until you decide. It looks like it's build for that, No stairs though? @Brian Campbell, Basswood Artisan Carpentry Very interesting! Hi Speer ! They're the same exact quality, but I like the colors and other products available at Amy Howard. Good decision for YOUR family. It will be the perfect place to curl up with a good book or to stretch out for a nap. Imagine the amount of cocaine people used to do in those. No Prairie Style anywhere as of yet...we are in the planning stages. Or are you watching it from an area that we can't see in the room? In itself, it is really a wall. If it were in my home I would get rid of it. I would definitely take it out and level the floor....Do you have a living room on the back of where you are standing to take a picture? Ad text: "Can gay, debonair Byzantile II find happiness with any color that comes along?It's made by Mosaic, isn't it? .bm winter lake . Please, let's not. We had a round sunken pit in an addition that faced a real wood burning fireplace protruding from a curved wall, when we moved in. I think I would update it with something besides the green and wood. You say you like the idea of a conversation pit and want to honor the architectural sensibility of your home. Sloan is the last name of a competing paint. If you're going to keep it, consider painting the bricks on the fireplace and the wood walls for the pit and off white. Please post 'after' pictures. Or; you say the green is going to come up, if you don't like your "pit" you can have it filled in. The walls are a soft lite fawn. Now sink those in the floor a bit and throw in a flight of stairs and you have a conversation pit. Press J to jump to the feed. Do you live some where that you would need a storm shelter? Houzz Tour: Creative Resourcefulness in a 1970s Ranch, Houzz Tour: Renovations Modernize a 1970s New Jersey Colonial, My Houzz: Elegant DIY Updates for a 1970s Dallas Home, Spring Patio Fix-Ups: Install an Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit, Need help tying shower wall with shower and bathroom floor tile. It's such a focal place!!! OOPS! Not so cool to others. I agree. If there's something about it you actually like, then keep that feature. The most contemporary option, something like a bright tangerine on the doors? Here's what I have so far. BM Plum perfect is rich and velvety but lighter than the trim. A lighter photo would help. I like it and I agree with Janis..Once the green carpet is gone you can make it a quaint little area. Depends on what is under it. The reasons for the pit's subsequent decline are varied—it could be dangerous if someone accidentally fell in, it wasn’t always practical for families with children, and it simply felt outdated and no longer fashionable. It has been difficult to decorate around and I have thought about filling it in which would be permanent. apple pie - not a bad idea to raise the floor! Craziest thing.....my adult kids felt the floor plan was perfect for two brothers living different lives. Thank you all for the suggestions! This 20th century style celebrates function and natural materials. From the ’50s to the ’70s, family members gathered round for some quality time in the conversation pit. I love scraped, whitewashed woods, a sort of Prairie Chic 'style'. But def. Got to say LOVE THE PIT< SO UNUSUAL!!!! Bad floor with ugly linoleum that pops up at seams. (*sorry!) That mantel is...y'all have a store called :Woodcraft" there in Dallas; they have nice slices of wood NOT lumber that would go great up there. You can relax on your own, with a partner or friends… read a book, enjoy a drink, have a … This Pit is just too small for that....would have been nice to style it like you suggested. place plants around the out side of the pit on the narrow wall and a couple on the opening that goes into our main room. You have to start somewhere sweetie! However, we think they’re fantastic! Conversation pits were definitely a feature of higher-end homes in the Sixties and Seventies. Is the fireplace a gas fireplace? And if you removed all upper brick and put in a modern mantel - it could look contemporary tucked into the corner in a minimal style. Prairie School. 2014 was a year of unexpected changes turning out perfectly....my mother moved in upstairs and has the equivalent of a small apartment right next to my husband's office. I see a nice couch facing the fireplace with a trunk or coffee table in front of it. http://ca.rtings.com/tv/learn/size-to-distance-relationship, The sofa seat sits on the higher lever and the back is about 24 ". When the overwhelming green carpet is gone it will look entirely different. Is it the color scheme? The kids like it, and it looks like it could be a nice cozy spot to enjoy a fire. Here's a pic that makes me want to fill it in. BUT it’s your house and you’re the one who has to live with it... so go with what you feel best about. I have a step down into my family room and I'm going to lose it. Interior Design is the art and science of understanding people's behavior to create functional spaces within a building. It's your house and doesn't matter what anyone else says about the pit. Learn more. I understand your dilemma. What type of paint to use on cloth furniture? Also, this area is open to the rest of the room and we need to see what's on either side. I don't read Prairie Style anywhere else in the space we can see here, unless you start adding architectural elements to make the pit work with a prairie style. WOW! I have a modern house built in 64 with a sunken shower (talk about dangerous!! If you don't hire someone. Refreshing Pool Waterfalls Ideas That Will Give You The Much … Enchanting Before After … So they bought the house and we lived with them on an off while our house was given a total make-over. @Shari that just does not appeal to me, I would rip it out and cover too. Wow! You will need to consult with someone to make sure you could fill in the spots that will be exposed with existing tile or tile to match. Add new carpeting or other flooring. If it were my home, I would upgrade it to 2016 and beyond. Would still make for a intamate small dinning area or a cute place to play canasta or bridge. Paint the fireplace - either the same color as the wall to minimize it, or a dark gray for a modern look. Gradually, the conversation pit is making a comeback. BM mango punch . Fill it with water and make it a jacuzzi, hang a disco ball above it and call it a day. I would rip that mess out faster than you could blink! Right now, it's a non functional eyesore. I would change the light fixture, paint it if you can't change it yet, and put a roman shade instead of the curtains, mount the shade at ceiling height and have it extend wider than the window and this will make it seem taller. In modern terms, Trend Report attributes this to the conversation pit’s role in overshadowing the importance of the television. I agree with moving the TV to wall mount on the other wall. This images mid century modern 1970s era ottawa conversation pit show you some motivation. My sons are happy, we are happy, my mom is happy. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Sunken+Living+Room+Railing&FORM=RESTAB&id=1EC6ADA7B06DB1826B025B450EA2323B2C5CCF78&selectedIndex=45#view=detail&id=1EC6ADA7B06DB1826B025B450EA2323B2C5CCF78&selectedIndex=0 Perhaps someone can run this thru Sketchup for layout ideas but as far as size goes the answer lies with you; how many should it seat?