Egyptians used yeasts to bake leavened bread, the Chinese developed fermentation techniques for brewing. Cons: 1. This might cause soil infertility which will increase the use of chemical fertilizers and this will directly affect the environment and the use of chemical fertilizers affects the quality of crops too. People can get much nutrition by consuming the same amount of food they were consuming before hence allows more people to have food and decreases hunger. Apart from many benefits, there are many adverse effects of biotechnology which have dangerous effects on living beings and the environment. By now biotechnology has made much progress in the field of science and technology by introducing technology like gene cloning, new breeding methods, biochemistry, medical advancements, agricultural advancements, and industrial biotechnology. Moreover, it will take many years for crop soil to recover in response to the two or three years of being enhanced by biotechnology. Do we know enough about human beings to manipulate our genetics safely? As we learn more about the human genome, it makes genetic treatments possible for human diseases such as hemophilia. His website is Cons of Genetic Engineering / Disadvantages of Genetic Engineering. But in the 21st century, biotechnology involves various advanced technologies, giving rise to new products and processes. Many people are uneasy about having products from GMOs in their food. Many diseases stem from genetic problems, so treating them genetically can save or transform lives. 1. Technological revolutions nowadays can bring about better capacities and opportunities. and has made our life much easier. Pros of Genetic Engineering / Advantages of Genetic Engineering, 2. The fear for the rise of “invasive species”, Genetic Engineering – Good, Bad & Ugly – An Infographics, disadvantages of genetically modified foods, 6 Major Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods, Top 25 Most Recent Genetic Discoveries in 2018, Top 10 BEST Colleges For Nutrition and Dietetics, Best Colleges For Environmental Engineering, World’s 25 Most Pretty Purple Flowers (), The 25 Most Notable Biology Discoveries of All Times. Because of the improvement of technology, scientists have already gone up until the manipulation of the genome (complete set of genes) of organisms. Traditional processes usually utilize the living organisms in their natural form, while the modern form of biotechnology involves a more advanced modification of the biological system and organism. In addition to this, critics fear the misuse and abuse of biotechnology. Cons of Biotechnology Genetic engineering can make plants produce more food or improve their nutritional profile. Biotechnology ranges from brewing beer to genetically engineering crops to making enzymes into cleaning products. thank you, I used this for the k12 article great info, This is a great article and it is really informational, I love the videos that it includes to help you better understand the concept, Same for me, to do a Science essay from school, I got more information in this article nice article. Technologies such as genetic engineering, genetic testing, and genetic mutation had changed the medical field. Modern biotechnology was evolved through genetic breakthrough which involved gene splicing and transferring a gene to the bacterium. Production of novel drugs and vaccines, 5. Farmers who replant seeds from a patented crop as they would with ordinary plants have faced lawsuits. One of the biggest problems that biotechnology faces is a lack of genetic diversity. Biotechnology helps to improve nutrition contents of crops such as vitamins, protein, and minerals, and improved nutrition can be helpful to improve diet quality to a great extent and reduces health issues cause by lack of nutrition. "Biotechnology" is a new word stuck on a very old concept: the idea of manipulating natural processes for our own benefit. At present, it is important to know that the real risks and benefits of genetic engineering lie in how science is interpreted and used. Plants can produce toxic chemicals that kill off insect predators. Improvement in Nutritional Quality of Crops. this a really broadly informative article, I got lots of answers regarding the topic and it gives clear points as well. Since the advancement of technology has directly affected the environment as industries produce hazardous industrial waste and create air pollution. In general, it is the technology based on the application of biological processes. The production of crops using biotechnology can affect the ability of the soil to produce or grow vegetation in the future.