in DIY Tips, Living Room Furniture, Pictured above: Bayliss 3 Seater Black Leather SofaYorktown 96cm Brown Faux Leather Sofa Bed. I’m now facing this problem & just don’t know how to mix old & new without creating a disaster! Am looking for some way to raise height of my sofa set by three or four inches. You can always repeat the style of the sofa arm to the chairs even if you use different fabrics like in this image above. We might never know which motivation it is, but either way, the result is a perfectly casual, inviting, and well-traveled space. Many casters also have a locking feature so that you can lock the casters into place so that they don’t accidentally slide on the floor. When you choose a sofa with squared (track) arms, keep the ams of the chairs square as well. Sectional Configuration Shapes. The back is the same height as the arms, straight back that curves slightly into the arms… Or even have them custom made! “Coulda bought a new car for what we paid,” my hubby would tell people! Very bad. I think you have the mechanics of making the frame sound again just right. Chaise sectional pieces typically come with an arm on one side either LAF or RAF. Not all sofa cushions are replaceable, but if yours are then this is definitely worth considering. I want a brown leather sofa and love seat for my LR – it’s next on my list! Result is harmonious, not over repetitive. CANADIAN OFFICE Contact your sofa's manufacturer or distributor to see if the original fabric is available for purchase. Decorating Tips for Black Leather Couches, How to Decorate a Living Room With a Large Brown Leather Sectional, How to Make a Brown Leather Couch Look Modern, How to Use Chairs for Decorating a Living Room, Bing Ltd: How to Replace My Old Sofa Legs, How to Make a Sofa Look Mid-Century Modern. I would say it’s got yellow beige, butterscotch, taupe and some pink beige in there too! Kind of like this one below (but picture something even bigger, more like a chair and 1/2): Then when I moved into my apartment, I still needed a sofa so I went out to a local department store and chose a taupe and cream fabric in a leaf texture with a tuxedo style arm and I was happy. Add black leather for a modern look. Here are five easy alternative strategies to update the look of your sofa without reupholstering: On this long, vintage sofa, a large colorful suzani covers the bulk of it to (a) protect the sofa, and/or (b) hide its current state of disrepair. If you’ve suffered an injury, a higher sofa is a lot easier to get in and out of. It is likely you will be unable to match the fabric on your sofa, so spend some time selecting an upholstery fabric that will look good with the rest of your sofa. I don't have a tutorial, but if your couch is fully upholstered without visible legs, I would definitely say go for it, because you can always add in some wood to improve the structural integrity of the frame once you take off the arm, if necessary. Hello! You can always repeat the style of the sofa arm to the chairs even if you use different fabrics like in this image above. Trim away excess batting for a smooth arm surface. The back is the same height as the arms, straight back that curves slightly into the arms, rather than meeting at a 90 degree angle. What about mixing a t-cushion sofa with chairs that have standard cushions and vice versa? The raised platform can be carpeted to further accent the area, like you would with a rug. New Sofa Legs. Take a sample of the sofa color with you when you buy upholstery fabric for the new arms. If you want to secure the material in place even more, use a staple gun around the inside edges of the arms and back of the couch. I go neutral for the large, expensive pieces and use pillows and accessories for the color trends. The craftsman can disassemble and reassemble your sofa into a different shape, switch the arms and alter the size. Have you made any style blunders while buying your main furniture pieces? looks great now! Sumas, WA, 98295. Whether you’re just looking for a cheap solution, or something a little more aesthetically pleasing. But you can attach a matching sofa skirt to the bottom of the sofa to conceal the risers. How to Redesign a Sofa. Each one gives a different lookwhat they can do…It’s true that even a simple change of fabric can change the look of a piece. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. There’s a couple of things that you can do to make your sofa higher, without having to compromise on comfort or design. Take this sofa, the Chet from CB2, which we’ve blogged before. In apple green velvet, the sofa reads nouveau 80s, modern and sleek. Maria, Always you provide unique ideas and unique posts, thank you. Match the size to leg replacements in a style and color you prefer. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Screw in the replacement legs. For now, don’t worry about the outer edges of the fabric. She holds a Bachelor of Science in secondary education with a comprehensive major in office administration. If you are not a professional interior designer, or a super creative, my-house-looks-like-a-designer-lives-here kind of person, stick to the rules for a result you can trust will work out. We might feel differently if we could see the entire room properly but one of the reasons why this works is the arm heights are the same. And many solutions to the problem too! In this episode of Quick Tips Kevin demonstrates a cheap and easy temporary fix for a damaged sofa arm. CEO and Founder of Understanding Undertones. Shampoo the sofa with an upholstery shampoo. Steve, as I was reading his question I was formulating almost the exact answer you posted. Garden floral prints can enhance a country cottage decor, while tropical prints work well with a beach house style. I bought 3 piece big arm furniture, i need a coffee table, can i use a glass chrome coffee table with this furniture. My comment doesn’t have to do with furniture, but undertones. They are fixed to the frame by two allen bolts, centered length ways and 55 off each short side. I found end tables on sale, loved them, brought them home, and they had Queen Anne legs. Bring your needle up 1/16 inch from your first stitch and continue. Although I should say that it’s rare that the oversize furniture of the 80’s works with any classic styles. Anyway, my ex-husband and I had decorated in the 80’s forest green trend and I left with  a large upholstered forest green chair (and ottoman) with huge rolled arms, typical of the 80’s. Can I remove the arm of a sofa and make it stable so someone can lean against the back at that point. Join over 30,000 people who get fresh content from Colour Me Happy every week! Replace the current slipcovers with new fabric or leather slipcovers for a change, coordinating the colors to the existing upholstery.